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  1. Lily Thorburn

    Lily, and her father, Garret Thorburn have always been inseparable. She truly is her father’s daughter. Having lost her mother at a young age, he’s all she’s got. Garret taught her many things, but no one could prepare her for what was to come. They managed to survive within the protective confines of the forest throughout most of the Outbreak. One day, however, tragedy struck. Lily suffered a severe cut to her leg after falling several feet down a rocky slope. The wound became infected. Garret had to go to the nearest town to look for medicine, after much objection from Lily. Lily, falling in and out of consciousness with the sweat of fever trickling down her face, looks up at her father as he returns with the life-saving medicine. Gently wiping her forehead, Garret smiles at her encouragingly. Lily mumbles a feeble ‘thanks’ before the darkness completely overtakes her. Slowly, Lily begins to wake up as the rays of morning sun begin to shimmer through the trees. Her memory is vague, but she feels better – more alert. Suddenly, a horrible, sinking feeling hits her. She is alone.
  2. Whitelist again?

    Thank you for the prompt replies I have made a new application.
  3. Whitelist again?

    I have been away for quite a while, and it appears my whitelist has been removed. My question is; do I need to re-apply or are staff able to re-instate it?