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    Character Art

    This was just finished up for me by an artist for my character, Eleanor. I also play a similar character outside of RP servers named Karen who dresses similar lol. Uploading watermarked version because I'm greedy and don't want anyone to snag it lmao
  2. Updated with latest entry. Slaved away in photoshop for this! Turns out not using that program in over a year really dampens your skills lol
  3. Guess I never made one of these haha I just kinda jumped straight into the server eager to get playing about a week or so ago. I go by Karen in voice apps and regular games, in RP communities I go by Eleanor. 25 years old, I'm very outdoorsy in the summer months with kayaking with my dog, live on the East Coast of the US and I work two jobs (I work with animals and love what I do so much that I decided to do it with two different jobs haha) so I squeeze in gaming between those jobs. I generally stick to one game and server at a time, which at the moment is DayZRP. I have RP'd many times in the past but this is the first I've been crazy about it in a sense lol. I'm genuinely excited to get on each time hoping for another fun interaction. My first real day of RP on the server was accidental, coming across @Stagsview and @Brayces and @Franny, turned into a heart pumping few days and let me tell you.. that is the best way I have ever started on an RP server haha. It really opened my eyes to how great the stories are here. Anyways, I play various games like Ark, Conan, Arma, The Forest, anything that lets me create a story or build lol. Even the Sims of course. Happy to have joined such an awesome community!
  4. The soundtrack to Last of Us lol. It brings my character to life a bit more.
  5. I find it aggravating that one zed can hear me from a block away in the rain, aggro, then pull the whole town basically. Then right after, they all respawn and you're back at square one with no ammo.
  6. As someone new on the server, I have experienced some good RP scenarios.. but outside of those occasional good times I have experienced and overwhelming amount of assholes. Just genuine assholes, I find little to no RP reason behind it (again I'm new, maybe it takes some digging of the stories?) but it can be disheartening. I stay around the populated areas to find the masses who enjoy interacting with people.
  7. February 17th - First Entry February 23rd - Second Entry
  8. Static filled transmission comes through May the two young souls used as bait rest easy. Won't ever forgive myself for taking part in that... they didn't deserve it.. Voice trails off as transmission is cut
  9. Eleanor Adler, or Ellie to her family, was born and raised in the hot heat of South Georgia on a farm. She knew nothing but that way life for the most part, as well as the life of crime her family surrounded her with. Being the middle child in a family of 3 boys and one other girl, she learned to fight for herself and knew how to get rough. The family groomed her from the beginning to deceive the local townsfolk, having her pose as some lost child looking for food or shelter. Soon as they would open the doors, the family would move on it and take what they wanted. She learned to pick locks and shoot straight when the family needed it. They kept this going for years until Eleanor was just a few days shy of her 17th birthday. At that point she took someone’s life for the first time. Some of her old journal scraps say she felt off about it, but not in the right way. I guess she didn't really feel the shock of what she did. Either that, or she was heartless. Shooting that man dead brought a lot of attention to the family, more than they've ever experienced. The law always had their eyes on Eleanor's family, but never had the concrete evidence they needed to put a stop to their crimes. This time was different. They had a witness, the brother of the man she shot and killed. Pointed her out real quick in some photos the lawmen showed him. Short on time, the family decided to uproot everything they knew and leave the country. They had to start somewhere fresh where the law wouldn't come looking, so they settled on Chernarus. None of them were happy about it and made sure that Eleanor understood that, day in and day out. Eventually they started over, got themselves a nice farm with some cattle. Wasn't long after that that they started back on their old ways. At that point, Eleanor had enough of the same old life day by day. That's when she decided to take off on her own, to do something else with her time and make a new life. She swore she'd be the first one in the family to really make something of herself. Turns out Eleanor didn’t have many skills for the real world, but that didn’t matter much when the outbreak happened. Only a few days had passed since left her home. She attempted to get back to her family at the time, only to find them all turned into those creatures. Ended up having to put them all down herself once they cornered her in the old parlor room. After that, she was a shell of her old self. Out of all the things she’s done, she’s never turned on family. When Eleanor finally pulled herself away from the bodies of her kin, she roamed the coast for a couple of months alone. Eventually a group of survivors found her and took her in. Being part of that group reminded her of being around her siblings at times. They say her methods of getting what she wants turned darker with every situation. Took plenty of lives and didn’t flinch about it. She made a name for herself in the worst ways, losing what little she had of her humanity along the route. Some that got close to her mentioned she felt like she was lost, that she couldn’t get back in touch with reality. Didn’t make sense to any of ‘em, but sounds to me like she was snacking on some human meat. She ended up disappearing some years after joining, taking half of their rations and a car while they slept. Couple of folks believe she became unhinged and set out to life a lawless life, others say she went off to right her wrongs. Aint a clue as to which is true. I just hope I don’t come across her to find out either way.
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