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  1. Too true mate! Keep an eye out for a nice green armband, if you need any kind of medical assistance flag me down and ill fix you up as best I can! Best of days to you!
  2. Hi mate, what time zone are you playing in? I live in Australia myself so i find ill often bet at odds to when everyone is online, so if you're looking for another pair of eyes and a focus on medical attention then send me a pm sometime
  3. Hi there everyone, whitelisted at last!! Cant wait to get my rp on once I get my uni assessment done. Andrew Vyman and myself look forward to meeting you (and patching up any pesky pains you have) very soon!
  4. The only thing I have to say is that i only plan on keeping enough for myself to survive, anything else i find i want to give away. My character doesn't like to see others in pain, so even if he has to kneecap someone to make them drop their gun, he will still do everything in his power to fix their legs and feed them, sending them on their way once they're healed. I understand that corruption is more than likely, but being as much a Samaritan as he can be my character will more than likely die trying to give someone medicine than in a firefight.
  5. Some really good advice here guys! I'll look at finding myself a group once i get my head around everything and find some gear. fingers crossed i meet nice enough folk till then! I'm not aiming to carry a high end rifle, probably just something simple that i can find ammo for easily, and no secondary as the space it takes could be used for medical equipment. mind you though i'll still have to take good care of my 'medicine stick'. That playing a post apocalypse courier sounds like a pretty great idea Davos! did you end up goin far with that? Fingers crossed all my crazies i find arent too much so
  6. Okay so as I'm waiting for my whitelist application to process, I thought id pose some queries to you and see what ideas and suggestions you have for me. The character I aim to play (IGN: Andrew Vyman) is an Australian medic, doesn't have a massive military background, just some slight arms training before his main work as a relief agent. Now come the apocalypse Andrew has lost the few people that he'd grown close to, always being a sort of lone wolf, out of circumstance more than want. The main thing I want to know is any tips for roleplaying a medic of sorts, and whether anyone would acknowledge a brightly coloured high-vis uniform as grounds for not being robbed or engaged out of instinct? I plan to carry around a nice big drybag once available full of what little arms and supplies I need to survive, and packed with medical supplies I can offer to any whom I meet. Overall I see Andrew as a relatively uncorrupted (even in the face of the apocalypse) and helpful person, with a few flaws that I plan on improvising as I play. Anyway, thanks for any input, throw whatever ideas you have at me, and hopefully we'll meet again soon when you need some urgent medical assistance!
  7. Thanks a heap guys! such a quick response, i really appreciate the info! and of course, everyone deserves a break when doing this well a job thanks again! cant wait to be on!
  8. Hi all, I'm a recent joiner of DayzRP and am really excited to get onto the servers and share some great experiences with you all. I was just wondering if there are any current issues with the Whitelisting process? I checked multiple days ago and saw the application process was taken down as the staff had an excess of 150 applications to handle, which i fully understand. My questions is just if there is any news as to when the process will become available again, as I cannot find any information on this particular incident anywhere. Thanks all, can't wait to meet you in game, Doranoid.
  9. Hey all, I've been interested in playing some proper dayzrp for a good while, am still waiting to apply for my whitelist but for now just trying to figure out my character and how to go about everything when in game. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting into the game first time, and where to go to look for a group?