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  1. Sorry, I'll contact a Community Help. Please feel free to delete this post if this is against the forum rules, respectfully FabulousGeorge
  2. Hey, so I've applied twice now, and failed on "Group sharing rights", it doesn't seem to mention or explain what this is in the rules. If I were to post what I said on my application would somebody explain where I'm not putting it or explain what it is? P.S If I proved wrong that's fine but wouldn't it be fairer to explain what Group sharing rights are on the rules? Thanks in advance, FabulousGeorge -snipped by uSx-
  3. Okay thanks for the tips guys, look forward to seeing you in game
  4. Hi there, so I'm Matt, I come from the UK. I've played DayZ since the mod, but i've never RP'd. Any tips for a noobie RP'r?
  5. Hey guys, I thought i'd make a quick post about myself as I feel that I may as well introduce myself. So my names Matt, I'm from the UK, 19 years old and I use to be part of a DayZ group called TMW (trusted medics of the wasteland). I started off playing Dayz on the Mod and bought it the day it was released. However I soon lost touch with it because it became a PVP deathmatch. My friend recommended me to this community and I sure look forward to playing with a group of likeminded people, where KOSing is hopefully a rare occurrence. I look forward to speaking to you guys, until then i'll see you in the wonderful world of Chernaurus