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  1. This is awesome, didn't expect as many replies as I've gotten so far. I figure I'll post a couple videos showing the types of stuff I've been listening to lately; if anyone else would like to do the same go right ahead [video=youtube] [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  2. That's cool man, I have a lot of respect for people that can play wind instruments. I've never been good at them but I have always wanted to own one just to mess around with. Wish I could have a real acoustic drum kit but space doesn't currently allow it, and since I got Superior Drummer I just started programming all my drum parts and stopped playing them for real hahaha. I don't even own an actual amp or anything; I just use software simulators. Ultimate goal is to eventually get an Axe FX II. That thing is a beast. But since I purchased Omnisphere recently that set me back a few Benjamins and I'm going on an 8 day cruise with my girlfriend in a week so yeah, that's definitely not in my immediate future If you're into jazz, check out Tigran Hamasyan. He is ridiculously talented. Crazy pianist and composer.
  3. Thanks for the kind words. I've always struggled with being technically proficient on the piano. Piano class was always the toughest. Didn't help that my piano teacher was a native born Russian who went to music school in Moscow. She was scary, but a hell of a teacher. I know how to read sheet music, but since I stopped going to school for it I'm a little rusty. I write all of my stuff by ear, and I'll occasionally use my knowledge of theory to help guide me, particularly when coming up with transitions to another section. I've been into metal music the last few years, bands such as Periphery (my avatar logo is their logo haha) and The Contortionist, with some more mellow stuff like CHON and Plini as well. In terms of the classics, I love Rush, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.
  4. Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering if there are any other musicians out there in this community? I've been playing guitar for seven years and drums for a couple. Went to college for music for about a year before moving on to other things. I have a SoundCloud account where I put up some of my musical ideas in my spare time when I'm not gaming. I've recently started writing some electronic stuff as well in the vein of Aphex Twin and Telefon tel Aviv. The two main guitars I write with are both PRS guitars, an SE Custom 24 and an SE Custom 7 string. This track is something I wrote almost a year ago. The drums were programmed using this awesome software called Superior Drummer. These next two tracks are just mixtests of this ridiculous synthesizer software called Omnisphere I bought recently. The potential with this is pretty much unlimited and I'm still in the baby learning phases of it. So who else here either writes music or just plays for pleasure? Let me know and let's talk music
  5. Hahaha whoever it was came up to me after I ran into all of you and called me an asshole! So I responded accordingly but after that it went real well. Maybe I'll run into you guys again
  6. Had a fun and life saving experience yesterday evening at the military base south of Vybor. Ran into a group of Irishmen who gave me some food, hospitality, and an AKS-74u. Much appreciated, and some solid roleplaying all around
  7. Thanks for all the advice everyone, really appreciate it. I had to re-submit my whitelist application today because I didn't properly explain a couple things. Re-submitted about an hour ago, with over 2500 characters in each field, and it was rejected again because I didn't properly explain the group KoS rights rule...I feel like I was as thorough as I could have been lol. Went through the rules line by line and explained them in my own words. Oh well, I guess I'll just make sure to emphasize that tomorrow! Regardless, I hope to get this show on the road here soon! Thanks again
  8. Cool advice, thanks for the opinions. I'll probably end up using text most of the time, but will use voice when common sense dictates, such as in more frantic events. Can't wait to get in there and experience some DayZ roleplaying
  9. Thanks for being so thorough with this guide. Definitely learned a few things. Looking forward to trying this stuff out in game!
  10. Good to know info here, gave me a solid foundation for the expectations of the roleplay style here. Much appreciated!
  11. Polyrhythm

    Read and respond - new dayz UI

    I like it. It's also nice you can turn it off whenever just by clicking a button. I think the majority of people agree the text spam is pretty irritating. Is that supposed to represent your character's inner voice? Because if so, he's a little frantic haha. That HUD seems about as minimal as you'll get, but we'll see if this even gets implemented.
  12. Hey all. So I'm waiting to be added to the whitelist and I've been perusing the forums, reading everything I can and this community seems not only dedicated, but pretty honest and open about concerns and problems. So kudos for that. Communication is a good thing to have in any aspect of life. Now on to my question! The vast majority of role playing experience I have comes from Half Life 2 role playing years and years ago. It was always text-based, no one ever used their microphone. I really enjoyed it, as I could make up voices for all the characters in my head. It appears that the vast majority of people here use their voice for role playing and use text for certain actions, like digging through someone's stuff, etc. Is there an adjustment period that comes with using the microphone to roleplay? I almost feel like I would be BETTER at roleplaying by just using text, but it would be pretty irritating to be roleplaying with someone who has a mic and all I'm doing is typing. I'm not against using my voice at all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to be a more convincing voice-over artist haha! Thanks in advance
  13. Hello everyone! I just finished filling out my whitelist application so I figured I would introduce myself. I used to roleplay a lot back when Half Life 2 first came out; I was an admin on the Lambda Roleplaying server and put a lot of hours into fleshing out characters and stories with the community there. Good times! When I saw this dedicated community to DayZ roleplaying I got a big sense of nostalgia and saw the possibility to really have some cool, not-so-typical DayZ experiences. See you in Chernarus!