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  1. DustyMouse

    Small DayZ tips you might not know #ProTips

    thanks a ton! there was a ton of stuff i didnt know!
  2. Welcome! Its nice to meet you and im new my self around here. lets be friends!
  3. DustyMouse

    I'm out

    sorry to see you go. and im also sorry that i didnt get too meet you.
  4. I haven't trying it on .55 yet but I've heard its good!
  5. DustyMouse

    [GUIDE] Setting up your Mic Properly!

    thanks a ton. this guide helped me a lot.
  6. thanks a ton everyone for the luck wishes so farm and the welcome!
  7. My name is DustyMouse and i am new to this community and it nice to meet everyone!