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  1.  😔 an era ends boys

  2. I was in the eastern part of the northern flank between the shed and tall rock in those sparse trees on the northeast corner. Complete opposite diagonal from where OP's final position was. I was in normal voip and was about 4 meters from my guy, who was the first to show on kill logs, as he pointed his gun at me.
  3. I don't have video evidence, sorry.
  4. Vulf's PoV: Was going with the boys to Olsha as we were tipped off on there being potential CLF supporters in the town. We get word of a large group matching the description that which was given and move in for an ambush. Flanking from Olsha's side we drop initiation on several around the tower's shed. Firefight ensues as on the right side of shed from the video's POV a purple armband moves around and points his gun at several of us. We drop him and continue to do so as more purple armbands attempt to kill us. OP drops his hands and promptly gets obliterated. Around this time issues begin to arise with the Purple armbands, one who either kept crashing or logging, using AOGM to get the drop on @cultist knocking him uncon, before himself being promptly lit up by us. Seeing as we had two wounded guys who were still up we decided to sit on the massacre site for a bit and replenish health and blood, before setting out towards the town. We get a callout that there was a guy who was ontop of the tower, which we assume was the entire time, and go back for him. About midway up back to the rock face. I hear a burst of fire to my right, but take no hits. I duck behind a bush. I come out of the bush to find a guy who had no armband and was wearing full black, unsure if he had rights or not I try to take him out as he attempted to kill me, and was in this attempt killed myself. The guy in full black was shot by @Bulgarian Bombshell -End of PoV
  5. We won't go quietly - the Legion can count on that.

    1. vanon02


      Patrolling the Moja-

      shut the fuck up GIF

    2. Vulf



      Ave, true to Caeser!

  6. Dei Duua's POV: Was picked up by my buds at Kamenka Mil, and we decided to link up with another. On our way out of Kamyshovo we saw three gents on the road and decided to stop and interact with them. Initially we had thought it might've been a potential ambush due to the fact they were armed to the teeth. We then dropped an initiation. All three non complied, rest of it is history.
  7. Born in Nalaikh, Mongolia, Dei was born into the modern nomadic lifestyle that persists in the modern age. Dei had an average life of cattle ranching, and started to gain wonderment for the outside world. Mongolia was a bland place, open vast land with rolling moors of grassland. Eventually Dei grew an interest and hobby in visiting the post-soviet countries to explore their cultures and ways. Dei eventually ended up in the recently annexed Chernarus Oblast. Here he stayed at a wintery ski lodge at Sinistok where he'd venture all around South Zagoria. Here the third stage of the Frenzy Flu Outbreak had erupted. Borders closed and anarchy seemed to follow suit. ... Chaos now ravages the oblast. South Zagoria now a warzone with tribalism cliques forming. Dei had found some solace with the survivors of the ski lodge, and decided to join up with them in their ventures in this new world. He keeps their morale up by entertaining them with his traditional mongol throat-singing. Dei is just an average man who seeks to survive in his new environment by any means necessary. ... Home is all he wants to see at this point.
  9. Stepan was born in the Leningrad Oblast in a relatively historical town of Kingisepp, south-west of St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad. He was born into a turbulent time of uncertainty and worry. The Russian Federation was still known to the world as the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev was elected head of the Union. Three years later the Union would fall apart, bringing in an age of turbulence in which Stepan had to endure. Stepan’s life was filled with delinquency and boorish demeanor, often acting of free-spirit. However when his mother had fatally been killed whilst resisting an attempted rape, a change in attitude arose in Stepan. Having started to shape up his act he began to perform well in school, and showed a great knack for math formulas. Not much had occurred in Stepan’s life until his mandatory enlistment in the military came in 2006 at the age of 18. Here Stepan experienced a rigid structure and rigorous conditions which ultimately defined him to this day. At this time the 2nd Chechen war had all but been won by the Russians, but a guerilla war was being waged by Chechen insurgents, in a vain attempt at fighting the might of the clear victors. Stepan spent some time chasing after said insurgents with fellow riflemen in the mountains of south Grozny, but ultimately saw little action until his deployment to the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. Having been assigned as an assistant to a logistics company, Stepan aided in carrying supplies to the front as it rapidly advanced into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Here again Stepan saw little to no action as he was always behind the actual fighting. However Stepan had traded with local fighters and civilians for various, ‘needs’, and had entered a history of underhanded dealings underneath Russian Command’s noses. A year later the small country of Chernarus had erupted in civil war, along with a spring of renewed insurgency wars sprung up. Stepan had been allowed leave during this time, in which Stepan pursued a love interest back home. Kira Ushakova. He was the love of his life and truly they were happy for a time. Neither really wanted kids, but both simply just wanted to be with one another. Tragedy struck as Kira had a fatal accident on the highway, being struck by a semi-truck. Stepan was broken. Depression had set deep, and he spiraled down the rabbit-hole of alcoholism. It was then in 2014 that the events of Ukraine began to transpire. Here Stepan was asked to oversee logistical operations to support the rebelling Donbass region. Now set incharge of a small attachment of a logistical convoy, Stepan oversaw that various things such as ammunition, armored tanks, and various militaristic needs were being adequately assigned. After world attention was gained by the events of the bloody civil war, similar to that of the prior one in Chernarus, Russian interest backed off and went covert. Shortly after Stepan was given leave once more. However Stepan sought to improve his civilian life. He adopted an orange colored tabby kitten, naming her Kira. He stopped his rambunctious consumption of alcohol, and began to overall just keep himself in a strong physical shape. With enlistment time ending, Stepan decided to stay as a Logistical Officer, rather preferring his time whilst being deployed. Two years later in 2018, Russian Military High Command would assign Stepan one last tour, and that was to oversee logistical tasks within the country of Chernarus and its integration as an oblast into the Russian Federation. Here Stepan was deployed near a small town known as Troitskoe in the region of South Zagoria, aiding the 320th. From Kamesnk, the military base to the north east of the town, Stepan would issue convoy’s to aid with the industrialization and various needs of civilian populace, whilst sending out militaristic necessities, such as ammo, to combat the fleeing nationalists within the region. It all seemed like an easy task, nothing Stepan couldn’t handle from his years of experience. -=- It is now 2020, and society has seemed to be turned on its head. The region had been suffering from the ‘frenzied flu’ since Russian annexation of Chernarus, but had recently mutated to a zombification strain. Like the films, popular TV shows, zombies were now a reality. Now Stepan had a logistical nightmare on his hands. With a closed border preventing resupply from the motherland, Stepan now had to scrounge what he could find from the diseased-ravaged region of South Zagoria. What was left of the 320th had rallied around Major Arkadiy in the town of Novodmitrovsk. Stepan now had to deal with not only his own comrades, but civilians and foreigners trying to get by. Old habits began to show as alcoholism resurfaced, the need being so strong he would be willing to trade a garrisoned kalashnikov for a weak strain of liquor if it was presented. Of course this would be an underhanded dealing, far from the wandering eyes of his higher ups. And so Stepan was trapped in an apocalyptic scenario, in a rural region, far from home. Deeply… he missed his cat. -=- The sealed walls Novodmitrovsk -=-
  10. Now this is a truly epic moment.
  11. Looks really nice, hope to see these items on the server in the future!
  12. CBKZGuD.png

    1. groovy ap

      groovy ap

      thanks for the credit fuckface

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      groovy pijka

      Great meme Vulf! How do you come up with these? 

    3. Vulf


      Idea is mine, artist is APT, please go commission him for some artwork!!

    4. groovy ap

      groovy ap

      $5 per meme, $10 for multiframe meme and $1 per frame after the first 5

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