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  1. Jeremy was born in England in the year 1992. His mother was finnish and his father british. Soon after Jeremy was born He and his family moved to Finland because His father got a job offer at a Finnish nuclear powerplant that was being built at the time, jeremys father was to help desing the reactor building. as jeremy grew up he looked up to his dad and what he did, he wanted to be the same.... After many years of studying and hard work jeremy got a job offer from a french company called Areva. Areva designed and built nuclear powerplants. Jeremy was to Move to chernarus to design an effective and low maintenance powerplant. Jeremy moved to chernarus and started to figure out the drawings for the powerplant. He came up with a idea about a new kind of an EPR reactor that had never been built before. Jeremy sold the idea to Areva and they started working on a small prototype of the reactor, But something went wrong, as jeremy and his team were working on the small scale prototype, the reactorpool cracked, exposing the team and Jeremy to a large ammount of radiation contaminating them. they were rushed to a hospital to be treated, jeremy was going to be amongst the first ones to get treatment but he refused, he insisted that everyone in his team would go before him because the accident was on him... Jeremy fell in to a coma because of the radiationpoisoning, He had been laying on his bed in a coma for many months now. but then something happened... apocalypse some would say... luckily Jeremys room was locked so no one could get in without a key. Weeks passed. Suddenly Jeremy started to wake up, he called for a nurse but no one came. He layed there for a while recovering his strenght. he stepped out of the room and saw someone on the floor, not moving... he walked up to her and asked if she was ok, he didnt get a reply or any sort of reaction, then he poked the woman to see if she was awake but nothing happened. Jeremy bent over and rolled her around on her back, and to his horror saw that the woman was dead, and not only just dead, but shot to the head... jeremy ran out of the building to get away from the horror, but all he saw outside was more horrors. People.... or corpses, walking around with an empty look in their eyes. Jeremy thought the best thing propably would be to not be seen by them, so Jeremy sneaked in to the woods, with only his hospital rags on him... And thats where Jeremys survival story begings....
  2. Juuso


    Hello. I was the other guy coming from the direction of vybor. i dont really have anything to add. all i saw was these 2 persons by the pond and as i approached i heard them talking and as soon as i was about to say hello the woman blew up.