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  1. Lost

    Hobo Depot Grand Opening (Open Freq)

    *Rick would hear the previous transmission, pushing the PTT. A jittery, timid voice would come through* "Hey man, we got some of those bullets, but I can't see a black dress as far as I can see, man," *Faint scratching would be heard before the PTT is released*
  2. Rick was born in North Bay to an extremely low class family. Among 6 other siblings to a prostitute mother, he was barely raised by an adult and survived along with his siblings. He'd beg, steal, scam, con, and mug people in order to get money for the necessities. When he was a teenager, he tried crack cocaine for the first time and was instantly addicted. Soon, he found himself doing ANYTHING for meth or money. He was cast out by his family and eventually roamed the cold streets of the North, chilling in alleyways and corners wherever he could. When he couldn't panhandle in his small community any longer, he hitched a ride on a bus out to Hamilton. He joined one of the many groups of roaming meth-heads and addicts and began saving enough cash to leave the country. He found the cheapest flight cross-Pacific and ended up in one of Chernarus' airports. Starting over, he began to learn enough of the language to beg and find drugs. After some time, he banded together with a band of druggies, they helped him with the language and the traveled across the country. They happened to be begging around the villages and towns of South Zagoria when the infection first broke. Having no way to leave, his group and him struggled to survive. Slowly, he watched his groupmates get eaten, killed, or overdose to escape the hell they were in. Running out of lighters and drugs, he began reaching out to fellow travelers, leeching what he can as he'd continue his never ending trek for his next fix in the wasteland. Now, he has banded with Unity and the rest of the hobos to help run the Hobo Depot at Green Mountain, helping to grab scraps and loot from the happenings of the land.
  3. Lost

    Swapping to Namalsk

    +1, I'd like to see another server with another map separate from the other, I think it'd be fun to be able to swap complete environments and storylines quickly. I love to see older maps being developed, hopefully one day I'll see my favourite again.
  4. Benjamin was born and raised in near Jane and Finch in Toronto, Ontario. He had a normal life, dad leaving at a young age, mom not really caring. His old hand-me-down clothing bagged off him and he tried to relate to those around him. Making the best of his situation, he began hanging around the streets, some groups pitying him enough to let him converse or even run a bag of drugs to a nearby block. He was used by the local gangs and he didn't mind, still trying his best to fit in. After a few years of doing these jobs, his name began to spread and bigger gangs with more influence. One day he was asked to make a run on a dusty plane across the Pacific and into Chernarus, first going to pick up Krokodil, then Fentanyl in China later on. He was busted pretty quick by the local police, as he bragged to an informant about his "gang affiliations". He was sent to a local prison until the outbreak. He used a riot to escape, ditching the prison drags and finding some more comfortable and familiar clothing. He has joined the odd group, doing as they asked for as long as they'd take him, eventually trying to kill him or banish him from the clique.
  5. Lost

    One Group

    LIFE My first group i had joined, had a lot of fun, even if we were pusharounds and all. Good times. Black Fox I wasn't in it for long, but I liked the idea of people from a safezone thousands of miles away and survivors that have been in Chernarus since the start working together. Bastion Was fun being a castle hermit tbh.
  6. Lost

    The House

    Good luck bud, group looks great
  7. Lost

    Jack's Sluggish Pixel Workshop [Requests OPEN]

    If you could make me one in honour of Young King Dave I'd be v thankful
  8. Lost

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    See ya Darra I will remember the old Bastion times
  9. welcome i thought ur pic was that one default fortnite skin tbh
  10. Lost

    Interesting Footage from 1929 and some other times.

    hope this fits, actually filmed in a town near me, never knew this piece of film existed
  11. Lost

    God Bless The Great White North

    If I go downtown sometimes I'll find a few at Timmies
  12. Lost

    God Bless The Great White North

  13. Lost

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

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