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  1. So today at GM loads of stuff happen. I was not totally sure what was going on but when I saw my friend being taken hostage I lurked around GM a bit to long, I got spotted by the takers and got a message that If I did not come forth with my hands up in the air I would die. All In all I think this Is the best hostage rp I've had, no rush, no killing because its easier, but logical ( Normal) human thinking. Apologize for the shitty rendering, I will re-upload in better quality later on. Its suppose to be 720+ but atm its 360. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7y97mri1aU
  2. I don't really have to much to do with this, but I might have video of the situation as I filmed most of this hostage scenario. Uploading a film as we speak, how ever only bits that include me that's edited. . If you could point out what gear you had on I could try and find you in the frames I have but at this point I feel that its kinda useless?
  3. Do eyes adjust to the dark to the moment where you can snipe some one 3-500 meters on a "non moon" night ? I understand that people will use gamma to kill me in the future since people dont want to die. These are tings that can not be ruled I guess since there Is no evidence that a person is using gamma/brightness.
  4. Yesterday In a situation where i got robbed, I had a guy who where sniping me In the dark after the "main" robber who was close to me got shot dead by a group member of mine. The thing that I wonder Is, when its pitch black and you turn your gamma/brightness up you can perfectly snipe some one during the night, Is this allowed or would It go under breaking game mechanics? He kept taking pot shots at me for a long time, I tried to look for him as I my self had a scope with a mosin but when its pitch dark, its pitch dark. Just a question really, not a reporting issue for me.
  5. The first image above have had some photoshopping and filtering to it If I recall correctly. I saw this on reddit/r/dayz a long, long time ago. I can not say for sure that It is tempered with, but as said, if i recall correctly It Is.
  6. We are just unlucky then that the server/s? normally crash durinng nighttime ? I love the acceleration how ever, makes rp a bit easier during how many days have passed since xxxx question . Holy mother.. that would be unplayable.
  7. Do you guys personally turning up gamma and brightness to see in darkness? day/night cycle you feel Is alright ?
  8. Is this a recent thing ? I joined like 3 days ago and its been bugging me ever since I joined. I love the server this far, but It feels weird that people trying to join a server / server crashes would be a probem resolved not quickly ?
  9. Tuborgs

    S1 KOS GM Ghosting and Shooting player while loading in.

    ^If It all gets dropped, i look forward to maybe have a better experience next time ^^.
  10. Noticed recently that the server restarts a LOT. Feels like It some times Is every hour, and one know why this Is ? Also: I know most people hate nighttime, but personally I love the "fear" and tension darkness makes. I guess most people turn up their gamma and brightness as I have met countless people finding stuff in darkness while i walk around blind like a bat. What I love about nighttime tho Is that people normally get cozy up around a fire, or just sit down to talk about their stories. Why Is nighttime so short here? would not a 50/50 day/night cycle be more realistic ?
  11. Tuborgs

    S1 KOS GM Ghosting and Shooting player while loading in.

    Thought I had my stuff on the right side of the rules, I'll lay my self flat down then and say that I was wrong In thinking what I did, and handling the way I did. I will apologize for ruining immersion, and the rules i've then broken. I really did not think that i combat logged tho since we where not in "combat". It was rather urgent my Irl thing, but that not of matter. Hope we can have a better round of Rp some other time If the rules i broke does not perma ban me ? If a admin/gamemaster would enlighten me that would be great
  12. Tuborgs

    S1 KOS GM Ghosting and Shooting player while loading in.

    I was not in the tower at the beginning of the hostage situation. I was down with the hostages at that part. when they started to move towards the prison i ran up into the tower as I did not want to log out in the middle of GM. I did not explain my self correctly on that part of shooting I guess. one or several of the 3 people down outside the prison door shoot into the prison almost killing one of my group members. At this time I would certainly think, and i did and still do that all 3 down there are in a group/friends/ in the situation where they want to kill my group. So shooting the people who point guns towards the prison and/not fire ( as some one did fire ) I would only be logical for me to try and take them out to get my guys out.
  13. Tuborgs

    S1 KOS GM Ghosting and Shooting player while loading in.

    I was already In the situation when It all started but had to go due to irl reasons shortly after we started to take the hostages Into the prison. when I came back I did not shoot you at once, I observed the situation for quite some time up there. When I saw you shoot inside the prison, I initiated after getting confirmation trough radio that one of our guys was hit and in need of medical care. At this point I stood up and looked down and shot. Held my position for some time, then one of your guys came back and I made the other shot. Some time after this I was moving around up the tower but got killed by an M4? If I did things here incorrectly I will apologize, but I do think I handled correctly.
  14. Tuborgs

    [FED]The Federation [IG Recruitment]

    Toby Kieth signing In, lets hunt dem animals!