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  1. I understand people have real life jobs, I'm a full time student and I also have a job. I think though that who ever is in charge is TOO woried about perfection. No matter how you try or how long you look at the apps there are going to be people who plagiarize, people who aren't old enough by your rules and I hate to say this but hackers. It would be a lot eaiser to pick out the better applications, like you said, by grouping together people who have similar information on apps and judge them later, just by skimming through bits of informations on a couple apps at a time. That would allow the "better applications" to be higher in the que. Like I said I'm not trying to be dirspectful or put down the volunteers, I'm just trying to figure out where the kinks in the hose are to try to help; even though I did leave a sort of crude post.
  2. jwilliams338

    Gamblers (Recruitment: Strict)

    Sounds like my type of crowd, when I get accepted I'll put in an app. (I put it my whitelist app Sunday, still nothing)
  3. I've noticed that whoever is in charge of all the apps really isn't trying to get them done. Everyone I've talked to said it took them no more than 48 hours before they were accepted. So I decided to study. They are only doing about 20 applications a day between 10:45 and 12:45, and that's being nice. So this means, at least for people in my situation, if they deny your application (mine has not been approved or denied, I put one in Sunday March 26, 2015) then it will take TWO WEEKS just to be white listed since you'll have to go through a week long process again. Just saying if you want more people and better donations then put in some more effort. 100 apps could easily be done within 3 days at the most. Not trying to rant or be disrespectful. Also I don't think Rank on Steam has to do with anything as well. Have a nice Day(Z).
  4. I'm going to say more then 2 days. I submitted one 2 days ago and I'm now in wue 114/200+. Hopefully I get accepted as well because if I don't then it will be like a week process since I'll have to submit it again. Good luck and if you see me on say what up, my in game name is Kruger.