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  1. Thinkin bout them beans
  2. good times with the lads @ShroudKN @Eagle @Phoenyxx @Squillium @Dodge
  3. Had fun tonight, shout out Cerberus, McCoomers, and Co.
  4. Yo, @Dustemane where our Autopilot taking us??
  5. Transmission #█████ Designate:██████ ██████ inserted with ████████ forces to ██████████████████████████████ in █████████, South Zagoria. ████████ as many █████████ within the designated timeframe. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 05:00 hrs, ██████████, 20██. Bio: Originally assigned to the Canadian Airborne Regiment, stationed in Somalia. Within weeks of arriving, Williams was involved in the ██████ of a Somalian teenager on the base. The scandal that followed had the unit disbanded and the men assimilated into other parts of the CAF.
  6. Good suggestion community member HeadAss, good for money, good for memes, although it would completely ruin my ig immersion tbh
  7. Born in Zelenogorsk on March 19, 1998, the youngest son of Jora, Lipin was quickly swooped into the criminal life, thieving since he was able to walk, and only diving deeper into a life of crime as the years ticked by. His family quickly getting him into the dark depths of the mob, finding himself tagging along with his cousins on various heists and moves. At the end of 2018, Lipin tipped off Adrik about the possibility of a thieve taking recently smuggled guns from one of the families fishing ports. He tagged along with Stefan and retrieved the stolen cargo after Stefan had gotten the m
  8. Lost

    The Saints

    looks blessed boys
  9. Wasn’t Deer Isle originally in the states? Didn’t the lore team just make it an island east of South Zagoria? Why can’t it just be another neighbouring province or even North in Russia or something along those lines.
  10. Had fun rping with everyone on the truck, sorry @Shroud, and it was jokes meeting those two guys south(I think) of Sinystok.
  11. found them. about 7 have been liberated from their constraints.
  12. *Harry would press the PTT* "Fuck they really did my boy like that huh, your Shekels are safe from the goys now." "Rest up G." *An audible sniffle can be heard before the PTT is released*
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