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  1. Not in a place where I can contribute to the group, and as such I won't be listed on the CP at this time but I am very enthusiastic to see what Alcyone will be up to in the coming days.
  2. aworldofsound

    Imbalance of loremasters

    The way I see it, categorizing "bandit groups" as if they all had a similar RP agenda simply because of their play style is pretty close-minded and has no real affect on the position of Lore Master. This also suggests that Lore Masters would only support RP that caters to their agendas, and therefore, representation from each and every possible demographic is necessary? Idk dude.
  3. aworldofsound

    Powerful Characters

    this is so funny
  4. aworldofsound

    Radio chatter cancer

    I find that that radio chatter is just as susceptible to "cancerous" content as any IG experience in the server is. The primary difference being, while you're IG you can only interact with so many things at a time, whereas the Radio Chatter forum allows you to sift through a lot more content simultaneously. As a result, you may be more inclined to find "bad" radio chatter rather than good. However, I do see the trend you're commenting on, OP, and frankly 4 examples of good chatter don't invalidate your observations.
  5. aworldofsound

    Y'all need Jesus

    Quetzalcoatl please
  6. aworldofsound

    Message to Alcyone

    *Geoffrey rolls his eyes before lazily grabbing the radio from his bedside* What you "know" are the actions of one man, unto another. As for "sins" we must account for, it's laughable to think anyone holds the moral authority to pass such polarizing judgement, especially from a man such as yourself. If retaliation by force is your response, then come; you won't be the first to "lay siege" to Alcyone on the grounds of some short-sighted vendetta. I guess that's the thing about trigger fingers, no matter how hard you scratch, for some people they just stay itchy huh? *Having finished his rant, Geoffrey turns off his radio and rolls to his side on his bedding*
  7. Green Mountain is like the hot stove people keep touching, wondering why the hell it burns so badly.
  8. aworldofsound

    Event Master

    -snip- nvm figured it out
  9. aworldofsound

    Event Master

    I suggest asking him personally, I feel like if I were in his position, speaking up now would be a tall order. Seems the general consensus is no matter what he says, he'll be ostracized in some way.
  10. aworldofsound

    Event Master

    While I agree that Volke certainly invests a lot of quality time, effort, and planning, both independently and collaboratively with events (which his track record shows are very well received by several members of the community), I don't really see any real need for a role such as this? Besides adding an additional layer of bureaucratic process to something we already have a process for, what do you feel is currently missing from S3 Events that an Event Master could contribute towards? Moreover, of these missing things, which do you believe would be beyond the capabilities of any participating community members, either aided by Loremasters/Staff or not, to address themselves?
  11. aworldofsound

    The Bachelorette Of Chernarus