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  1. Timber

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    The server is currently locked, sorry for my ignorance, but what does this mean?
  2. This is magnificent! I like it very much, have you written more stories? I'd like to read those as well if they're equal to this one. Edit: Ah sorry I'm new, I know where to find em
  3. Oh god, the Woods just became a hell lot creepier in dayz.. And I thought it was safe there.. I liked it very much!
  4. That's a very nice story man! I might meet him one day
  5. Goodmorning Chernarus survivors! Since every new person is saying hello, I've decided to do the same! I have seen many videos and heard many stories of the things that happen on these servers. They were all amazing and I can't wait to play with y'all! I look forward meeting you guys if I get accepted, even if someone decides to kidnap and eat me
  6. Timber

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Can't wait to be able to play, if I get accepted of course!