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  1. Maybe not immediately, but i'm sure that's what it will be for in the future. Well, I hope so anyway. It makes sense for it to work that way.
  2. Buckurk

    Long Range Changes

    The LRS doesn't fit onto a Mosin in RL. It was always just going to be a stop gap until they introduced more weapons capable of actually being able to use the LRS. I know only the PU scope will fit the Mosin, and the LRS/Hunting scope will fit the Sporter/Blaze/Carbine. Personally I always liked the PU on the Mosin anyway can still get fairly long distance shots with it. I actually cannot wait to use the LRS with the Blaze, it will be deadly! If you can't hit your target in two shots then you shouldn't be sniping imo.
  3. I presume the mess tin will be for making food? E.g putting cereal + milk + water = milk & cereal?
  4. Mirage_Senpai, love it... Would you believe me if I told you nobody has successfully held me up as of yet? Thank you all for the warm welcome! Definitely a community I want to be a part of
  5. Thank you mizztakn, right back at you. Sin, don't be stealing all that corn! Save some for me.
  6. Hi, thanks! Yeah me too... Really looking forward to flexing my creative mind with a real RP setting
  7. SVD is in 0.56 experimental! The mags are super rare though... Only spawn at heli crash sites I think
  8. Sounds like a great setup for an interesting story! Hope it goes well.
  9. Hello there! I have just submitted my application to join you guys and dolls. Hopefully see you all out there soon. May your rice always be crunchy and your farming hoes be rusty!