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    [GUIDE] Setting up your Mic Properly!

    I'm sort of back. I purchased a new headset (Logitech G430), but I dont have the enhancements tab or an option to boost the microphone +db anymore. Is there some third party program you know of that I can use to do this? I can notice a slight echo in my mic, and I'd also like to up the sound a little bit so I dont have to yell to be heard. Logitech has its own program, but it's not very great. And I don't really know what all of the options control. I think they're mostly geared towards the sound and not the mic input. *Edit* These are the options I have in the Logitech software, but aside from the basic two volume controls, I have no idea what all of the others are or if they even relate to the mic. And this is all I have in the Windows manager
  2. I tried looking, but didn't see one. Then again I'm mobile and it's hard to do things on mobile. If there is, can someone delete this one?
  3. http://dayz.com/blog/status-report-06-may-15 Just so everyone is aware and forewarned.
  4. BioRuins

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    Guys is there something on my face?
  5. BioRuins

    Being able to see the application even if the whitelist is closed.

    When whitelist applications are open, you can see the application beforehand and focus on the information you need to complete it. Its not like its a timed test where you have to be prepared before starting, you can work on it as you go. Also, I spent 3 or 4 days going over rules, lore, questions, and general guides in the forums. Then, when I got ready to start my application, they had /just/ closed down. I couldn't find the questions I needed without asking in the forums. I still spent ~3-4 hours on my application once I got the questions and specifications, but I was over word count on one of them. So having them doesn't really mean you're cheating or taking the easy road out, it would have helped and probably would have saved me some writing +1
  6. BioRuins

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    Why dont you pay attention?
  7. BioRuins

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    You can't think of one thing about Beaches to talk about?
  8. BioRuins

    PSA: Loot cycling

    I actually thought this backpack thing was some weird new function, where backpacks could sometimes spawn with items. I was seeing them everywhere. I only just recently learned that this was loot cycling. That was a huge let down.
  9. Dunno if this is helpful but, I actually joined a few public (either RP or non) servers to get the (aesthetic?) feel of my character first. I would loot around until I found what clothing she would wear, items she would be most likely to carry, weapons she might use. That way, I wouldn't spend forever trying to figure out what basic gear to look for and I wouldn't appear lost or unprepared or something when I spawned in DayzRP Edit: However, I'm pretty new at this too so my advice might not be as great as some others. I worried about small details too much before braving up and joining the server IC. So maybe my advice should be: don't sweat the small details and don't psych yourself out from jumping in the server like I did a billion times. Just jump right in. The anxiety fades pretty quick.
  10. Trapped like unintentionally? I got knocked out of the spiral staircase tower at the prison when a mate ran passed me. Somehow glitched through the wall and ended up on the roof, with no way down but death. Edit: because typos bug me
  11. I second the no razer suggestions. I have the Razer Kraken and while it's a perfectly fine mic and headset (really, saying it's trash is a little bit dramatic. I have no problems with the quality of sound or my voice) it literally hurts my head. I think the earpieces are so heavy that the top of the headset pushes down on the top of your head. I have to take mine off every few hours just to stop a headache from developing. But I also have a sensitive scalp so there's that. Anyway, if you're going to drop a huge chunk of money on a mic, you don't want it to be uncomfortable. I'll end up replacing mine in a couple of months with the Logitech series. So far those are my absolute favorite.
  12. Well, then theres the problem of either /always/ being asked if I'm Joes Blackwood, or getting shot/robbed/whatever on site for sharing the name. Then again, I'm not really sure what the story is with the Blackwoods yet. Also, thanks! <3
  13. BioRuins


    Just chiming in here that I've had two of my close friends (of 7+ years) completely remove/block me because of differing opinions on this. There's passionate people on both sides, I guess, and I'd be careful with who you share your opinion with unless you want people to forget how to be decent human beings. Also no particular reason why I'm posting this, other than that I needed to vent about that just a /tiny/ bit. Sorry. Hi.
  14. Just commenting to say this is true, if anyone else was wondering. I dont know what the max is, but its well over 2k. There is a limit though, as some of my stuff would get cut off. But its very high, like at least 6k per question.