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  1. Mcc83

    S3 and S4 removed

    Yes I agree, a lot of the population will come back, I stopped playing for a long time untill my good friend Maj. Aaron of the UN got me back into playing! Lets hope players who left before will give the game a 2nd chance
  2. Why would I know and how would that change anything, it looks like your just trying to get something against the UN. This post was about RDM/KOS against me, and now were trying to solve some other problem, it has become pointless and is now just taking up my time. This is going to be my last post unless staff ask for further information, clarification, or the like.
  3. I have said the name 5 times now. UN member Wolf saw Bale get shot, that is all he saw and he reported it in IC coms. We were leaving right as it happened, he was probably following orders to leave the town, I should Emilio within what, 30-45 seconds. Becides, why would he go up to try and shoot 2 Reapers when his squad is leaving, he called it in, and I returned fire. As I say, an Eye for an eye. Please let me know if you have any more Relevant questions to the report at hand. "UN initiate on Reaper Reaper shoots UN UN in turn, shoot Reaper...who is OP. All happens within 500m of original hostile action. Even if you guess on ID, as long as you guess right, kill is legit."
  4. Ok, did you read the 5 or so reasons I said why we identified you as a reaper. Also. your "Reaper mas"? We didnt even see your group untill yall left the military base. We first saw your group in a field east of Vybor. So let me just clarify real quick This report was about me RDMing someone and we have cleared it up to the point where I was in KOS rights because I was told IC coms that a Reaper had killed Bale Then you started arguing about the KOS rules and initiation rules and how our groups arnt allowed to shoot each other if we wernt apart of the initiaton Which we were. And now your trying to say that we couldn't know it was you unless we were metagaming? Please go back to my reasons on why we identify you as we do. I posted them so you wouldn't claim metagaming specifically. There are other ways to identify someone other than metagaming. Edit: You do realize you say " I find it very hard to believe. " and then " there is absolutely no way you could have known I belonged to that group without having meta-gamed " Could you be a bit more clear as I am having a hard time figuring out what your trying to point out here..
  5. Ok, I will say this one more time and then link people to this post if I need to say it again. We had a person there that saw you shoot Bale and he then reported it in IC coms. How did we know you were a reaper? Well for one, you were apart of the reaper group that came from the Vybor military base when we spotted you. How did we know that group was made up of reapers? By talking with your leader IC and others recognizing you as a whole. So im assuming you could reply to that as "Well I could have just been a friend or someone tagging along just for safety" 1. Why would you do that with a Russian killing/robbing gang. 2. We were the only two groups in the city when everything happened 3. As soon as yall started talking to us, your entire team took defensive positions in buildings and such, its safe to assume you were either doing that or looking for UN players. 4. Bale *Put wrong name before* could have told us what he was doing when he talked with you 5. What other group would have shot a UN member that was in the area, we are at peace, allied, or in a seize fire with a lot of the other groups so even if someone else was in Vybor its highly unlikely they woukd kill a UN member unless they were a Reaper. And even if we couldn't Identify you and did not see you with the rest of the group when approaching the city from the east, I would have faith in easily interpreting and realizing that you were indeed a reaper, who else would take up a position like that?
  6. Update: Post is no longer needed due to post by gamemaster @Thumper
  7. I understand you might not like my tone sir, but I do not like it when people post absolutely pointless information to a report, and by now, this is getting off topic. - "We as a group" If anyone can say where I went after I left the house up to the point where I shot someone, please let me know... - You lowered your weapon as I picked up my weapon creates more of a threat? You had an AK on your back the whole time, my interpretation as a threat is up to me and me alone, how you interpret threats is on you. I knew you were not going to shoot me as you had no reason to (no initiation), there for, its not a threat at that point as I was leaving, I hope that makes sense. If you engaged in further hostile RP that would have changed my idea of you as a threat, but you didn't, you asked me to leave and I left. Simple and done. "This may mean you are prone to exaggerations or assumptions, which again, reveals a lot about the events that followed" You justifying something as false, does not make it actually false, and I will say again as I just have, its up to my interpretation what a threat is and isnt, and what my actions in response to something is. It is not up to you to decide how I act responding to your actions .Again how this shows anything to me killing someone else is beyond me but I will still answer to you. - You earlier in the thread posted something like "I then told you to leave" which when you really said "Consider yourself evicted". As I like to be as realistic as possible, my character could be dumb or smart, I could interpret it as "Wheres my eviction notice" but I didn't, I simply left. And am certain I was not followed. I am simply saying your telling two different things, and little things like that can lead to something larger. If there are any more questions or things you care to discuss, please let me know. I hope weve cleared up your uh, story of what happened before, and do not need to discuss it any more and can actually get back to the report at hand. Thankyou.
  8. "My POV: I saw you in the second story of the red 2 story house as our two groups. I noticed a locked door so I dropped my weapon and axed the door open. with the door open and the ax in my hand you raised your weapon, pointed at me, and asked why I shot the door. I told you that I opened it with my ax. You only lowered your weapon after my back up arrived and I told you to leave. Not trying to accuse you however you seemed to jump the gun a bit with me so the situation that followed (possible RDM) doesn't surprise me. After that we followed you until Emilio was shot by a mosin. Your mosin." I actually lowered, and always will lower, when a threat is no longer a threat, judging that this was long before I shot Emilio I have no idea as to why you are posting this. Your backup arrived when I was leaving, by which point I had already lowered my mosin. You did not tell me to leave, you said "Consider your self evicted". Notice in real life you have eviction notice and such that gives you team to leave, something you did not give me. I only jumped to the gun and raised it because my locked door was just broken into by a man with an Axe, no communication was given prior to it and you did not ask for me to unlock the door. Wouldn't you to? Or would you invite the intruder in for some milk and cookies? Did you follow me? Please tell me the locations I went to after, I can recall it perfectly. Could you? You did just say you followed me until Emilio got shot, please describe where I shot her from. I dont know how this contributes to anything at all besides your "He jumped the gun so I could see why he shot Emilio" idea. When I had perfect reason to raise my weapon at someone breaking down my door and intruding on me. As for @dabasquiat I was told by UN Member Wolf(Bradely) that he saw Bale get shot and killed, and if he was unconcious, if you shoot somoeone you intend for them to die as guns are lethal weapons.. Is KOS not under shooting at other players on site? Sure it means Kill on site but if people went around with arrows shooting people saying they didnt kill them then the rule would be Void. So again, no one should be reported for Metagaming as this was all seen by player Wolf(Bradely) and said over IC coms. as far as OOC after it, it was simply verification for my simple understanding, we were not sharing or telling new information.
  9. This was me, taking this post position and time now to write up my response.. Update: Let me first say what I told the Reapers following the situation -They had asked why I killed one of their members - I responded with "I was told that Reapers had KOS'd Bale and I had KOS rights AND that there was IC RP behind that. UN Member "Wolf(Bradley)" was talking over IC Radio and said he saw Bale get shot obviously by a Reaper. We were the only two groups in the area as I remind you. So after clarifying Bale was killed, I was told OOC that it means we have KOS rights and we may fire. I saw Emilio take a position under a rail for like a road when the RP started and shot him after the information was sent over radio. I was using a mosin not too far away maybe a 100-200m and aimed as best as I could for your head/neck, I did not see where the shot landed. As I was scared sh*tless because this was my 2nd initiation fight ever and needed to get back with my UN squad, they were already running out of the city. Basically im saying is that if this is under RDM, I was told IC and OOC (keep in mind this is not metagaming as I was told in IC radio prior to OOC radio) I was interpreting that Reapers were killing UN. And you are right, there was no verbal communication between you and I, but our groups were fighting, arguing, and at this point, shooting each other. Thus you are considered an ally of the group and if you were not informed that your friend had shot Bale, then that might be a Reaper communication thing. - Please let me know if there are any further questions, Thankyou.
  10. *Worried, Michael sends out another signal* Today we attempted to locate you along the road, perhaps we were too late? We are hoping that you are ok at this point or at least still breathing and concious... We searched for a while but didnt see anyone. Tis a real shame, please let us know if we can still help. *Michael puts away the radio and sends out a team to locate possible other survivors that need help*
  11. Mcc83

    How often are you robbed?

    Two players, Clay and Pat I think their names were tried to rob me just today, it was not only the first time ive been robbed but the first time Ive ever been initiated on or had initiated on someone.. I have been apart of the community for a little over 2 weeks now so this was something kind of fun, new, and different. Anyways, I ended up shooting them both with my amazing texas noon gun drawing skills. KAPOW! Proceeded to be scared for the next two hours because of all the adrenaline in my system and when I went to search their bodies I found out they were masquerade. We talked after in ts and they ended up being really cool guys with great fake accents! So my ratio right now is 1 robbery (attempted or succesful)/ 2 weeks.
  12. *Michael picks up his radio, thinking he could try his shot at helping someone* I read you, my name is Michael, Id like to get on a private channel before discussing any more personal details as the good and the bad will be listening in... *Remembers stories of horrors that go on in the north* If you can describe your medical situation and where your location is approximately or where you would like to meet, I can send help. *Pauses and adds one more line* Do to others what you would like them to do to you, Good luck with your RV with your squad if we cant meet up.. *Silence follows*
  13. Its a first time for everyone. For me, well ive been around for a week or two. I joined the UN the second my app was excpeted, whenever we met a group, person, etc, my squad leader would speak for us and some times we would introduce ourselves by our names, nothing more.. As I proceeded to do loot runs and act a bit more bold when my squad was offline, I met more and more people. I eventually worked on my back story as I played, really going into detail. Its good to ask things like Open questions, open questions are things that cant be replied with Yes or no For example: "Do you like the weather?" can become "What do you think about the weather? Is it much like where your from if your not from this hell hole?" I have yet to encounter my first hostage situation, robbery, or anything other than a friendly talk.. A little anxious on that.
  14. I couldnt find if this has been said or not but here goes - Dont shoot gas pumps at gas stations...
  15. Mcc83

    A radio Broatcast from a unknown source

    *Michael, intrigued by whats going on, turns on his radio and puts in his imput* Freedom you say, for what cost, the lives of innocent survivors, the lives of those who attempt to help others!? *waits a minute or so before continuing* This so called freedom that gangs and bandits are making these days is simply a cover for crime and injustice, laws dont constraint your freedom, they simply holdback your insanity, your madness, and your thirst for blood. Lets hope that all who hear me, realize the true meaning of this out lawish "Freedom" And if you got a problem with me and what I think *raises VOICE* GOOD! My name is.. *radio cuts out* And this so called *begins to cut out again* So just watch your *Final cut out, silence follows* *Looks at unconscious patient Looks like the batteries dead again.. *Chuckles and proceeds treatment of patients at outpost*