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  1. Im typing the server name and port but its not showing up, ive tryed every server but they wont show up on my dayz server list, any ideas?
  2. i cant see what i have done wrong here please help! -snip- Please do not post your application on the forums (mention about this can be found here). If you require help, do as AndreyQ pointed out: PM a Community Helper with your application or you can also join the Waiting for Staff Help - channel in our Teamspeak. /Masulii
  3. Sounds good but could be a very complicated character to play so be wary! mrcupoft
  4. Character name: Viktor Visaliy Occupation: Doctor Organisation: N/A Chapter.1 When the 'MSF' and 'Red Cross' associations were brought into 'Chernarus' 'Viktor Visaliy' was among them and had travelled from Ukraine to aid in the ongoing collapse. Viktor had a full vocabulary of English under his belt and so was certainly useful to the MSF and Red Cross organisations, in addition to his ability in medicine and so was bound for the 'Chernarussian' state near South Zagoria. He was posted in 'Novoselky' head MSF treatment centre to the north of 'Chernogorsk' and was their to help like everybody else. When the civil order began to break down the MSF and Red cross realised that the infection was "untreatable" and any who were infected were given a death chance of 100% which made them realise that this virus was hellishly more aggressive than the Ebola breakout. On October 23rd word had reached of the collapse of Chernogorsk and its annihilation, as a result, Viktor knew he was now in a very dire standpoint. Chapter.2 Towards November 3rd, Viktor began to hear of the MSF trying to help with safe zones... news was, that it was proving impractical before it had even begun as the virus began to infest its way further across the country. He then quickly realised the epidemic may even reach the centre he was stationed in. He was among the many who were rejected by the warships and naval militants to escape the quarantine and he then realised that the world had left them to the infection, for all he had done to help, he was left to his inevitable fate. Visaliy was luckily immune to the disease but a fear still retched in him fiercely after seeing previous outpatients ripping people apart, that, he was not immune too. Chapter.3 Ever since the whole of Chernarus was in full quarantine, Viktor was trying to do the same thing as everyone else left to the virus, Survive! Visaliy now was trying to keep him self alive at the same time as trying to get his hands on medical supplies to help anybody who was injured or hurt. He knew he couldn't stop the virus but maybe he could try and stop people from dying from any natural causes due to many survivors, organisations and groups turning on each other, resulting in fire fights between survivors and people of the Chernarussian region, it wasn't only the Zombies who were a threat now! Viktor continues to press on through Chernarus while constantly questioning whether it was worth not putting a knife to his wind pipe and ending it all before the zombies did, he could do no more than that, who the hell could? "Thank you for reading"
  5. I have posted in the general discussion forum and the hello forum and have activated account, so will it not get deleted now?
  6. YUes thankyou much and i have applied Excited to hopefully be accepted
  7. Thank you for the kind words all, i hope i can add something here!
  8. Hey guys I am new to this server but not to RP and I hope to meet some cool people during my stay, see you in-game!
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