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  1. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    So you did hear him talking when he said to "run away" ? No No.. I watched the video
  2. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    No, When I tabbed back in-game I still couldn't hear them so I didn't want to be a ass and just run away.. When he was walking away and told me to "run away" I just thought he was finished talking and ran off like he said ...
  3. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    I'm hoping I could join back.. My mic is fixed and everything is all good
  4. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    You had to alt tab, but you were moving around and generally moving your head around towards the group of people. Also, were you driving around that day in a vehicle? I went prone on dayz and told them I was going to try to fix my mic. and if they were trying to type to me I wouldn't have seen it them, and no I wasn't driving a vehicle...
  5. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    But the video clearly shows that you stayed around for a few more minutes, you were looking around, these men were typing, and otherwise attempting to roleplay further with you. Can you explain these actions? I couldn't see nobody typing on my screen... and I was trying to fix my mic in my setting so I had to alt tab anyhow.. The main problem was my mic now working.. But it is fixed and working fine. Not going to happen again I know that for sure. This isn't a big issue ..
  6. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    You were playing a mute character, with a note explaining it. You could've used text. You could've used OOC to inform us of it. There were many ways to properly RP it out. Thats What I did.. I typed "//OOC HOldup I can't hear you" Then thats when I went prone Please provide your full Point Of View of the sitruation. You showed them a piece of paper where you claimed to be a mute. Please express your point of view on how you portrayed that characther in that situation. I had a piece of paper telling them I was a mute and I could not hear them so I thought it was something with my mic so I typed "//OOC Holdup i cant hear you" when he was talking to me and i went prone.. then he started walking away so I thought he was finished talking and I left aswell ..
  7. S1 - Vybor fields - BadRP

    Im here Juggernat, My mic was not working at the time but now I fixed it and I had no idea what yall was saying sorry.
  8. Airsoft picture thread

  9. Can you change your rp story after you die?

  10. Can you change your rp story after you die?

  11. Can you change your rp story after you die?

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  12. GreenMountain KOS

    -User was warned for this post-
  13. How long does will it take for me to be whitelisted?

    Oh, Sorry. Thanks
  14. I've applied like 5 days ago and was wondering if they have seen mines yet
  15. James Armstrongs Story

    Thanks and will do! Thanks for the good words