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    Mini Events and their issues.

    I agree with OP. I'm all for mini events, but with non-influential lore groups. I.E. A foreign group crossing the border, with a name no-one in Chernarus is familiar with.
  • Vulf

    S1: GearRP/BadRP/Invalid Execution 2019-01-02, 16:01

    Nothing of what you say has given you any execution rights, firstly, asking me to play a rigged game which I am bound to fail, with the punishment of death is clear intention that you plan to kill me. You then state that you thought I was the person who killed your wife. Again here, you are incorrect. Regardless, failing to play a game when I have fully complied to all your demands, and I have not had a prior hostile situation with you what so ever does not grant you execution rights, and as a side-note, from other reports it does seem like you have done the same thing to multiple people, having them play your game and then killing them when you decide they've failed it. I'll leave the verdict up to staff, it should be a pretty clear cut case from here.
  • Vulf

    S1: GearRP/BadRP/Invalid Execution 2019-01-02, 16:01

    Server and location: S1: In between Polana/Dolina/Shakhovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-02, 16:01 Your in game name: Emsky Novets Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I did not have my instant replay enabled sadly Detailed description of the events: I was heading out of Polana on my way to an unnamed military base south of Shakhovka, when I encountered the person in question at the crossroads from the three towns. There we had a small conversation in before he pulled me into a house, and made me choose between two teddy bears, in which one I liked. I guess I picked the wrong one, in which he promptly held me up and asked me to strip of all my clothing. After doing so he asked me to play a game of 'I spy', and if I answered wrong he'd shoot/execute me. I answered once out of the two chances I was given, and missed the answer. I then pleaded with him not to execute me. I was then pulled into a different room, and asked to guess again, in which I failed. It was then he held a gun to my head and told me to say I was sorry, and If I had any family. I told him a lie, as I was pleading with my life. Without asking me for a execution via ingame ooc text he shot me in the head.
  • Vulf

    sickness and its issues (and my suggestion)

    I took antibiotics yesterday and it went away in a few mins. Though once I reloged it came back.
  • Vulf

    Free Territory Media

    Looking hawt
  • Backstory Guy was born in the city Helena, the state Montana, and more importantly the country of the United States. His parents were your average stereotypical household in the Midwest. His father had been a marine, but now worked as a technician in the phone industry, whilst his mother had worked as a service desk employee at a local car dealership. His father had brought him up in the American values and tradition, raising him by playing ball, watching sports, and occasional fishing trips, and attending Sunday mass. Throughout his school-life he had participated in varsity American football, and occasionally in baseball. He wasn't necessarily popular, but he was considered a jock in his High-School years, even dating a few of the 'pretty' girls. As the time for graduation came, Guy enlisted in the U.S. Army and was promptly shipped to Basic. There he would go on and serve in the Iraq war, whilst also picking up on the trade of a Electrician. After his six-year tenure, Guy returned to the states, but promptly moved to Vancouver, Canada, for some undisclosed reasons. There he picked up a job as a Industrial Electrician, and lived out most of his days in relative peace and quite. Eventually he was sent overseas to a little country called Chernarus, in a humanitarian effort after their long and bloody civil war. There he would work on restoring power to many areas in a reconstruction effort. As 2017 rolled around, so too did the end of the world. Guy was trapped in the backwater country of Chernarus. People were going mad and hysteria had set in. Old hostilities rose, as BPR and CDF remnants fight each other over old world ideas, and foreign groups seek interest to control the region, Guy is caught between it all. Traits - Tough Soldier: this character is tenacious in a firefight, but lacks skills at leading. - Stressed: this character find life and work tiresome and almost too much to handle. - Shrewd: this character shows sharp judgment skills in a situation. - Slothful: this character is lazy and not easily aroused to activity.
  • Vulf

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    privet tovarisch
  • Emsky Novets Born in the town of Komarovo in 1989, just a few years after the collapse of the Soviet Occupation of Chernarus, a young boy by the name of Emsky was thrown into the world. This relatively small town of Komarovo, with perhaps 30 or so families living there was a small community, many knew eachother and it was understood that they could rely on eachother through hard times. Albeit a few differences in culture, some russian, some chernarussian they lived together in a tight relationship. Emsky himself had a pretty normal childhood, like most other kids from his town he would travel east in the morning rush to go to school in Chernogorsk, one of the only schools available in the local area. Here in Chernogorsk Emsky got his first real taste of life outside his own village. You see, Chernogorsk is a much larger City with many residents of different backgrounds, and many of them got through the day by dragging others down instead of working with them. Emsky himself wasn’t persecuted or mistreated, he was Chernarussian after all, and so were his parents. However, he quickly grew to see that his russian friends from his village were constantly picked on, and sometimes even beat unecessarily by teachers when they answered questions wrong. Seeing this kind of mistreatment of his best friends, Emsky quickly became quite reserved and less outwards going, he would stop interacting with other Chernarussian kids, and instead hang out with the russians, instead of playing in the yard they would head out of the city and into the forest north of the Balota Airfield to a torn down Communist Memorial, here they pretended to be soldiers and played for many years, and Emsky was happy with it. In the later years, Emsky had grown older and had finished grade school, it was time for him to continue on to University in Novigrad, not even two days after having received his drivers license, his father had bought him a Lada Niva, and now he was patting him on the back while helping Emsky pack his things for the trip. His mother crying loudly in the street as Emsky awkwardly hugged her back and entered the car. The first year of University went by rather easily, Emsky was studying Trade as his plan was to take over the family Bakery and make it into a bigger franchise, but upon the start of his 5th semester he ran into some serious issues. During a day of ordinary classes a peaceful protest was being held outside the University grounds, this political party of ethnic russians were protesting against the violations and mistreatment of ethnic russians and at the time Emsky agreed with them. He had seen the mistreatment from his early childhood after all, and he was sympathetic to the protestors, and such he joined them, choosing to skip classes that day to hang out with the protestors and support their cause. Emsky had no idea just how fucked the system was. The next day he arrived to class he was hailed as a ‘Ruskie Lover’ and physically removed from the class, he was barred from entering future exams and essentially had his rights taken away from him, just because he liked russians. Emsky was furious, for the first real time in his life he had developed a deep hatred, a deep rage for unsympathetic nationalists, for unreasonable racists. He went back to the political party and explained his situation, one of the men who he had met at the protest just the day before embraced him, he spoke words of sympathy, of comfort and of comradery. This man was Vadim Igorovich Popov. Vadim offered Emsky a position in his company, the job of a Truck Driver, he did this out of the kindness of his own heart, and partially because he felt responsible for getting Emsky kicked out of University. Emsky obviously took the offer, Vadim payed for Emsky’s courses and he was soon driving trucks on the daily for Vadim, making a living and getting more integrated with the Russian freight company, however not even 2 years later the self proclaimed communist party known as ChDKZ rose up with rifles proclaiming South Zagorian independance. As it turns out, Vadim was a very good friend of the ChDKZ, and he would regularly have Emsky drive various goods from various ports in South Zagoria further north, of course Emsky had no idea what these goods were, but it was obvious that he was supporting the armament of the ChDKZ, and actively helping the movement against the facist chernarussian government. The war lasted a long time, but ultimately led to defeat after the United States sent in their marines to support the Chernarussian Effort. Emsky who had been in South Zagoria for most of the war was deadly afraid of persecution for delivering shipments to the Chedaki, and rightfully so. Few days after the defeat of the ChDKZ, the company headquarters was overun by NAPA terrorists and Vadim along with the staff there were promptly executed, Emsky was luckily sick that day and had not showed up for work, but he realised the problem, company documents dictated names of all company employees, and it didn’t take long for Emsky to be persecuted as well. Emsky got in his Lada and started driving home as fast as he could but he arrived too late. His family home, his bakery shop was in flames, the streets were filled with nationalist chants, cheering the execution of Emsky’s parents, calling them traitors simply because of liking their russian neighbors. For the longest time in Emsky’s life he felt lost. His friends had all been killed, his family executed and he was now hunted by NAPA Terrorists for his involvement in the civil war. What was he to do? Where would he go? He decided to flee north, towards the border. It’s the only way he had a chance to remain alive. As Emsky arrived at the Russian Border in the north he was confused when he was turned away by Russian Military Police and sent back to Chernarus, he was puzzled as to why they wouldn’t let him flee with the other russians? He wasn’t the only one either, as it turned out after waiting just an hour others had been turned away from the border, and Emsky rallied with them to discuss how to flee. It turns out the ones trying to flee were also sympathizers, one young kid, no older than 14 even claimed to be a fully fledged Chedaki Militiaman, knowing perhaps of a way they could flee. Emsky and the others didn’t have much of a choice, so the trusted the kid and he led them to Sofia. Sofia was a small abandoned village, but seemingly it was booming. Three olive drabbed Ural trucks with covers were waiting on the road facing up the northern road, and men clad in camoflauge where undressing and throwing their rifles and clothes into a hole in the ground. It had appeared the boy was right, ChDKZ members were rallying here and trying to flee. A man by the name of Jiri waved them over, he seemed to be in his early twenties, he was smoking a cigarette while holding a clipboard with writing on it. He asked them what they were doing and quickly understood the situation. Jiri was skeptical, he looked at the three trucks already filled to the brim while rubbing his beard, he then scrippled on the notepad shortly and waved them towards the front truck. “Do not worry comrades. There is space in the front truck, you will be safe.” Emsky shook Jiri’s hand and along with the other sympathisers boarded the front truck and just a few seconds after they started driving towards the russian border. As the truck came to a halt at the border, Emsky was afraid that they would be turned away again, or worse captured and killed, but to his surprise they were simply let through without being checked. The rest of the drive took quite a few hours, and the first truck finally stopped in the town of Zubovka, quite a bit North East of the Chernarussian Border. Here Emsky dismounted with everyone else and was issued a new fake Russian Passport. He was assigned temporary housing and a little bit of money, however ultimately he had successfully fled his persecution, now it was all about laying low and not drawing attention to yourself. Years passed, Chernarus continued to be ruled by the Kozlov Family and was still prosecuting ethnic russians in the country, but life in Zubovka was peaceful and without issue. It wasn’t until the infection began that attention was once again put on Chernarus. At first Russian Media didn’t even cover the outbreak, they censored anything pertaining to it, but after not being able to keep things censored on the internet news of the outbreak spread like the plague, and soon after the outbreak reached Russia as well. Zubovka was overun, like many other parts of Russia, it was no longer safe for Emsky to remain here, he realised that, and with limited knowledge of the rest of russia he decided it was best for him to head back to the now broken country of Chernarus, hopefully with an easier time surviving given he at least knew the area. It took Emsky a long time to reach South Zagoria, and when he finally did he continued to hide, he hid and hid and hid for as long as he could, before being spotted by a group of individuals in a forest in the north. To Emsky’s luck, this was a small group of Pro-Russian Communists calling themselves Free Territory, and to Emsky’s surprise, the same man who had helped him cross the border years ago was proudly wearing the colors of Free Territory and embraced him with open arms. Emsky was taught the way of the rifle, the way of true communist ideals and whats accepted as a brother. He was a militiaman, he was a revolutionary. He was one of us.
  • Vulf

    Held Captive [Event]

    I shall be an inmate
  • Vulf

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    Duran's POV: We had just finished a firefight helping the Armenians with DIstrict, in Bashnya prison, when a man in full red walks up and begins to sketch me out with his movements and silence. After getting some distance away from him I looked over and saw men in white armbands approaching, seeing as we were a group of three, I advise my comrades to book it, but @Stannis decides to see what they want first. Unsure of what exactly was said as I was still running for the trees, when I heard shots being fired off in all directions. I hear that they are hit. I ask if i have the go ahead to call in backup with our allies who we had just helped with, and they proceed to send some reinforcements. After a game of cat and mouse in the woods, I find @Stannis near the cliff face. He tells me he's being chased and I skirt around a tree and see a man with a green armband heading over to where @Stannis is wounded. I take his out, and begin to retreat back as I begin taking shots. At this point it was a clusterfuck of gunfire, and I try to take the attention away from @Stannis's location, in which I am gunned down.
  • Vulf

    Can/Should weapon mods be added for more variety?

    I believe a few guns are being readded come the release of 1.0 tomorrow.
  • Vulf

    KOS - NWAF 2018-12-04, ~ 06:27

    The thing is you did have time, and instead of putting your hands up and complying like the man in full black, you side stepped away and drew your M4!
  • Vulf

    KOS - NWAF 2018-12-04, ~ 06:27

    No Vid, Only a after screenie of the bodies PoV: I was accompanying Kirov (Stannis) in a patrol around NWAF, as we receive notice from @Xavier that there are two people dressed similar to the USMC. @Stannis and I roll up on the two by the camo jail and we attempt to establish contact with the two, via 'Hello'. However I believe it was Norway who stated, 'Yo! It's like an anime, or something!' At this point Stannis dropped the initiation without my knowledge, and points his gun at Norway. Norway doesn't move for a sec and sidesteps and pulls his gun. Stannis lights him up and I back away. Stannis and Xavier turn their attention to Knightsley, I believe while I point my gun to the man in full black, who was compliant and had his hand up. Knightsly lights up Stannis and I snap to Knightsly and pop a few rounds into him, However I had just realized there was a fourth in the form of Xavier, and accidentally TK'd him. Turn back to the compliant hostage, I decide to let him go, but ask that he drop his gun and return in about ten minutes. He does so and jogs off, waiting for my two hours I stick around the airfield, and then talk again with the man in all black, and declare that we are both neutral, in which he even gave me drum mags as a replacement. He warns me of another man in NWAF and I pressume it's one of the two's friend, and I stay on. Next I am informed about a report and I now write this. Screenie:
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    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Syd Korznev - House
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