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  1. Lol, a big shoutout to everyone who was at Dolina last night, I am sorry my client issues cut all of it too short x.x Bit thanks to Slavomir, that hat will be under lock and key forever until events! I was speechless on how to appropriately say Thank you~ I promise Jo's not normally so hostile, but apparently Mr Reiner really knows how to push her buttons. But I do look forward to next time, oh yes~ Hopefully nobody will need to hide behind trucks, hehe I hope to see you all around soon!
  2. *Fastens herself in* No worries Buddy, I got my safety belt for that hype train! THANK YOU FOR THE FABULOUSLY WARM WELCOME~! HUZZAH FOR THREE MONTHS!! Onward and upwards!
  3. EEEEEEEeee~! Thank you guys so much! I can't wait to get in there and survive!
  4. Hello Hello~! I haven't sent in mine just yet, making sure it's all okay(punctuation isn't a strong suit, lol) Welcome to DayZrp!
  5. Creep away, probably out a window or something if I'm able. (murderer-to-be D: )
  6. Tokani

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Oooh... rad signature/icon~!
  7. Eee~! Thank you guys so much :3 I am working on the app now myself, hope to be inworld asap~!
  8. Hmm... Imgur, DA.... facebook? Lol, I feel so lame @[email protected]
  9. Greetings and salutations! I've heard all about the fantastic RP and the total immersion of DayZ for some time now and, thanks so some gentle nudges, have made my way to join the ranks of the survivors~! I've not tried this medium for roleplay before, but I have confidence I'll catch on quickly :3 I hope to have a lot of fun with you all <3
  10. Other minion~! We'll have fun with our own stories too Just gotta make em all solid n stuff~
  11. The other minion reporting in! Gosh I'm so excited to get in and meet everyone finally Been hearing all about ya~ //leaps on the hype train!