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  1. Ran into a guy near Vybor approximately an hour ago, he was RP'ing as if he were a jittery, terrified wreck. He was pretty awesome, I would've stayed longer had 3 guys not come running by us and forcing me to retreat to a safer area. There's a lot of groups inland. That must've been the only time I've run into 1 person who was actually alone in my time here so far. 10/10 better then the guy who sounded like batman. Tyrianrage.
  2. My Place in the queue is nonstop chaneing?

    I spent roughly an hour on my application, did my best to elaborate and I started at 2/312 in the queue without any donations. It's all about the quality. With regards, Tyrianrage
  3. This server is locked

    Yeah sorry i just did and got in, please mark as soved. Thanks for the info With regards, Tyrianrage
  4. This server is locked

    Having an issue, when I try and join S2 after I input the password I get a message 'server is locked'. any reason why?
  5. Claiming Land

    A good question, I would also like to know. Additionally, does it have to be a group?
  6. Well, that wasn't too difficult.

    I would say I wrote for approximately an hour, but this was preceded by about 30 minutes of reading the rules. So all in all about an hour and a half, give or take. You?
  7. Well, that wasn't too difficult.

    Thanks Triplett, I appriciate the advice and information. Cheers.
  8. Well, that wasn't too difficult.

    Thanks all, glad to be here.
  9. Well, that wasn't too difficult.

    Thanks Taurz. The info is much appreciated. Will do.
  10. Greetings fellow survivors, I spent roughly an hour last night filling out an application, I made sure I exceeded all of the letter counts, and meticulously explained both rules mentioned, to demonstrate my understanding of them. To my surprise I started 1/312 in the queue (yikes! Maybe a little too meticulously). Today I have been accepted. So I would like to introduce myself, although I'm positive my in game name will fluctuate, so for now, feel free to call me Tyrian. I've been playing dayz for about 1200 hours, In the SA. I'm 22 years of age, and I'm Canadian, living in Alberta. I primarily role play as a desperate survivor, who will do whatever he needs too, to survive. I was never that great at introductions, but I have a few short questions I would like to ask. The way I understand it, the story written in my application, for my character, is sort of like a test to see my roleplay-ability. If I decide to change my character, what steps need I take, if any? Secondly what steps need I take concerning being involved in a kos situation or an NLR violation? And lastly, is there any info you could give a new member to help them along? Thanks for your time. With regards, Tyrianrage
  11. How do you roleplay?

    I tend to play in such a way that neither of the two completely apply to me, it entirely depends on my mood/current situation. Such as starving=desperate, Recent conflict=on edge, good find=good mood, etc. But in the end i think its important to put yourself in the situation of your character and act accordingly. what would YOU do in that situation if your life was on the line ETC. First post =)