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  1. Mojache

    Husky Thread

    The tongue of that first pic looks Photoshoped to me
  2. Alrighty, Thanks for the information.
  3. Hey, I don't know if it just me, but the two areas where it shows the number of how many alerts and inbox messages you have the background color is kinda straining to the eye. I was just suggesting that it be set to a darker color. Thanks
  4. Alright, so with the end of the school year approaching I am making summer plans. I am currently going to be going on a mission trip in 2 days to Lebanon. The trip will be 5 weeks long and I will be returning on Jun. 29 2015. It is a 5 week trip. What I would like to know is will I be banned for inactivity during this time period? If so is there a way I could talk to someone about keeping the account up? If I won't be banned for inactivity just tell me so . Anyways, thanks for any information and I am hoping for a quick reply.
  5. Ooh I see, I thought it was automatic. Thanks!
  6. Why is s4 not active. S2 is full and I'm not able to log onto s4
  7. ** Also, I forgot to note that you could definitely look at ip addresses. You would see that this is the only account that has been logged into my home ip.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A I got no post or report of it to my knowledge. If you mean the banner then -- Screen cap of the banner= http://prntscr.com/733jx7 Why the verdict is not fair: I believe it is not fair because when I logged into the account I was at my school. It just so happened that someone in the school also logged in at the school as well so that ip was I guess linked to both of our accounts. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't know who the person was who made the account "Swiftor" but I assure you it was not me. I tried to ask the people who I told about the server, but they said that they don't even have standalone yet. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What I would like to achieve with making this appeal is to be able to get unbanned so I can continue playing this awesome server and continue talking to this amazing community. What could you have done better?: I probably shouldn't of logged in at my school, but I wanted to check the forums. I won't be doing that again. *Thanks y'all
  9. I GOT ACCEPTED!! Thanks everyone! I can't wait to join yall and get to playing!
  10. Ah, this sucks. Can't go over that? I'm going to have to trim mine back a bit. Thanks for the answers, guys! No no no non no, the max is not 2000. I wrote maybe 6 thousand characters. I was just denied because I forgot to describe some stuff in the NLR and KOS part.
  11. Yes, you have three chances to whitelist and if you fail that you would have to make a ban-appeal. You can contact me or another CH though to take a peek at your app and help you further. Okay, I am gonna pm you my application once I rewrite the NLR and KOS stuff.
  12. Also, I just read something online. It says that I only have 3 chances?
  13. Nah dude, I read what was said about my mistakes. Thanks for telling me that the questions were the same. Was just curios about that. Much LOVE!
  14. Alright, I have two corrections for you. Not making fun of it, just helping you out. That birthday would make the guy 19. Not 18. Also, change that darkblue color. It is difficult to read. Also, make it longer.