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  1. Look what they wrote, and just take it from there. There's no reason to rush. Problem is that applications are closed now. And the most reasons why I was denied is because I seemed to fail to explain obvious things. E.G After you died you may not come back to your spot, I left that one out because I thought it was obvious, but meh. Same goes for KoS. I had to explain that you needed to give clear demands as a bandit, which I once again thought was obvious.
  2. Meh, got denied because I left some things out that I thought were obvious. And now the applications are closed, rest in pepperoni.
  3. Hey guy! yesterday I decided to look for a DayZ server with serious RP. I even found some videos too, I immediately got addicted to this and wrote an application. For now I'll be in teamspeak 3 and see if I can chat with everyone. I hope that I get to see you guys ingame soon.
  4. I am glad you liked it.
  5. Thanks for the review, I am planning to do more horror stories with huge paragraphs This was just a quick and original story just for people that don't really like to read a lot, and for me to say Hi .
  6. In the early days of the zombie invasion, the military's scientists tried to do everything to find a cure. That includes experiments on animals, bugs, fishes and even humans. There is a rumour going on that they went way too far on a human once, they did all sorts of tests on the poor victim, they drove him mad as they injected mixed toxic into his blood, parasites and diseases. The human's nails suddenly became longer than normal and sharper than normal. One scratch would be enough to give the victim a nasty big wound. The human started to walk on four legs and grew bald. The human's eyes became bright yellow and turned into an advantage in dark. The human lost a few teeth, but suddenly these got rapidly replaced by sharper ones. One night when the military was being heavily attacked by zombies, the monster escaped the facility and ran away. Deep into the woods. A few weeks later a group of bandits at night with a camera entered the woods to find one of their friends. They found him, eaten by zombies. Suddenly they heard sounds and suddenly they saw a creature behind a bush. The male with the camera quickly snapped a picture : And recorded a sound. The creature ran away, the bandits also ran away, just to be found days later. Hanged upside down in their small cabin without a head. People still say its there in the woods, picking of people one by one, scaring the hell out of them before....... Don't enter the woods at night. Please