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  1. I was just wondering how many they review a day... I knew they donated or wrote more than me..
  2. So, I knoe you've answered it many times before sayong just wait it will get accepted, the quality and donation fasten your application. But heres my question. So a day and a half ago I posted a app. My exact position in line was 69. Now in the past day and a half I have seen only about 10 apps a morning get finished. my position drops back down to 60 and eveey afternoon nothing is changed but more apps are put in, putting my application back. Please come back later to check your application status! Your current estimated place in queue: 69/219 So I'm in a position where my application is not gaining any positions. Are they only reviewing a set amount per day???
  3. malachiminkel

    Official CS:GO Thread

    ignores rank and stares at crimson web if we had a contest for worst inventory i would win Is that the 3750$ knife???