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  1. Just songs, my character is a singer.
  2. What do you do when you travel?

    One of my main goals is to make friends, I rarely to never walk around alone. While exploring the world, I either listen to music or talk to my group of friends. If I see anyone else who I do not know, I try to walk over and get to know them. I'm very outgoing, hehe.
  3. Pickup Lines Thread

    LOL, that's amazing!
  4. So now we have to pay for Mods....

    I guess it's alright, but it's currently way too overpriced.
  5. Where do you waste time?

    Twitch! When I don't stream myself, I usually watch others.
  6. what would be your last meal?

    I'd probably request ''Pinnakjøtt' it's a Norwegian dish. It's pretty much just very salty lamb meat, we eat it during Christmas. Of course I'd need potatoes and maybe some icecream after the main dish. I'd also request cola, tehe~
  7. Honestly, in my opinion it'd get awkward if one person is typing and the other person is speaking.