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  1. ^ Yep. I think the loot hoarders are doing their monotonous runs North-South along the west side of the map, hitting the military bases, arifields & prisons. Everyone else is praying for the central loot economy. I've probably said this before, and Mr. Brimestone agrees- I liked the "broken" central loot economy better. Our group grew acustomed to the scarce supplies and was able to survive by hunting, working together to get cooking gear and making farms. It was in no way impossible and was actually really fun to struggle with basic stuff. Every player encounter became tense, as it would be in a real apocolyptic hell-hole quarintine. You never knew how desperate anybody was for a single bullet, a back of seeds, a canteen or you matches. Yes, this was also something i really enjoyed. ive always hunted for leisure in DayZ, but .55 gave me a reason to do it! Cant wait for the CLE reintroduction.