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  1. Jack got me reminiscing bout better days

  2. Sad times these are.

  3. What's with the sudden goofy threads popping up tf 

  4. Larry MacDougle

    Larry grew up Bel Air, Maryland, in a middle class family. In middle school he started getting big and by the end had started smoking. When Larry got to high school, he befriended some dealers and became one himself. With his rolls he learned a new ability that would help him move bigger packages when needed by placing the bag under them. When he turned 18, he decided to full out deal and spent most his time in crack houses and in fast food restaurants. When he graduated, he heard of some Chernorussian dealers selling extremely cheap weed. He begged his parents to book him a flight and arrange for a apartment under the pretense that Larry was going to go to school and a get job out there. As it turns out, the deal was legit so he began to start a grow op with some of his new found buddies. Larry made a killing being a plug and a dealer. But, while out at a local trap house, the police raided them and found a quarter of marijuana on him and seized all of his plants. He was sentenced to jail for 7 months before being released. When he was released, he found that all of his contacts and old friends went MIA on him so he decided to try and re-start by himself. When he couldn't get enough product moving he decided to get a job at a local restaurant and made a few buddies who helped Larry find some buyers and finally get back on his feet. Just as he started to finally get his business back up, talk of a virus started and before he knew it the world was in shambles. He grabbed his product and some food and took off into the woods.
  5. Anyone want Red orchestra 2 or some game called Lieat? I got them in some humble bundles and I don’t need em lmk

    1. Major


      I'll take Red Orchestra. Shoot me a pm 

    2. Mademoiselle


      boiiiii i'll take LiEat

    3. Lost

      okok both gone

  6. Destiny 2 is mad lit, hadn't touched my PC since launch, how is this place now-a-days?


    Also it seems I have lost a rank of premium oh well

    1. ExoticRP


      What light are you

    2. WildCurtosRP


      Get in TS sometime ni B B a

    3. Lost

      267 @ExoticRainbow alt is 252 thats all so far

    4. ExoticRP


      Nub, 297 over here

    5. Lost

      :((((((( im 277 now tho 

  7. 6/10 not a big fan of the Weeknd
  8. [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    I always get lost in game, therefore I am Lost.
  9. Your cup makes me angrey!!!!!!!1!!!!11 >>>>>:^((((

  10. Hello community member

    1. WildCurtosRP
    2. Lost

      they fresh out the box

  11. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I don't like to watch Japanese animations
    • Skinner

    Congratz bud!