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  1. *The Radio would soon come alive for a brief moment once more, pained wheezing could be heard, as if the man had just run a long distance with an open wound on his side... which maybe he did. In any case, soon after, he would speak in a hoarse voice, but more even.* "I've been able to stay out of... the way of the local hostility. I'm in a place called Lipina, at least that is what the road sign told me. If anyone feels like helping an injured man, I'd be happy to pay you..." *He would cough a bit, before the radio would cut off, obviously the end of the transmission, the man likely tryi
  2. *The radio crackles to life after the long term of silence... and silence was all those listening would receive for a few moments until a wheezing cough could be heard, as well as what sounded like guzzling down water vigorously from some bottle. Another coughing spat followed, before the man could speak clearly but evidently in severe pain as well as exhaustion.* "I... I'm still here. Able to stay alive for now, temporarily, but I'm running out of bandages, and the bleeding isn't as bad as before... but I am feelin faint. Depends on how far that River fella // @River are really... That, and
  3. *The random radio frequency crackles to life before a man groaning in pain, along with the rabid barking of some wolves int the background. It sounded like he was in some sort of metal room, judging by the ringing of steel as the wolves bounded upon it, seeking him.* "To anyone list-en... *Cough* I... need some help. Pretty fucked up... bleeding badly. If anyone is a doctor and looking for some payment, or feeling hospitable... *Cough* Please respond." *The radio continues to crackle as the man utters a spew of choice swear words, along with a few loud thumps of some type of weapon and p
  4. Yo man. That "TO THOSE IMPERSONATING US" post. Total worthy

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      Thatcher all I can think of when I see your character name is this


  5. Glad to see that this is finally being looked at! Thanks for getting the ball rolling @Roland, I, as I am sure many others, really appreciate it. Though, I would like to suggest that things like ATTACKER RIGHTS and DEFENDERS RIGHTS should not be done with a Scenario Multiple Choice. They should be done in worded exposition or even, if possible, Voice Chat. Scenarios that are possible in RP could be done in Multiple Choice, but I would think that we should keep that section at a minimum. We really should have people take the time to examine, type up, and present their own interpretations/
  6. Recent friend of mine, A_VeryBritishGael, just had this happen to him. Thought I'd post it here for people to view since it does relate to the topic in some manner. Report:
  7. That is true Ron. But even then, I hope that, based upon Roland's lack of reply so far for this thread, he is discussing it with his Staff. At least I am under the assumption that is what the case stands at right now. With luck, the ideas so far presented here are being discussed for a new system. The best we can do, AS A COMMUNITY, is to keep this thread active, at the top, and alive for everyone to see and participate in.
  8. Thanks for joining us Terra. Your experience is valuable as you have been here a long time, and by far are one of the best Admins we've seen to grace Staff let alone our community. Thank you for your latest experiences, and your suggestions! They are wonderful and I especially like that you provided your experience in how the White List, older and newer, works. I am also glad that you see the prevalent issues occurring lately, not only IG but also in the Reports Section. I am also glad you agree that we should include more RP scenario/situation questions and answering methods, as that seems to
  9. Thank you for joining us Chaostica. Your ideas are wonderful for suggestions of an improved system. All of them are great points and have very good reasoning. I agree specifically on the team part. Perhaps a team of 5 or less. But should be an odd number, in case a vote is needed on a particular White List Applicant. Also, yes please we really do need to limit the number of times a person can apply. It may be harsh, but it's needed as if you can't learn within three times... it isn't likely one would learn at all. I also agree heavily with #4, as that would be fine. But really most of the Rule
  10. Heya Ron... is that even like a... number? Sorry to hear that as well. That is why we are talking about it here.
  11. Heya Connor, welcome to the thread. I hope that it wasn't too bad. Waiting to see what it is about. Your POV is always appreciated.
  12. Glad to see you have joined us as well in this Cow. Your support is appreciated. I agree too Eagle, and I totally love that Avatar man. Givin some Beanz for that one. Thanks for joining us Blake. We really do need to increase the difficulty aspect of the system. Thanks for joining us ne_om. Also, thank you for sharing your experience thus far in Roleplay as far as this topic. It is appreciated and I am sorry to hear that you are having such terrible experiences. Hopefully, we as a COMMUNITY can CHANGE that. Thanks for joining us, Ryan. Good to see you. B
  13. I think that is a good suggestion Voodoo. What does everyone else think about this? Thank you for sharing your experiences with this matter RossGodds. I am sorry to hear that you had to be a part of such a situation. I appreciate it, and I am sure others in this thread do as well. You have some good points Aiko, but I think we really should get rid of the Multiple Choice part of the Whitelist. They are prone to abuse and circumvention. I mean... just mark C for every checkbox and you are bound to score eventually. At least that is the mentality of some "Test Takers", but the su
  14. Thanks for the support Voodoo, its good to know that you agree with this. You as well MajooRB. Both you and Voodoo are longstanding members here. I think not only newer people opinions matter, but also those who have been here and seen the multiple edits of White Lists. Thanks, bud! Yes! I totally am with you on this Crescent Gent. I am not saying that we need to build something to prevent the leaks. That is impossible. Quoting myself above "It is impossible to separate the good from the bad, the wanted from the unwanted because of this. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't
  15. Just watched John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum with my GF. It was a great movie!

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      That book scene... wow 

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