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  1. Yo man. That "TO THOSE IMPERSONATING US" post. Total worthy

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      Thatcher all I can think of when I see your character name is this


  2. Glad to see that this is finally being looked at! Thanks for getting the ball rolling @Roland, I, as I am sure many others, really appreciate it. Though, I would like to suggest that things like ATTACKER RIGHTS and DEFENDERS RIGHTS should not be done with a Scenario Multiple Choice. They should be done in worded exposition or even, if possible, Voice Chat. Scenarios that are possible in RP could be done in Multiple Choice, but I would think that we should keep that section at a minimum. We really should have people take the time to examine, type up, and present their own interpretations/opinions on some of the rules both RP and Community Forums. Several wonderful suggestions are available here in a thread I made, though I am sure you've read it. Community Discussion Thread: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97514-reinstate-older-white-list-application-process/ Various people of the Community, both known and not, as well as some of Staff have pitched a few there. Perhaps cross-referencing some ideas there would also be helpful.
  3. Recent friend of mine, A_VeryBritishGael, just had this happen to him. Thought I'd post it here for people to view since it does relate to the topic in some manner. Report:
  4. That is true Ron. But even then, I hope that, based upon Roland's lack of reply so far for this thread, he is discussing it with his Staff. At least I am under the assumption that is what the case stands at right now. With luck, the ideas so far presented here are being discussed for a new system. The best we can do, AS A COMMUNITY, is to keep this thread active, at the top, and alive for everyone to see and participate in.
  5. Thanks for joining us Terra. Your experience is valuable as you have been here a long time, and by far are one of the best Admins we've seen to grace Staff let alone our community. Thank you for your latest experiences, and your suggestions! They are wonderful and I especially like that you provided your experience in how the White List, older and newer, works. I am also glad that you see the prevalent issues occurring lately, not only IG but also in the Reports Section. I am also glad you agree that we should include more RP scenario/situation questions and answering methods, as that seems to be one of a few ideas that everyone agrees on here. With effort, I am sure we, AS A COMMUNITY, will be able to solve this problem and make a compromise that everyone can agree on.
  6. Thank you for joining us Chaostica. Your ideas are wonderful for suggestions of an improved system. All of them are great points and have very good reasoning. I agree specifically on the team part. Perhaps a team of 5 or less. But should be an odd number, in case a vote is needed on a particular White List Applicant. Also, yes please we really do need to limit the number of times a person can apply. It may be harsh, but it's needed as if you can't learn within three times... it isn't likely one would learn at all. I also agree heavily with #4, as that would be fine. But really most of the Rule Questions should be done via INTERVIEW IN PERSON ON DISCORD/SOME SORT OF VOIP PLATFORM. This would grant a more intimate and greater examination of each and every application. Limiting the number of Apps per day is also great, or even perhaps each week. If they meet a quota cap, then I think it would be fair to say either they can wait till next week, or perhaps continue on. All of them, plain and simple, are wonderful. Thank you!
  7. Heya Ron... is that even like a... number? Sorry to hear that as well. That is why we are talking about it here.
  8. Heya Connor, welcome to the thread. I hope that it wasn't too bad. Waiting to see what it is about. Your POV is always appreciated.
  9. Glad to see you have joined us as well in this Cow. Your support is appreciated. I agree too Eagle, and I totally love that Avatar man. Givin some Beanz for that one. Thanks for joining us Blake. We really do need to increase the difficulty aspect of the system. Thanks for joining us ne_om. Also, thank you for sharing your experience thus far in Roleplay as far as this topic. It is appreciated and I am sorry to hear that you are having such terrible experiences. Hopefully, we as a COMMUNITY can CHANGE that. Thanks for joining us, Ryan. Good to see you. Both are good suggestions, Ron. I think both should be used, the Free Text Form should be used for our basic rules, for both Community and Forums, while are RP rules should be either done the same manner or perhaps have a Staff team interview new people. We do have a Discord to have such things happen. Even if we need to make a WHITE LIST STAFF separate from the Admins, GMs, and Moderators.
  10. I think that is a good suggestion Voodoo. What does everyone else think about this? Thank you for sharing your experiences with this matter RossGodds. I am sorry to hear that you had to be a part of such a situation. I appreciate it, and I am sure others in this thread do as well. You have some good points Aiko, but I think we really should get rid of the Multiple Choice part of the Whitelist. They are prone to abuse and circumvention. I mean... just mark C for every checkbox and you are bound to score eventually. At least that is the mentality of some "Test Takers", but the suggestion of a limited amount of tries is a good idea. Overall, Traveler suggested we make a separate role for White List Applications. I think this could also help toward the management of the amount of Applicants. Thank you for sharing your experience as well JamesRP. Your own experiences are noted, and I appreciate you participating in our thread. Thank you for joining us andysuter and your own experience with the newest White List System. The bits about the bases and Hazmat required are included in the Base Lord, and in the advanced Lore Radio Posts and other things our LM team has made. You are advised to go read those, if I remember correctly, within the Base Lore but I could be wrong. As far as having a large number of Applicants, I agree that no one wants to go through so much even if all of them are not acceptable. That is entirely understandable. But we cannot take a lazy back seat because of unwillingness or unwanting to deal with such a situation. That is what causes overflow and bad leaks, as well as setting precedent that "Staff" and "Community" really don't care about the rules.
  11. Thanks for the support Voodoo, its good to know that you agree with this. You as well MajooRB. Both you and Voodoo are longstanding members here. I think not only newer people opinions matter, but also those who have been here and seen the multiple edits of White Lists. Thanks, bud! Yes! I totally am with you on this Crescent Gent. I am not saying that we need to build something to prevent the leaks. That is impossible. Quoting myself above "It is impossible to separate the good from the bad, the wanted from the unwanted because of this. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't have a more comprehensive application process, in an attempt to help lower instances of BadRP/NVFL/No Value For RP/No Value For This Community/No Value For Our Rules." But, we should increase the difficulty in order to help separate those who wish to put effort and time into Roleplay, from those here to find a place to play Dayz Standalone. Sandbag, I totally get you there. Even I and my friends are equally guilty of such instances. I would hazard to guess that is the case for some on this server. Those are usually during times of Server Resets, or Character Resets. But thanks to Roland, we won't have such issues these days. So it would be good to see a decrease in this, and the newer Metagaming Rule added will certainly help toward that. It could be NozzyRP. I am not saying it isn't. But what I am saying is that, based upon what Reports are coming in, and what rules are being strained, or disregarded, it could be a possible solution. I've only made this thread to actually get the community talking about ideas and solutions for various aspects of the issue. The White List is just where it all starts. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be happy to discuss with you as I am sure others in this thread would too! That is a wonderful idea The Traveler! I love that and even I would be willing to volunteer for such a role being made and operated. If it can help take the load off Staff, if an increase in difficulty is implemented, then I think all of us as a Community, not just Staff should participate in such efforts! Glad that you feel that way Xehara. I'm glad to see both older and newer former White List Applicants feel that it could be done, or at least looked at. Your opinion, in my opinion, should matter the most like yourself and the other GMs are the ones who deal with the fallout of those who misunderstand or disregard our rules honestly. So sorry GreyRP! Didn't mean to step over the bounds of a thread. I did a quick search and didn't see anything too recent for it, so I made the thread. Glad to see that other threads and people feel that similar action should be taken. Thanks for your support! Indeed Peril, Quality over quantity. We need a system that shows us those who want to make quality RP and experiences for themselves, and our Community.
  12. Just watched John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum with my GF. It was a great movie!

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      That book scene... wow 

  13. I second that motion, Mademoiselle. That is a wonderful idea!
  14. I am making this shortly after my friends suffered from a rather... taxing experience when it comes to being subjected to, in my opinion, BadRP/No Value For Roleplay or This Community. This I acknowledge. While it was unfortunate, this situation is one of many similar and dissimilar such situations over time since the recent changes. That said, this is not a post in response to the event, but rather a post for consideration into helping sort the cream from the chaff metaphorically speaking. Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to pitch the idea to the community, that perhaps we should take... an in-depth look into how one actually finds our Community and tries to join and invest themselves in it. Being that, when I joined in the year of 2015 (Yeah I know I am younger than some of the old timers here) the application process was much more... refined in my opinion. I recall, that not only did you have to find that special code we all know, but make a character (A COMPELLING Character) that was reviewed by staff for not only your skills in English, Grammar and RP experience, but also what type of person you were trying to play, and how it might benefit the server as a whole. In fact, I even recall they asked these questions for both your character and yourself as an up and coming member of our fine Community. The process required people to take time, consideration, and effort just to apply. While I get it certainly made things more difficult for someone to even attempt to join, it helped stem the flow of people who come in simply for the sole reason of causing grief and seeking the PVP aspects of Dayz Standalone, not the Roleplay. I am not saying it was a perfect system. It had its own issues and was changed because of said issues, among other things. What I am saying that that parts of that system, the fact you had 500-1000 WORD COUNT requirements for sections, Questions designed by Staff to test the mind and effort of Applicants and what type of Character they'd likely play during their time here. (Not saying everyone is like that. Or anyone at all, it just gives them a good insight into your creativity at that moment.) I, especially, remember that Staff contacted me about my White List, asking further questions about my Application Character, and what I thought about it, and what I planned to do in the server. What my character planned to do in the server. How they might interact with certain Archetypes or typical backgrounds. Very in-depth questions, that actually required people to take time to make an Application, and showed Staff who wanted to join for the experiences and RP, and who wanted to join for the reasons of Player Vs Player, for Gear and Avoiding RP, and most importantly, significant lack of care for the Rules, Staff, and Community. So, that said, I would like to present three possible choices for us to consider, and of course, other suggestions/ideas/comments/plans/systems are always welcome. These choices being: Nay: Retain the current system and deal with its benefits and consequences. Yea: Consider reinstating the older system, in order to help increase Quality Applications instead of Quantity of Applications. Third Option: Consider using elements of the older system, both outlined above and not, while combining it with the newer security measures and processes of our current system. While I have stated some of my points, above, I have not outlined the argument against it so much, but please understand while I totally get the need to have as many applicants as we can get, we also need to acknowledge that too much with lesser Quality Control/Assurance, besides curt and short questions, and a Steam Vetting Process can cause issues, not only for current standing members but also those who are coming into the community. We are having people coming in who know about RP, who don't know about RP and want to learn, those who just don't care and are just trying to find a place away from the Public Servers, those who wish to just KoS anyone they see, and many other reasons/backgrounds of people who are applying here. Such people, more so the former than the latter, are integral to our community. They are the people who breathe life into this place, not just the individual member who has been here since 2012 to the current date, but the newer blood flowing in with fresh characters and ideas. These people, these potential characters, these potential friends/allies/acquaintances/and even rivals are what help this community continue on and keep us popular. Their importance, while currently acknowledged, I personally feel isn't exactly controlled nor inspected as much as it could be, and should be. Right now, our population is steadily rising/retaining itself on the daily (Though that is a given from the fact it is Summer) and as such, we have a mixing pot of various people of various beliefs/ideas/goals. It is impossible to separate the good from the bad, the wanted from the unwanted because of this. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't have a more comprehensive application process, in an attempt to help lower instances of BadRP/NVFL/No Value For RP/No Value For This Community/No Value For Our Rules. That is all I have to say, and I welcome any and all who wish to pitch their own ideas for Staff and our Community to consider. Sincerely, ItzThatcher
  15. I would like to add an additional comment. It was brought to my attention, credit for this goes to @The Marshal, is that he suggested we have no building on S2, during uptime. This, of course, is much further down the line for said server. That, in the instance someone wanted to build where someone or some other group already had, except on the opposite server. While the issue isn't a problem now, in the event that we do have both constantly up, we should make it so that either you cannot build on S2, or that the group, who has built there on S1, can also build on S2 at a later date. *Shrugs* Of course, that is all given if we have the two servers up constantly. Perhaps we should do that as a test for two weeks or so, in order to gather relevant data regarding how S2 is used. That was also pitched by The Marshal as an idea.
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