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  1. sad to see you go or something idk good luck with your future or something love u

  2. A southern boy through and through, Lee grew up hunting, fishing, and rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs. He found himself in Chernarus after joining his friends for a hunting expedition, hoping to bring home the best game he could find. He loves fried chicken, sweet tea, and the sound of cicadas in the evenings, all of which reminded him of home. With nothing but his backpack of hunting gear and his friends by his side, Lee sought out to complete his goal of taking down a large deer, hoping he could still smuggle it out of the country if he could find someone who knew of a way out.
  3. A young American voice can be heard on the radio, heavy snow and rain pattering in the background "James 1:12 - Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life." "Hmm.. I'm interested in this church of yours, a bit of divine intervention is needed. I'll be in touch." The transmission would end with a click as Katie turns off her radio
  4. "LM should do more!" *LMs do more* "Reee not like that!" 

    1. Mrs Karen

      Mrs Karen

      To add: I'm excited for the new things to come, I just wish the community would be more welcoming to things instead of being upset all the time. 

    2. Duplessis



      - mr. duwuplessis

    3. Bryan


      Legit my reaction.

    4. Zanaan


      People don't seem to realize there is a perfectly acceptable reaction to not liking an event without shitting all over it... just don't take part. Instead people gotta be miserable, and try and drag everyone down into misery as well.

  5. This is beating a dead horse, I believe. The traders most likely won’t be leaving anytime soon. I have yet to visit a trader or see one, most of the time I don’t remember they’re even there. Doesn’t ruin my immersion, doesn’t break my RP, so I see no harm in it. The items they have don’t really tilt the scale for power with groups either IMO. It’s literally, what, 3 dudes on different parts of the map? Easy to avoid if it disturbs the RP. Chernarus is huge.
  6. 20201225_201744.thumb.jpg.313065c79c312d976970e754ab860e35.jpg

    throwback to that one time you wrote this because you literally hate my fucking guts and want me to die a horrible death

  7. It's been suggested enough times and it's been updated. Not sure why it isn't in the server. Would be a great addition.
  8. Voted for switching to this map. Fuck Chernarus dude. So sick of it. The community should welcome any change rather than rehashing the same shit on some crusty old map.
  9. happy new year ya stinkies 

  10. -1 for small groups making places that are static, as the requests would go through the roof and multiple empty places would appear. I say instead, there should be small settlements created that are moved every two or so weeks to give the map more life.
  11. Remove those, too much crashing and problems surrounding them. Instead, add in others that are more stabile for a variety of vehicles =D
  12. Just seems like it'd be a lot of work on the staff end, adding/removing people who jump in and out of groups. If the vc for the group is hidden from others (which would need to happen) whats the purpose of it when you can make your own private discord, add trusted members, and have text chat? If the vc isn't hidden within dayzrp discord, then others can meta who is online. Just doesn't seem like a good move to make. Even if the channels were hidden, there are some concerns with that, that I would rather not post publicly and can tell to admins or the like directly.
  13. Chernarus is doo doo poopy

    1. ImFrosty


      Livonia? 👀

    2. Mrs Karen

      Mrs Karen

      @ImFrosty I wouldn't mind it taking Chernarus' place. 7 years of the same old shit, I welcome change

    3. Duplessis


      i told you chernarus bad


      livonia worse tho

    4. ImFrosty


      Ehhhh Livonia is a change from the 7 years of chernarus 🤷‍♀️

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