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  1. Anime!

    Why thank you My good man!
  2. Anime!

    Listen if we ain't talking the GRADE A anime that I'm pretty sure we all know what I'm going to say is.... Monsters Musume.
  3. The good and naughty list

    Naughty, due to "no fun" sign on wall. <3
  4. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10 is beautiful. The song really compliments that banner well boyo~
  5. Truth or Lie

    False Im actually the one who hates the holiday season.
  6. Ho ho ho!

    *Ulysses sit on the stump of the tree, listening to the various voices and banter ringing through out the land. It almost brought a beat to his heart as he chuckled at the ridiculous answers. That time of year again. It was kinda cute though, listening to what everyone wanted, the joy in some of their voices, the dread in others. What oh what did he want? He held down the PTT and put on his most horrendous satire of a fancy, 19th century Brit.* My dearest Santy Claws, This year I would most enjoy a brand new Louisville Slugger with some great new Stainless steel carpenter nails hammered right through it! I would like for all the dear boys and girls around Chernarus to grow half a lick of brain to make up for nearly as much as the other occupants of the country are eating! A nice new scope for Gertrude, that's that name I gave my rifle by the way, she's a beaut, you ought to see her up close some time. And lastly, but ever so most importantly, I would like for you, my dearest Saint, to finally, finally, choke on some crumpets, you repugnant slug. I am growing ever so tired of this bullshit holiday season. Seeing people oh so happy just makes me absolutely sick! It's just vile~! Love, Your Biggest Fan, Ulysses J. Canter *A laugh is heard as the PTT is released. It wasn't fair to ruin others spirits. But boy did he hate hearing people so happy. It made him hate the world a little more every time he saw someone so happy. What he really wanted for Christmas was a nice new .357 to just blow his own fucking brains out. Wouldn't want to get his baby all dirty.*
  7. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    a pretty dank dude. <3
  8. Salutations

    Welcome my man, hope to see you around~
  9. White Chocolate

    Shout out to the homies, and a special Hanukkah to my shalom-ies.

  10. Truth or Lie

    Lies, who goes to a gym. I haven't drank milk in over 11 years
  11. Truth or Lie

    Lie I used to do petty thievery as a kid, and never got caught.
  12. woah-hooooo. I didn't know you felt that way. And to lemons, well, I'd make some lemonade. And we'd watch some movies drinking lemonade.
  13. [Game] GIF Response

  14. Praise it? Can we do that here?