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  1. *Ali would press the PTT* "Salam, brothers, I am excited to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan with our new found Umma." "Allahumdillah" *Ali would release the PTT and begin to pray*
  3. Barry was a bouncer in his town, working from bar to bar. His bar hopping gained him some major contacts as he found work on the side with his employers. Dealing, growing, trafficking, whatever he could do. Soon, he found himself selling for local Bikers. This cause trouble as the mafia was also supplying him. His plug was shipping in bud from a far out country before they had a falling out just before his younger brother, Larry, had told him his plan to become a kingpin in the country. After the fight with his plug, Barry realized the bud Larry was going to pick up was from his plug, and he was in grave danger. When Barry heard Larry had taken one of the last flights into Chernarus, he hopped on the next and followed him into the godforsaken country. Now, he's trying to link up with the kid. With stories and talks of his brother still circulating the country, last hearing he was cooling with the Jackals, he continues to look optimistically, hoping to dab Larry up once again.
  4. Ali was born into a normal family living in Phoenix. He went to school and grew up as any other kid would. Later on in his late teens, he began conversing with a recruiter for a terrorist organization, and was eventually radicalized. Soon, he found himself in his home country, fighting against his birth country and other nationalists. He followed the group through Takistan and into Chernarus, getting stuck as the infection hit. Him and his group fought against a group of nationalist Chernorussians and came out unscathed, by the will of Allah. Now he follows around the remaining leaders of his old organization, helping them to spread the word of Islam.
  5. Lost

    Suggestion: for crafted Backpacks & Bags

    I agree, I like idea of a spare jacket, rope, and some extra sticks would make for a nice looking bag ngl.
  6. Lost

    A message from Victor Petrov

    *Larry would press the PTT* "Uncle Cee was twice the man you'll ever be, you wasteman." "Shaking my head right now, on God." *He'd release the PTT*
  7. Lost

    The Death Of Uncle Cee (Open Freq.)

    As Larry would hear the broadcast,, his jaw would drop and his pin joint would fall out. "Fuck bud, that's hurtin. Fam didn't deserve that on god." "Yo rest up dawg, that's rough how they did you Cee." As he'd end the broadcast, grunting and wheezing could be heard as he'd try to bend over to get his joint out from the mud.
  8. Lost

    Law's Garbage Tier Videos

    I rate it
  9. Lost

    Jasper's Media Thread

    Top tier rest easy loot
  10. Jack was born in Burk's Falls, spending most of his life there. He lived a fairly normal childhood, Dad working overtime, Mom taking car of him and his brother. Being that Burk's Falls was a small town in Northern Ontario, Jack was able to learn how to shoot, hunt, fish, the basics needed to get by in the wild for a little while. He and his family were visiting his grandparents in Moscow when the infection hit. His family hastily made their way south of the city, the last stop he saw his grandparents was Skopin, three weeks in, watching his stubborn grandfather refuse to sit and wait in the car, his wife following closely behind him, Jack watched them turn a corner, as they would "vanish" into air. Three months later losing his father to the Volga near Saratov as they tried to cross in a small fishing boat. His mother only making it a few more days as the infected got her ponytail. Now, Jack was all alone, in a country with a language he didn't understand. He followed paths, roads, and trails as he made his way across Russia. He'd make it to Staraya Poltavka, meeting a group of fishermen who took him in. He followed them to Ilovlya before they were swarmed and devoured. On the outskirts of Volgograd, a group of thugs felt bad enough to spare him so he could be their pack mule. He carried their gear until they were shot when they bit off more than they could chew, close to Rostov. The group who killed the men were Ukrainians, who, when realizing Jack wasn't a Russian, he was taken in once again. These men stuck around, making it close to Belozersk before they were jumped and murdered. Somewhere in Northern Chernarus, Jack was kidnapped and forced to fight another man to death, being stabbed multiple times in the process. Managing to survive the attack, he was sold off into slavery. The man who bought him, freed him as soon as he was far enough away from the attackers. Jack thanked the man, and continued to fight another day. He unintentionally made his way west, somehow avoiding infection and the infected. He got lost in the woods, popping out near Krasnoe after two weeks. Jack would loot what he could, before finding a road to follow south. He'd follow the road aimlessly, heading towards the smells and sounds of the sea.
  11. Lost

    God Bless The United States of America

    ok but
  12. Lost

    God Bless The United States of America

    That's it, I'm tired of you jocks bullying everyone all the time, this is the last straw!!!!
  13. Lost

    Hobo Depot Grand Opening (Open Freq)

    *Rick would hear the previous transmission, pushing the PTT. A jittery, timid voice would come through* "Hey man, we got some of those bullets, but I can't see a black dress as far as I can see, man," *Faint scratching would be heard before the PTT is released*
  14. Rick was born in North Bay to an extremely low class family. Among 6 other siblings to a prostitute mother, he was barely raised by an adult and survived along with his siblings. He'd beg, steal, scam, con, and mug people in order to get money for the necessities. When he was a teenager, he tried crack cocaine for the first time and was instantly addicted. Soon, he found himself doing ANYTHING for meth or money. He was cast out by his family and eventually roamed the cold streets of the North, chilling in alleyways and corners wherever he could. When he couldn't panhandle in his small community any longer, he hitched a ride on a bus out to Hamilton. He joined one of the many groups of roaming meth-heads and addicts and began saving enough cash to leave the country. He found the cheapest flight cross-Pacific and ended up in one of Chernarus' airports. Starting over, he began to learn enough of the language to beg and find drugs. After some time, he banded together with a band of druggies, they helped him with the language and the traveled across the country. They happened to be begging around the villages and towns of South Zagoria when the infection first broke. Having no way to leave, his group and him struggled to survive. Slowly, he watched his groupmates get eaten, killed, or overdose to escape the hell they were in. Running out of lighters and drugs, he began reaching out to fellow travelers, leeching what he can as he'd continue his never ending trek for his next fix in the wasteland. Now, he has banded with Unity and the rest of the hobos to help run the Hobo Depot at Green Mountain, helping to grab scraps and loot from the happenings of the land.
  15. Lost

    Swapping to Namalsk

    +1, I'd like to see another server with another map separate from the other, I think it'd be fun to be able to swap complete environments and storylines quickly. I love to see older maps being developed, hopefully one day I'll see my favourite again.
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