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  1. Do we know when it will be available again? Sorry For The Inconvenience, Jack
  2. Birmingham, England since birth!!!
  3. Take everything, you never know who needs what. And what their willing to pay for it.
  4. Jack Barrow grew up in a small town south west of Birmingham it was called 'Reading'. This town was small and there wasn't much going for it. Jack had been working in the same office job for 5 years, going back and forth only to come home to video games and drink. His life was turning on a bad course, he couldn't go a day without a drink. Until he met Sarah, she was tall with lushes blonde hair. Sadly for Jack she dragged him to church, where he met Nigel the priest he got him in touch with an AA group. They were taking a trip to Cherno to help with the growing unknown disease. After being in Reading for all this time it was the opportunity of a life time for him and Sarah. They boarded the flight and continued to help for 7 months until the patients changed. There was cases of them biting people, they had to get out. They got in their truck and drove to the N/W airfield only to be turned away, so they set up a cabin. One night they were sitting around the fire when boom... And Jack found him self in the middle of no-where surrounded by abandoned buildings and his previous patients although this time they were out to get him. After walking for miles and miles he came across a cabin, he needed shelter so he went inside. Only to be greeted by 2 armed men pointing guns at him. After Jack was forced to tell them his story they felt bad for him, he had just met Andy and Cai Wu. As brothers they couldn't imagine being apart so they helped Jack, they gave him gear and nursed him to a fighting state. He was ready... This was no longer Jack Barrow but now Jack Wu...
  5. The comments for what I did wrong where about things being missed off, I can guarantee that I did include this that is why I wanted to see it so I could contest it. Thanks, Jack Birch (JackWu)
  6. Is their any chance I could get a copy of my denied application, because I feel that it was denied with false reason. It is the same app with tweaks from the one that got accepted about a month ago, so I don't understand why it has been denied now I will quite happily explain to an admin every rule in detail, I believe the person that has read over my app has taken certain words and phrases into different contexts. This has really annoyed me as I have read the rules many times in anticipation and have also read the whole lore. I have already been a part of the community, the reason my account was deleted was because I had irl issues which I will go into detail to any admins on teamspeak. I would really appropriate it because I feel I know your rules as I have played before, I'm itching to get on so a quick reply would be great. Many thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu)
  7. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it, I can't wait to get on it, it sounds like a great community especially with the amazing help from members on the forums. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu)
  8. Thanks, I think I will. Can't wait to hop on if I get whitelisted. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu)
  9. Thanks man, I guess I'll just hope that lucks on my side. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu)
  10. Hi guys, Many of you may not notice me as I'm very new. Could anyone give me any friendly tips on whose nice and friendly and whose a bit shady. I know its a bit of a silly question. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu)
  11. Its nice to know that their are friendly members on here, I'm very thankful for this. Thanks again MetalxTongue and AndreyQ. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu).
  12. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Thanks, Jack Birch (Jack Wu).
  13. I'm confused how the queue works, as last night I was 4th and now I'm 12th??? I was told that I would be put in a priority queue for donating but I just keep on getting moved up the list. I'm a previous member that got removed as I wasn't on for a month as I had irl issues. Any help on the subject would be great. Thanks Jack Birch. (Jack Wu)