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  1. I voted yes because it is a great idea, however, such as Derrick mentioned, it is an external mod. It would be up to the mod creator to add these in, and not Devs or staff within DayZRP.
  2. Me to my group: This move to Cherno is a bad idea, it’s going to be like a prison and I bet we will get numbers and next thing you know they’ll be forcing us to separate into groups to do jobs against our will, it’s a prison camp. 

    My group: No no! It’ll be good

    Arrives in Cherno

    Russians: You all are assigned numbers. If you fuck around you’ll be chopping trees for the next few hours whether you like it or not. Now shut the fuck up and stand in line against the wall.

    Me to my group: I fucking told you

    My group: 😬 what the fuck 

    1. Frequency


      haha you so funny hehe queen

    2. Noble


      When did this happen? I never heard the Ruskies say this 🤔

    3. Poster


      It was after some of our medical screenings

    4. Noble


      I still never heard anyone being told this but damn, rip. Better chop them trees good ❤️

    5. Para


      Slava Russia

    6. Taffinator


      Next time don't be a smart arse and think making piggy noises won't get you into trouble with the heavily armed paramilitary force with zero chill. Simple! 🙂

    7. Poster


      Hehe that wasn't meeee! 

    8. Mazer



  3. Your profile gif makes me want food every time I see it

    honey boo boo squeeze GIF

    1. Eddie


      Haha, now I'm hungry damn xD

  4. Yall still playing this?! Gotta love the game. I'll never forget the day my main got hacked. I was heartbroken to lose Sir McFawn.
  5. Had a fun time RPing today as always, but dang that server rubberband was a huge bummer. Everyone ate shit. 

    1. Whitename


      I don’t get why people DDOS, I get you might have gotten banned and that sucks but you really disrupt RP for what, 2 hours? it was a good time to do it, during the event, but nobody really gave up and stopped playing the event so... L

    2. Poster


      Wait is that what happened? Lmao people are petty af

    3. Whitename


      Yes indeed

  6. I see both sides of this. Sometimes, you just want to have a quaint little home. Other times, you just wanna knock someone's doors off of the hinges and go ham getting the items you need. I do think doors could use a small buff in the time it takes to destroy them. You'll be surprised at the amount of people who do not care about the lock not being on. Some months back when my character lived in Olsha, we purposefully left the locks off of the doors at night and only locked it during the day when we were online. Even with that, we would log back in to find the doors completely broken down even though you could easily just open the door and waltz in.
  7. ++++++++++10000000000000000000 Farming yes please farm I need it I need chicken eggs mmm. For real though I've used this mod on other servers and it was a lot of fun chasing chickens and catching them to start up a little egg farm. From what I remember it runs pretty well, too.
  8. Ditto what Mr Dev above me said. It's not such a bad thing to be able to log with containers or carry containers with items in it. For instance, the big move for some of us civilians would have been absolutely atrocious if we weren't able to carry a storage item in our hands with items inside of the containers.
  9. Voted for making our own shotguns if possible/time permits. Mass, like Whitename said, was the cause of a lot of crashes for people. While I miss some aspects of his mod, I prefer more stability over more crashes for the sake of a weapon.
  10. /Closed after OP requested it in VC
  11. Hey, think I was helping you in HD but you seemed to disconnect. What is it saying when you try to link it?
  12. Unfortunately not, they were all deleted
  13. *A female American voice would chime in* "The hell do you mean failure to do so will result in detainment? I ain't shuffling myself into a city packed full of other people. I got everything I need right where I'm at. Ha!" *She would continue to chuckle to herself at the absurd announcement before releasing PTT.*
  14. Oooooh I like the idea of tasers. +1 from me. Bring on the zappy zaps!
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