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  1. AKM for me , tho in this patch you get to see only the sky..
  2. Alain

    ChDKZ Media Thread

    Awesome video , made my day
  3. Alain

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    ~User was warned for this post~
  4. Alain

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    He heard about if after the server restarted , after he entered the prison.
  5. Alain

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    Ok i contacted him and yes it was him , sorry about that. But he wasnt in the server before the server restarted. He wasnt aware that there was any firefight going on in there.
  6. Alain

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    Again , Sasha didnt ran into the firefight , he spawned in the prison on the top floor. He wasnt aware that you were 6 people in this firefight. He asked: "Somebody here ?" than you started telling him: "You bitch , come out with your fucking hands up or youre dead , i promise" , "Get down here......" , Yes he said: "I just respawned" and than he fixed him self and said: "I just woke up" (I guess people make mistakes). I dont see any server restart abuse here , you got it wrong.
  7. Finally they changed the interface , It was so ugly...
  8. Thank you , Ill talk to them
  9. I heard you , you did sound confused , i were talking i dont know if you didnt hear me. You are right about my friends , they didnt communicate much , ill explain that to them.
  10. Do you mean a video ? No.
  11. Ok so , First me and my group saw you coming out of the truck , i saw you were fully armed and geared.I said youre surrounded please get on your knees. I said that nobody needs to be harmed , and i commended you to stay on the ground. I told you like 10 times to do that and you didnt listen , so i shot you in the legs. I treated you immediately , I bandaged you immediately and than after 3-5 seconds i gave you morphine. We removed your gear and left you some gear too.We gave you 2 full cans of food. We left you a rifle on the floor and an axe. I told you not to break out the cuffs but you still did but i didnt do anything. As we were about to leave you just got up and started punching me so i killed you. Ok i admit that we are not super good in rp , we are new in rp. Maybe there are some little things that we didnt do right.But i dont really see a reason to post a report on us.
  12. Nice tips , carrying 2 weapons is very nice if you want to snipe and auto .
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist.php Why the verdict is not fair: First time i posted an appeal it wasnt good enough , second time they wrote that i didnt explain ONLY the KOS rule enough , Third time i used the same application as the second but i added more about kos , i wrote about taking revenge and everything else , it was fully visible that i understand the rules. Maybe they didnt saw i wrote that youre not allowed to take revenge . Plus in the second time , why they didnt wrote that i didnt wrote about NLR , it was totally the same application but i explained more.... Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think you should go over my application again and check that i wrote everything and i understand everything. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get whitelisted. What could you have done better?: I could have done the first application , this is my first time doing stuff like this..
  14. This is just perfect in any zombie apocalypse game. I would love to see the city full of zombies like in the movies + the fog.. would be great.