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  1. Chuck

    .56 update

  2. Making a really tasty coffe acompanied with some really tasty cookies
  3. i just like to make Posts
  4. FUCK YEAH I GOT WHITELISTED thanks admins to accept me on this awesome community love you all <3
  5. Well im going to re-sent my aplication Wish me luck again
  6. Your application has been rejected because of the following reason: "NLR: You have failed to explain the NLR rule exclusion zone. KoS: You have failed to explain the KoS rule about stating clear demands to your victims. You have failed to explain the KoS rule about group KoS rights sharing. " :C q-q
  7. I just sent my whitelist aplication. Wish me luck i hope you guys accept me on your comunity
  8. Hello guys i really like this server i watched a lot of videos and i ****ing love it. im waiting to send my application to get whitelisted . ive played dayZ for a long time and is getting kinda bored to just kill for no reason.. soo yeah thats it Pd: i hope il get whitelisted (sorry if my english is not that good but im learning it )
  9. Well im chuck i was on a vacation with my wife and my daugther . we were on a really nice hotel on chernarus.. i was on the hotel room watching tv when mi wife came in with a really bad fever , i treated her for days. until i ran out of medical supplies , i went with my daugther to the closest pharmacy to buy some medicine , we were buying when a really weird guy entered the pharmacy , he ran to the vendor and he bit him his neck .... we exit the pharmacy , and we saw them .. The street was full of them .. eating and killing everything that they saw . so i ran with my daughter to the hotel room and when i entered the room.... saw my wife.... my wife was.... she turned into one of them.... she grab our daughter and ... she bite her .... i ran to the kitchen to grab a knife... i stab her right on the head..., but it was to late , my daughter was already dead. Since that day im just wandering arround trying to survive . Thanks for reading sorry if my english is bad im learning it