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  1. Lily Thorburn

    Lily had a good childhood, despite a rough start in life. She lost her mother when she was but a ‘wee bairn’ as her father, Rodrick, always said. Although Lily couldn’t remember much of her mother, she felt sorrow through that of her father’s grief. They moved down to England so that they could be closer to her mother’s relatives. Rodrick, having been young and unemployed at the time, had nowhere else to turn. Lily and Rodrick were always inseparable. She truly was her father’s daughter. He taught her many things, including his love of the outdoors. However, no one could have prepared her for what was to come. They managed to survive within the protective confines of the forest throughout most of the Outbreak. Rodrick put life and limb at risk to protect her. One day, however, tragedy struck. Lily suffered a severe cut to her leg after falling several feet down a rocky slope. The wound became infected. Rodrick had to go to the nearest town to look for medicine, after much objection from Lily. Lily was falling in and out of consciousness with the sweat of fever trickling down her face when she looked up at her father as he returned with the life-saving medicine. Gently, Rodrick wiped her forehead and smiled at her encouragingly. Lily mumbled a feeble ‘thanks’ before she completely succumbed to sleep. Slowly, Lily began to wake up as the rays of morning sun began to shimmer through the trees. Her memory was vague, but she felt better – more alert. Suddenly, a horrible, sinking feeling hit her. She was alone.
  2. Whitelist again?

    Thank you for the prompt replies I have made a new application.
  3. Whitelist again?

    I have been away for quite a while, and it appears my whitelist has been removed. My question is; do I need to re-apply or are staff able to re-instate it?
  4. Caitlin's Backstory

    Thank you for your kind words
  5. Hello I've now been white listed and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone! Although I'm from Denmark, I currently live with my boyfriend in Scotland. I've lived here for a combined total of about 3 years and I'm really starting to feel much more at home. I've always loved animals, so at the moment I am volunteering in a petting zoo. I haven't played DayZ for a while because I lost my interest in the whole cycle of loot, die, repeat. Therefore, I may be a bit noobish at the moment See you around!
  6. Caitlin's Backstory

    Caitlin grew up in rural England. She had a very peaceful childhood, because life in the country was very serene. Although it was sometimes tough being the only girl in a family of 6, it was also a great advantage having her brothers by her side whenever she was being tormented by the city kids in school. Caitlin grew to love the study of language, and she dreamt of one day travelling the world. She was tired of the dull country life. She wanted to explore, but most of all, she wanted to prove to her family that she could be strong and take care of herself. As soon as she had finished college, she booked her first flight to Scandinavia. After a year of venturing the Nordic countries and their surrounding islands, she decided to go to Chernarus after hearing about its many rural villages and great landscapes of forests and rolling hills. She felt that perhaps it would be like a home away from home, only with a different culture and a very interesting language to learn. She found an elderly couple out in the country, who allowed her to live with them in turn for doing the chores around the farm. News of the outbreak came much too late. The elderly couple were too weak to travel, and Caitlin felt compelled to stay with them. Soon, they ran out of food, and Caitlin was forced to scavenge for supplies in the nearby village. The sight that met her was almost too much to bear. The place was like a ghost town. Remnants of people’s belongings were scattered everywhere, seemingly lost in the rush of the evacuations. She managed to find a few cans of food, which surely would last them another week. On her way back to the farmhouse, she was met by a horrific sight. In the middle of the road stood a man, yet he didn’t look like a human being. His eyes were rolled over to such an extent; it was as if his irises were gone. Coagulated blood ran down his face like a stream, it was if he’d been crying. His mouth hung open, its insides covered in what seemed fresh blood and pieces of flesh. His skin had no colour. It was rotten. The pieces of scrap that covered his body, which used to be his clothes, were entirely covered in dirt, mud and even more coagulated blood. The stench that came off him was so sickening; Caitlin involuntarily hunched over and threw up every last piece of her stomach contents. She didn’t have much time to recover. The man charged straight at her. Without having time to think, Caitlin reacted instinctively. She grabbed the Derringer, which had been to her by the old couple and shot the man point blank in the face. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere as he hit the ground. She knew she hadn’t killed a man. Whoever that man was, he was already dead. She had killed a zombie. Caitlin sprinted back to the house, blood and sweat trickling down her face. But there was nothing she could. She was too late. There was so much blood, she couldn’t bear to stay.