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  1. I slid the katana from its sheath, backing up slowly against the wall. I slowed my breath and took a step forward raising the sword my sweaty hands wrapped around. The sword swiftly sliced through their bodies, almost too easily. Six, seven, eight. They all dropped to the floor, one was still crawling towards me as I grabbed the dagger from my boot and pierced his temple with little force proceeding to wipe the blood off on the filthy shirt of the rotten girl lying on the floor. I cleaned off my blade from my sword with a rag hanging from my belt as I slowly walked out the main entrance of the hospital. Outside was the little girl I had found a few months back living in a tree house on her own, maybe only five or six. Aurora, my sweet little girl. She was the only thing to bring me happiness through all of this. She reached her arms up and I bent down to pick her up, supporting her mostly with my left arm as I brushed the hair from her face and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She looked at me for a minute then said to me "God sent an angel to protect me. Thank you for being my angel." I gave her a warm smile and held her tightly as I walked down the road to continue our journey together. I will protect you Aurora, with everything I have.