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  1. Yea, I know, thanks though. The second part was what confused me, but as a nice guy explained to me, it is that "radio" thing and it seems to be ok and commonly used. Plus I am tired of those arguments and my death isnt that important. So I decide to not make any more work for you GM's and other guys and that you can close this thread. Many thanks for the efforts though. We really appreciate it.
  2. Acegro

    S1 RDM, Invalid execution

    Yeh Im gonna leave this one to the staff because there is an obvious misunderstanding of the rules on your side. the only reason im gonna continue with this report is to make sure you know what you did wrong and hopefully dont do it again. Well, I am fine, the problem is my friend isn't that good at english so maybe he read it wrong. I will translate it for him to make it more comprehensive.
  3. Unfortunately, I couldnt speak to him on a TS Server. I wrote him though and we will try to figure something out if that is ok. I wrote it in is thread, too as this one and his one are kind of connected. I hope this is ok, if not, do not hesistate to contact me any moment. Edit: All right so we've written and I guess it is kind of settled. We didnt know about that "radio" thing. While we are at it, could an experienced player tell us how that exactly works, to avoid further misunderstandings?
  4. Acegro

    S1 RDM, Invalid execution

    Well I didnt take his weapon cause I didnt care much about his smersh or whatever, I just had to iniate because of the language skills of my friend. I even told him we would do him no harm and gave a tactical bacon so he would have something to eat then I went to watch the stairs while my friend did his thing, then ..ehm...I guess Montanez he is called (?) came. As we roleplayed ex-military soldiers we didnt want to get civilians hurt, he didnt really wear any military gear so we talked shortly and I lowered my weapon, then we had the first shots you heard in the video (sks vs M4A1, gratz at the guy I was fighting, intense , I didnt think I got you unconscious though) So my partner looked down and saw my dead body lying on the floor, he then reacted by shooting the guy he took the smersh vest from. Oh btw. Mr. Blitz, here is what my friend wanted to say to you in this thread: "I didnt hear what you said to us" . Not your guys I guess now it's more comprehensive, isnt it. I didnt hear anything as well, but maybe it just was DayZ Sound doing his "thing". As my thread and this thread is connected to each other and I somehow fail to connect to the dayzrp TS I will write with Blitz so we can solve this. In the End, there is always a solution through speaking. Good night everyone for now
  5. Acegro

    S1 RDM, Invalid execution

    He was no hostage, we even told him we would not harm hin, neither did he have handcuffs. Plus, as my friend stated, he didnt say the last part he wrote. You guys initiated on him, he complied. That makes him your hostage. Well if you say so, though, you were his group and Igor only took his smersh vest, nothing else. He still had his weapon, so he could stand up and shoot him, as he was under heavy fire, I guess his actions are comprehensive.
  6. Acegro

    S1 RDM, Invalid execution

    The actions of others do not allow you to kill a complying hostage of yours. He was no hostage, we even told him we would not harm hin, neither did he have handcuffs. Plus, as my friend stated, he didnt say the last part he wrote.
  7. ah I see. So giving location is no metagaming? If Blitz were to give us his location while he had his hands up and you guys took away his radio, then it'd had been metagaming. Ah alright, thanks for the information. The radio, you mean the walkie-talkie, right?
  8. ah I see. So giving location is no metagaming?
  9. Acegro

    S1 RDM, Invalid execution

    Igor killed you guys, because you killed me, he was a few metres away, so he had KOS rights. He killed you because you killed me.
  10. Well, I dont get this radio thing? I thought you are not allowed to speak over teamspeak which would be Metagaming? My friend told me he shot your friend, because you shot me (I was the one at the second floor, I knew I shouldnt have trusted) So he had a reason. If I made a false report I am sorry and want to apologize, but I am pretty confused right now. Edit: no we have no video evidence. I know about the KOS rights, but the thing is, and broyce even stated it, that he told you guys that he needs backup over teamspeak. And well, as far as I am concerned this is metagaming? If I am wrong , again, I am sorry.
  11. Server and location: S1 at NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:40 - 18:44 24.05.2015 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Andy Rocko Names of allies involved: Igor "The Goat" Landfield Name/Skin of suspect/s: A white man Suspects weapon/s: AK74 (his friend a M4A1) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Alright, so we were at NWAF when we spotted a guy with a smersh vest in a tower my friend said he would like to have one again (we are ex - soldiers) so we get in and ask him to take it off and please lay down on the ground. Then he explained to us that he is pretty known and has an organisation and that 7 people will come and kill us. (Pretty funny, how would they know we are here?) After my friend took the smersh vest a guy come upstairs and asked if he could come in, I told him we are investigating a guy and he should stay a little away until we are finished, he then started shooting at me with his M4A1. So, how did he know that we were robbing him? We were talking from 18:40 - 18:41 and the last thing I said was: "Take this tactical bacon so you got something to eat when we leave" We didnt talk for several minutes then, so his friend couldnt possibly know what's going on, he didnt even have visual evidence, because he killed me before he could even see his friend that is because his friend was in another room again upstairs. The "victim" never called for help or anything else, so how did his friends know? I tell ya, teamspeak. After I died my mate got killed by several other people, but I guess they heard the shots so that is atleast comprehensive
  12. Just wanted to be sure that everything is ok Thanks for all the answers guys! Really kind of you and so fast, too.
  13. Hey there guys, so I'll start right away. I wanted to see what a girl had, maybe some ammo and food. So I went to her, held my gun up and said "put your hands up, gogo" She did that. Then I said "if you do what I say I wont shoot you, I promise, now just lay down your gun and your stuff, I want to see what you've got in there" Theeeen her friend came and killed my from behind, not even revealing himself to me. I am not sure if everything that happened followed the rules, could you guys help me ?
  14. I set up 2 landmines so far...and I blew myself up 2 times so far. Nothing to add.
  15. Acegro

    .56 update

    Let's all say Goodbye to our gear and hello to bambi-action