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"Who would want to be the prey in a world full of hunters?"

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  1. +1 for skin infected, the others are just either out of place or very low texture and embarrassing to look at lmao
  2. Holy shit PLEASE. Being damaged by touching an idle car was one of the most ridiculous things to be implemented.
  3. Orphaned by her birth parents at the age of 4, Reese was raised by some drugged out relatives. They raised her in a run down house somewhere in Savannah, doing the minimum to keep custody of her so they could keep getting the extra income on taxes. Her attitude and manners reflected the home life she endured, and was often finding herself into trouble with any adult. Moving into her teen years, Reese spent less time at school and most of her time bouncing around to every bar, club, or party in her area, wiggling her way in from the time she was underage until she was 21. With her destructive nature, she never kept a good crowd around her. She generally can be found with groups that spend all hours of the night drinking and roaming the streets looking for trouble. She has never held a job or a relationship, and tends to burn any bridges she comes across to avoid attachments. She makes it clear she's here for a good time, not a long time. Her main source of income came through selling dope and swiping money from the men and women she would have one night stands with. Reese has made a habit out of living off of adrenaline rushes through any means necessary. She has taken more than one joy ride in stolen cars and break into peoples homes to take what she wants. Half of the people around her think she is out to actively get herself killed, the other half says she just doesn't care of her actions end up taking her life as long as she has fun while doing it. Reese ended up in Chernarus on a whim after a night of binge drinking and tasting her own products she intended to sell. One second she was walking around town with a few friends chatting about going somewhere new, and the next they had all impulsively bought a one way ticket to another country. None of them were leaving much behind. Once she was sobered up, Reese took a few hours to think about what exactly happened before shrugging it off, popping open a bottle of beer, and wondering what this "new life" will hold for her. buncha stuff wip
  4. @Roland The community would like a pistol buff. Do you still disagree although most would like it to be buffed? @Zero did it for you
  5. So from what I'm seeing, an overwhelming amount of people from the community agree with this, so it should be strongly considered and not brushed aside. Pistols should cause enough head damage to kill on impact. A pistol, or really any bullet for that matter, should cause an immediate drop from any being. Pretty stupid IMO that it aint like that. Two+ bullets to the head to kill is pretty unreasonable and can put you in an awkward position depending on the circumstance.
  6. Also, new journal entry. Yeet

  7. Who plans on keeping their characters going after Lore Wipe? Debating leaving Ellie for another time and starting something new, but I'm so attached to her.

    1. Eagle


      Then what was the point of the wipe?

    2. Poster


      Some people want to continue their characters, especially the new ones.

    3. Hammond


      Not sure what the new wipe brings me in terms of characters.

    4. Fae


      Im keeping Fae as much as possible tbh

  8. Updated with latest entry. Hopefully not, but possibly, the last one for Ellie.
  9. What song is playing on your profile page? Also, where'd you get the background? It's so...serene! 🤠

    1. Poster


      It's the Last Of Us theme song! One of my favorite games. My background is one I found on Steam Wallpaper Engine 🙂 

  10. +1 for me to add in cooldowns for groups to move, as well as people. Pretty insane imo that it isn't like that to begin with. If there is RP reason, let it happen. Not everyone wants to start with brand new characters to build something back up again when they are in the middle of RP with their current characters.
  11. People will always rotate maps. I really enjoyed the Livonia Map but personally, I know of a ton of folks who left because of shitty RP they kept coming across in Livonia. Moving to Chernarus gives people a chance to start new with a character and hopefully get a new mix of interactions.
  12. *Edits character relationship status* 👀 SHE CANT BE CONTAINED

    1. Hammond


      You can contain it if you're dead 👀

    2. Poster


      spinning GIF

    3. Para


      Hope it ended with a dab

    4. Fae


      tami roman dms GIF by VH1

  13. Yeeted out that next journal entry 

  14. Updated with latest entry.
  15. This server has thousands of players, there are plenty of people who do not have good english and still find the password. It just takes some reading, and some patience. You need to reach through each rule. No one will give you hints and no one will tell you what your unique password will be. If you want to play you need to get through the app like everyone else.
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