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  1. Was briefly apart of this back in the mod days, really glad to see it's making a comeback. ?
  2. Last thing I want to add is this. Why in God’s name would I return to Green Mountain like nothing happened if I would’ve allegedly shot at your man? You claiming I shot at you guys just makes /zero/ sense if you look at it RP-wise.
  3. Seeing as I wasn’t planning on any activities besides doing some roleplay at Green Mountain and I sure as hell wasn’t anticipating getting shot I have no video evidence, just the witness reports.
  4. Evgeni Masaev POV: We were walking in a field when we spotted a campfire, we then went to investigste and found @Mademoiselle sitting by herself. We then sat with her for some RP and a good twenty-ish minutes pass. I then see two people running through the opening at the back and onto the big hay bale, I and others then hear an American and a Chernarussian(?) accent telling us to put our hands up or die. As soon as some of our guys got up they immediatly get shot from a different direction then the two people who ran through the back and initiated on us. Most of us then begin to scatter and return fire, myself and @Director Keller hide in the big barn to avoid getting shot. Two minutes pass and we joined the fate of the rest of our team and get shot up from god knows where.
  5. There were shots coming from putside of GM. I walked outside towards the treeline with a guy with a blue armband, which I presume are Saviors. We didn’t see a single soul running in the field and seeing as the blue armband guy was moving kind of funny I decided to head back to Green Mountain, without firing off a single shot. So tell me, exactly what treeline did you see me in? Plus it wouldn’t make much sense to stand in the middle of the compound of a place a couple hundred yards from where I shot at people now would it? Also, @Zanaan if you could please show the supposed hit and death log of Ryan Sawyer it would show I had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, you’re saying it was positive ID now, however two-ish days ago I was asked to drop the report cause my people were told it was a Miss ID but now you’re saying it was a Positive ID. You even sent me a Forum PM asking me to work it out over Discord cause you know you are in the wrong and are trying to get yourself out of a possible ban and to add on that you’re now lying on a report. You had no right to shoot me, I did not fire a single round towards you or your group. I went to see what’s up with the shots, I didn’t see anything, went back and you killed me for no reason.
  6. Server and location: S1, Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Like 2 minutes ago Your in game name: Evgeni Masaev Names of allies involved: @MellowHype, PAMYATI Name of suspect/s: No idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: So, people got initiated on in a field so I walked out into the woods to check it out but I saw nothing, I then ran back to Green Mountain and was chatting with some people. Out of nowhere I hear shots cracking around me and I drop dead to the ground. I have not initiated anyone nor was I initiated on by anyone.
  7. The donation was made back in 2016. I see now it's Contributor which is equal to Silver, however it says something about a Legacy purchase I did which is 50 euros.
  8. Now, it states that for Gold you need to have donated 50 euros to the server which it says I have done however I only got the Silver rank?
  9. I agree with this, this was also implemented in many ArmA 2 DayZ servers. You had a journal showing your zombie kills, showing if you were going towards Hero or Bandit. If this were to be implemented I would like to see it in a journal form aswell.
  10. @JSaul my african brudda, was nice meeting you at the Airfield ?
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