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  1. Lost

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @YNW Viking @dawsonpark @Abu Muhammad @Dusty @Wendigo @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] free the bros on jah
  2. Lost

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Dew

    I r8 it
  3. Lost

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    lets get it
  4. pov; I stand around the island for time with the boys, make it in, start clearing halls when the guy finally pops out of the rooms he's been hiding in for hours and kills me and the other guys in the poorly designed prison halls.
  5. Lost

    S1: NewLifeRule at Prison Island

    pov: I pull up at the castle and stand around for a few hours, we make it in after time and we begin clearing the building and I am shot by some guy hiding in a room
  6. Lost

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Harry Buckets Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rilfeman Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: 3 Reserve Phase: 4
  7. Lost

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *Harry would press the PTT* ”Black who?” *He laughs as he releases the PTT*
  8. Lost


    Sounds good on paper but when you're fresh on the coast kitted with a hardhat and a chambered Makarov trying to deal with a Tank it won't. I'm down for increased health (or something such as headshots are always kills, but body shots can go upwards of 6+) and spawn rate, I've never liked tanky AI in games, I'd much rather be zerg'd than face one enemy that takes an insane amount of time to deal with by yourself. One idea I thought was interesting was making zombies somehow dangerous to bases(jump/break walls?), the GM's could do small events, calling for the group and anyone else around to repulse waves of the undead to keep themselves and their gear safe.
  9. Lost

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Good luck boys, looks sick
  10. Lost

    Allahu Akbar

    *Ali would press the PTT* "The easiest jihad yet, habibs, on to the next! Allahu Akbar!! *He would release the PTT*
  11. Lost

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

  12. Harry was born into a typical rough household and grew up around the slums of London, being exposed to drugs, prostitution, and violence from a young age. By the time Harry was in middle school he was already slinging bags to get food on his plate. After his parents had stole a wad of cash from him, he decided to leave and roam the streets. Soon, he met the boys Jonny, Gary, and Barry, and after trapping together for sometime, they decided to find a cheap football game, the boys blacking out sometime during, waking up in Chernarus Later in his years, he pulled a 21 Savage and went off to Canada, landing in Toronto, becoming a Roadmans in his home country. A few years later, the boys decided to meet up after time away from each other, meeting in a cheap airport in Chernarus to watch a cheap game of football with cheap, strong beer.
  13. Lost


    holay welcome back buddy
  14. I remember something like this in No More Room in Hell where you'd turn into a zombie after dying. I've always thought it would work great in Dayz, especially on pub servers where guys are being killed all the time.
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