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  2. Edmund Fitch was born in the summer of 1982 in New York City. He grew up knowing what the "big city" was like, and just how many people and things happened within. Unfortunately, his mother died when he was fifteen, due to a mugging. His father became a drunkard afterward and beat him. Though Fitch grew up fast and learned to fight back, eventually leaving his father behind at the age of seventeen. Making it through high school and making ends meet, Fitch joined up with the NYSP Academy in Albany, becoming a Trooper when he was twenty-one. For the next five or so years, Fitch did the beat, learned, and adapted in the more seedier parts of New York City. Yet he wasn't satisfied. Even with being promoted to Sergeant during this time, he still felt he wasn't making a difference. So when he was nearing twenty-six years old, he decided to head back to school and start to learn Criminal Justice. After a full year, making sure he learned enough, he applied for the BCI in New York City. He was accepted soon after and served over eight years, becoming a Senior Investigator in the BCI. Finally, when he reached the age of thirty-six he decided to take a two-month vacation, which he had been saving for, in order to go see the world. Unfortunately, it landed him in Chernarus, and he's been surviving ever since.
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    World Lore Thread - Broadcasts, Stories, Rumors and Facts

    Again, just caught up and love it all.
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    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    So I normally don't post too much on the forums. Hardly anything as of late really, but I would like to think that when I do it is a topic of some importance or matter. At least me personally, I'll let you all decide for yourselves after I'm done. Point is, while the new system with Open Hostilities is interesting in concept, though a little odd, I think that it shouldn't be just applied to characters alone. It should be applied to groups and factions as well. As in the sense of, if a Group is in Hostile Mode, then all members and characters within the said group should have Hostile Mode on. Same for Protected and Hardcore modes as well. Though personally, I think there shouldn't be a Protected mode for a group, as it would provide more reason for the group to stay together rather than disperse in two or three man parts while RPing. My argument for this reason. If characters are allowed to be engaged, but not engage openly themselves, then it is kind of defeating the purpose. But if you install requirements for a group to be entirely one mode, I think this would change the roleplay quite a bit. Allowing groups to be engaged openly by either singular people or other groups would be fun. The counter-argument against this is that if such a system were to be implemented, then most groups would probably remain within the protected mode. This would be the same result if a system applied to individual characters, as is now, remains. So my point, simplified, is that if we have a system like this for characters, we should have a system like this for groups. Or we don't have this system at all. As it would seem unfair for characters to be subjected to this, and groups are immune to the effect. Regards, ItzThatcher
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    GPS satellites... Unmanned drones... fookin laser sights... The more crutches you have, the more it hurts when it gets kicked out from under ya... If there is one thing I know for sure is that ItzThatcher returns...

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  7. Marcus was born in the late winter of 1985 in Missoula, Montana. Growing up for four years as a single child to a hard strung father in the local industry jobs, while making money, sometimes couldn't cut it. His mother worked two jobs, mainly Maid and other such related services. So he didn't get much growing up. Until just after his fourth birthday, he learned from his father that he was getting a brother. Brother. Such a strange concept it was to him at the time, in his younger mind. While today the word "Brother" to Marcus means several things... some good... some bad. It wasn't too much later that his brother, Rupert, was born. Go another ten years ahead, and times have changed. His father was in a better position at work, more supervisor than hands on. This got him a much higher pay raise than anticipated to where their mother no longer had work and instead stayed home to take care of his brother and himself. He loved his mother dearly, and would do anything to make her happy... In the end, while everything seemed on the all time high... it wasn't to be long. Their father was killed in a work accident two months later, pressed to death by a hydraulic press that helped make car rims. While they received compensation and other such, though not near enough for to be somewhat fair. Their mother was forced to work overtime with two jobs, just to barely help feed and keep the home they had. While some United States programs and services helped, it made things difficult and his mother very sad. It was one of the defining moments in his life, that he didn't like seeing his mother sad. So from then on he researched, even as young as he was, to find careers that would make a lot of money. So his mother didn't cry anymore. In the year of 2003, when Marcus graduated with honers and with plenty of knowledge about Civil Engineering and his mind still set on what to do. Of course, a shock was that his mother was able to pay for the first four semesters in the University of Montana in Missoula. His mother told him that his father and her had saved up most of that money when he was younger, and she kept saving after he died. Happy for the kindness and now seeing that he could honestly learn without problems, Marcus poured himself into learning. He left 5 years later at the age of 23 with a Master's in Civil Engineering. For the next 5 years he spent going from place to place all over the United States, earning money and getting jobs he could, saving it all up for his mother just like he promised long ago. Seeing the rest of the country, and sometimes abroad, brought a large perspective into his life, especially mortality. So, during those eight years, he sought out a partner to spend his life with. Eventually, he met a Foreign Intern Student, Galina. She was from the country of Chernarus and the more they met up and talked... the more they realized how much they liked about the other. Soon enough, towards the end of those five years, they got engaged. Their honeymoon was to be in Chernarus, and Marcus felt as if life was suddenly taking a very different turn then what he planned. This mainly due to his promise. A month before they were due to leave, Marcus made a trip home. But when he got there, he found what he never wanted to find. Their mother had died due to brain cancer. Family related. She has been dead for two months. When he found his brother to confront him about it, he found him living barely and scraping by, mainly on welfare and other such. But what made it worse was that his brother became a Meth Addict... a fate all to often and real in Montana. Marcus, not happy with his last living relative living like this, ushered him out of the rundown apartment, and to his house. He helped him get clean, finish high school, and did everything Marcus believes a brother does. Unfortunately his postponed his honeymoon and the love of his life told him to come see her in Chernarus. When Marcus turned 30, and he made sure his brother would do well, he set off to Chernarus on one way flight, to be with the woman he loved. He found her, still his, and finally married her there, in Chernogorsk. For the next two and a half years he lived happily and had two children. Both beautiful and wonderful. Their names were Dima, the older sister, and Vlad, the younger brother. Twins. For once in his life, Marcus felt... whole. Then it was all ripped away from him, an infection spread, ruined his life, ruined the life of his family, and left him all alone in the world... cold... and alone.
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    Man... Its been awhile since I've seen this place. How's everyone, at least who can see this.

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    My Thought Logs

    **I find myself looking over the wilderness surrounding me, recalling a scant few trips I did take back up in the Rockies. I would idly rub my jaw while glancing at the latest among the few survivors I encountered without guns being drawn and voices yelling. Looking over the couple, then the other two strange fellows, I can't help but wonder to myself what life has in store for me. First the Yacht, then the various things, then Chernogorsk, and now here... Speaking of that... I would glance around the now desolate... reminded of what the kindness of Humanity can show... or really the lack thereof. I would shake my head, shutting my eyes tightly as the memories assault me once more** *Flashback* "Come on! The Checkpoint is only a quarter mile ahead!" called a kid in front of the small group I was with. I would adjust the brim of my hat to look up at the grinning kid running ahead of his parents, with said adults snapping at him to stay close. I normally would smile at such a sight but my grimacing expression was far from that. I've seen their reasons for such harsh treatment and couldn't help but agree. With the way things have gone down from the Yacht and what I've been seeing... it would be quite fair of an action. Musing this though, I couldn't help but wonder how such a kid was able to be as he was given what was going on around him. Perhaps he was just fucked in the head? Or some copping mechanism... not that I would know much about the subject. I would let out a light breath when I could hear the sounds of engines nearing us. Good... at least the local Military still has motor capability. I would slow my slight jog when I saw the beginnings of a car line up ahead with several people talking with soldiers... rather animatedly to be precise. I would narrow my eyes, lowering the Aviators a bit to get a better looked without the shades over my vision. That can't be good... not one bit. The small group I was with eventually reached the car lines and I could see several Chernarussian Defence Forces soldiers sweeping the lines and talking with people in harsh tones, while also pointing or directing back down the road. I would read the body languages going on as the couple talked to one of the soldiers. They were speaking in Chernarussian so I couldn't exactly understand. Soon enough I saw hostile movement when the soldier pushed the father back rather roughly. I snapped my eyes to the motion and stood up to the soldier while standing my ground and helping the man up. "Hey. Asshat. You speak English?" I couldn't help but asking and if the rather venomous look sent my way was any indicator then yes he did. "What the fuck do you want American?!" he responded back harshly. I would take the tone warily, as well as seeing him hold his Kalashnikov, a 74 model, at the ready but not pointing. I would glance around and see various soldiers and pulling out people from their cars and pushing back down the road. "Nothing... I see what is going on... we'll be leaving now..." I would state in a calm tone, the soldier nodding at me crisply before moving off. I would look over the father next to my while brushing off his shoulders. "We need to get going... I don't like how this is going down Grigori..." I would mutter the man, one of the first Chernarussians I met that was kind and could speak English. I would slightly nod over my shoulder to the various actions being displayed. Grigori couldn't help but nod as well. "I agree... he said there is some type of quarantine in effect... no one leaves South Zagoria... no one at all..." I would hear the mutter of Grigori as he responded. Narrowing my eyes, I would gesture to the kid, standing near us while looking scared and holding onto his mother, to start moving the other way. I can faintly recall that we weren't but two steps away when the first shot echoed out. I had snapped my head back to look and saw various people screaming as a soldier shot down a woman... a bite mark clearly visible on her arm as the shirt was ripped open. "Shit..." I would mutter, seeing soldiers raise their rifles. I would then widen my eyes as instead of orders... they just started opening fire. I shoved Grigori at this point. "RUN! FUCKING RUN!" I barked out to the man, my orders heeded with gusto as he quickly grabbed his son up and ran with his wife while I rolled to the side as a burst of gunfire passed near me. I would look about, quickly reaching underneath my jacket to remove the old Colt I recovered on the trip here. I pulled back the slide quickly, hearing the loading of a first bullet into the chamber while holding up at the ready, keeping Grigori and his family within my edge of vision as they ran into the forest. Soldiers continued firing and cutting down civilians as I glanced about. I can't help but watch and be horrified as they killed indiscriminately men, women, and children. I do not know if they were under orders to do such but in this case I could little care of a rat's ass about it. I hear one nearing me on the other side of the buss I was at, to which I raised my pistol and just as the man rounded the bend, received two courtesy bullets to the chest and face for. He fell down and I bolted, running for the trees in an opposite direction of Grigori and his family. I hope they would make it out alright as I heard the calls and various bullets pinging behind me from the trees. Thankfully I was going downhill. After around twenty minutes of running, jogging, and evading, I would be panting while looking from behind a tree, seeing if any of them were still following me. None were as I waited for a solid five minutes. I breath in a relieving breath on my lungs, glad that I at least kept up some of my exercise regimes even after the service. Soon enough, I realized to myself that I was alone once more... *Flashback End* *I open my eyes, after the short stint into my subconscious memories, to look about it once more. Much more... desolate than it used to be. No soldiers. No civilians... no one... well besides the four I've come to be with. Glancing over to them, as well as remembering Diane's and Mr. Water's comments about me being better off with a group than in the woods... I still wondered if I should place bets on the woods. Breathing in shakily a moment, I reach behind me to my pack, pulling out the beat up journal of mine. Wiping a thumb over the cover, while glancing about in the darkness and campfire, I set about retrieving that pen of mine and jotting down some thoughts.* "Time: 2100 Hours on some date in the month of October, suspicion near Halloween... Current Location: Desolate remains of a Checkpoint... myself plus four included. Recent events to myself has translated into joining some couple that I know little of or where they are from. Mostly I know that it seems the man, Mr. Waters, is a US Marshal, and the woman is Diane... and if the banter I hear from them is to be believed, they are possibly in a relationship or just really close, probably partners in the Marshal Service if I had to guess. Either way, while our initial confrontation was less than... cordial, we seem to have come to even keel and compliance with each others' presence. To which I am somewhat grateful... it has been lonely the last few weeks... I picked up an automatic finally after my last hostile encounter, H&K MP5-K model, now finding that such weaponry is now needed. I will let it be known to one Mr. Estacado, should he find this Log, that I stand corrected in my statement and that such a weapon is not needed to one's health and survival... Besides all of this, life has been hard. I cannot help but wonder how Mom is doing... if she is even out there still. From what I've been hearing, the infection is spreading and fast... possibly in the States at this point. I sure hope not... I will be home Mom. Don't you worry. .... I suppose that will be enough for now. I will write more about my various companions as I learn about them. For now, end the log..." **I would finish my scrawl, blinking as I saw that I drew a rather bad imitation of a US Marshal Badge on the page. Smirking a bit while shaking my head, I folded the journal closed while stuffing it back into my back, same with my pen. I would then relax back into the car I was laying against, moving my hat's brim to cover my eyes from the firelight while muttering a quiet notification to the others that I was falling asleep. Soon enough, I could feel the claws of fatigue claw at my eyes, seeking them to be closed, before I fell into a uneventful sleep.**
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    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    Always good work mate. Just watch out fer dem fookin laser sights! Always pointin!
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    Had some good RP tonight with @Rawen Black. Glad to see some good survivors out there.

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      well, ty for good RP too:)

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    My Thought Logs

    **I would sigh as I sit down in one of the abandoned buildings in what used to be the major city of Chernogorsk in the South Zagoria Region in the country of Chernarus. I already had a small fire built, cooking some vegetables in a beat up cooking pot as it sat upon a small iron grate and some stones I placed to let it sit on fire. I stare at it a bit before looking over to the broken window and looking out, hearing the occasional voices around the city or the gunfire in the distance. A once proud city reduced to ruble with this... virus. I scratch my face a bit while leaning back into wall behind me with a sigh, looking upwards to the night and stars. It should be around three weeks since I found myself here... I think? Shaking my head I then pull my backpack over and start to rummage through it, pulling out a pen which I lightly bit down on with my teeth to hold it while searching for the next thing. Soon enough I also pull out a small book that had a bit of water stains on some of the pages. It was mostly empty, with a bit of the first pages already written in with various dates. I would look through them and what I wrote during those days before moving to the next empty page. I would shake my left wrist a bit, showing a watch, Fossil brand, that was mechanical with a Skeleton look so I could see the gears and various things. Narrowing my eyes I look at the glow in the dark hands and judge the time. Nodding at this I write down the first things into the new page...** "Time: 2000 hours on assumed date 16th of August... Current Location: Abandoned house in the Chernogorsk City in Chernarus. I find myself pondering the current state of the world around me... finding it ultimately to be expect given the situation we, as humans in this place, are faced with. The unexpectedness of this virus and the havoc it is wrecking on the world seems to be affecting everyone differently. While I've seen several militant groups ranging from the CDF and NATO today I have yet to either contact, meet, or see these VDV Russian Forces... I also finally donated that Kalashnikov model after lugging it around for the past week... my shoulders still feel sore from the amount of weight I was carrying. Right now I am cooking up some vegetable soup... I threw in some carrots, cucumbers, and surprisingly some bell peppers. Those I had to find in the apartment complexes. Someone must've been growing a garden or the like. Either way, making use of them now... I wonder sometimes how Mom is doing... she must be worried sick I bet. Man am I gonna get a tongue lashing when I get back home. Either way... doing fine I guess... Haven't seen any murders or the like yet while here... thank god for that. I've been hearing that the CDF and VDV have been in joint task force... hunting down terrorists or something like that. At least that is what the locals have been telling me. Some people are still around, hoping for evacuation from here. I've been only hearing promises and words from the NATO forces around here that it is coming and that we have to wait... I know the men are just trying to keep people calm but I have a feeling that nothing like that is coming.... Well I am planning to set out in a day or two back to the north end of this region, see what I can find. The CDF forces here have said they could use the ammunition and weapons I gave previously so I could see if I can get that. Also there seems to be some type of pub or bar setting up here too... the Hostess asked me if I could go find some more liquor product for her. Have to look for that as well I guess... Could use some off time in that kind of place, take my mind off... well not really. Can't do that with all that is going around me. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up here? If this was simply happenstance or fate? Who knew a trip abroad to go clear one's mind would result ending up in the middle of a small apocalypse. Fuck me I guess... Well.... that is all for today I guess...." **I would finish writing before closing the book with the pen in it, setting it aside and then stirring the soup a bit, smiling at the smell. Nothing like some good warm stuff for the evening. After a bit I take it off the fire with my leather gloves and use the Swiss Multi tool Spoon to start eating, staring out at the sky once more. I couldn't help but wonder if my Mother was doing the same thing... worrying over me. Can't say I've been in worse situations than now... but certainly similar. Shaking my head and finishing the rest of the soup after around ten to fifteen minutes I stoke the fire and then pack up my things, pulling out the small wool blanket and standing up, grabbing a wooden board. I walk over to the door and lock the two locks, knob and deadbolt, before using a part of the wall and the door, setting the board in firmly. Don't want any surprises in my sleep be if from infected or not. Seen too much of it happen already. Nodding at my work I slowly move back over to my pack and ease myself into the corner, setting the small blanket over myself before leaning my head back and closing my eyes, giving the old pistol in my lap a light handed grip as I slowly nod off into the world of unconsciousness.**
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    To Be Edge or Not To Be Edge.... That is the question...?

    Please take a look through the first post in this and then vote whether this was edgy or not. Then if those same kind voters would scale it on 0 to 10 on how edgy it was... that would be kind of you. Personally.... High 8 out of ten in Edge Levels.
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    Added this sick ass song. Hope all ya love it.