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  1. Just wanted to let all yu guys know that i am now whitelisted so keep an eye out for me out there cause i am sure our paths will cross at some point in game and i just wanted to put a huge thankyou out there for every one that assisted me with advice people such as Voedric, Levi, Echo, Nillin, Terra fr giving me the final chance and her scenario test which helped, Conor for the input you gave and genuinely a huge thanks to you all. Hope i get a chance to meet you all at some point in game
  2. Ban Appeal corrected thankyou for the info Lunabug
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist Application: Your application has been rejected because of the following reason: "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about group KoS rights sharing. " Your application has been rejected three times! You are not able to send any more applications! Why the verdict is not fair: Upon failing the whitelist application the first time where no information was given to the application denial that i recall, so i went and rewrote my application adding in more information as i thought that could be why and on the 2nd denial being given the information as to why it was denied i went back re read the rules and was writing my 3rd application at the same time i also went and spoke to Levi, Echo and Voedric about my New life rule part which had no problems this application submission they gave me the same answer sounds good to me man i then went and and asked Voedric his opinion on my Killing on site rule and he gave me a piece of advice to add in a couple of examples which i did and then sent to him to get his opinion and he said it looks all good to me man, you should be good to go and upon talking with him again after being rejected the 3rd time and now unable to resubmit application he is confused aswell to why i was rejected so is it possible that i can be given another attempt or a relook at my application at all..? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If it is possible to get a little more information on what i misexplained or failed to explain and i am able to correct my mistake i will gladly do so as i really want to be apart of the DayZ RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To achieve being whitelisted for the DayZ RP What could you have done better?: I am unsure to what i could have done better as i tried my hardest to explain the rules the right way to avoid being rejected the 3rd time.
  4. zombunny92

    I'm out

    It's unfortunate and sad to see you leave though we never met it is still saddening to see people go
  5. zombunny92

    Official DayZRP Twitch Changes

    I love watching Day Z RP streams it's pretty much what got me here on the website
  6. see that is what this thread is for Info for New comers like myself so the LFG page and the team speak info is much appreciated and i will definitely look into the team speak as soon as i know whether my application has been accepted or not guys and i hope to see you all in game at some point during my first journey through the world of Day Z
  7. Thank you for the Info Biggie but i will keep this thread up just in case people aren't wanting groups just maybe a little help along there journey
  8. zombunny92

    The Royal Reds [RR] [Active] [Recruiting]

    I am really hyped in hope to see The Royal Reds become an official group
  9. So being new to Day Z RP can be a pain when you are a lone warrior so i decided to make this thread so that any new comers like myself to the Day Z RP can either join up and make friends easier ready for when they go in game cause Zurviving with friends is always better the Zurviving alone
  10. i just usually chill on last.fm for my music haha
  11. Well i got the name Jaymes some time ago when me and a friend of mine were trying to throw a name together for a rp family i was part of on IMVU and when James was suggested i was like nah that name is quite common so i tweaked it with adding a Y into it to make it more unique and it stuck ever since then and Valantine comes from my favorite character in the Final Fantasy series Vincent Valentine but i did not want to seem as if i was just out right copying so used the spelling Valantine instead to make it more of my own
  12. This guide is perfect for a new comer like myself so it is greatly appreciated bro
  13. Best of luck man and if we both get accepted i am sure i will see you in game at some point and don't worry i am friendly