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  1. I'd probs comeback to try out Namalsk with an RP spin.
  2. Born in the tourist center of Ukraine, Odesa, Bojek found himself on the lower end of the middle class within his family unit. He had done semi-decently in his studies within his mother countries, but had moved to the United Kingdom with his family when they decided to settle for betterment. Here Bojek picked up English and began to study and delve into poetic and writing pursuits. On his twenty-second birthday, saving money up along the way, he and a few friends had decided to take a tourist trip to Eastern Europe. Stopping in Poland, Hungary, and finally the small country of Chernarus. Here
  3.  ? an era ends boys

  4. I was in the eastern part of the northern flank between the shed and tall rock in those sparse trees on the northeast corner. Complete opposite diagonal from where OP's final position was. I was in normal voip and was about 4 meters from my guy, who was the first to show on kill logs, as he pointed his gun at me.
  5. Vulf's PoV: Was going with the boys to Olsha as we were tipped off on there being potential CLF supporters in the town. We get word of a large group matching the description that which was given and move in for an ambush. Flanking from Olsha's side we drop initiation on several around the tower's shed. Firefight ensues as on the right side of shed from the video's POV a purple armband moves around and points his gun at several of us. We drop him and continue to do so as more purple armbands attempt to kill us. OP drops his hands and promptly gets obliterated. Around this time issue
  6. We won't go quietly - the Legion can count on that.

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  7. Dei Duua's POV: Was picked up by my buds at Kamenka Mil, and we decided to link up with another. On our way out of Kamyshovo we saw three gents on the road and decided to stop and interact with them. Initially we had thought it might've been a potential ambush due to the fact they were armed to the teeth. We then dropped an initiation. All three non complied, rest of it is history.
  9. Stepan was born in the Leningrad Oblast in a relatively historical town of Kingisepp, south-west of St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad. He was born into a turbulent time of uncertainty and worry. The Russian Federation was still known to the world as the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev was elected head of the Union. Three years later the Union would fall apart, bringing in an age of turbulence in which Stepan had to endure. Stepan’s life was filled with delinquency and boorish demeanor, often acting of free-spirit. However when his mother had fatally been killed whilst resisting an attemp
  10. Now this is a truly epic moment.
  11. Looks really nice, hope to see these items on the server in the future!
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