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  1. 2 days in a row with Liliya and Frannie and it has been and amazing RP session so far!! The situation is so raw and real that it feels like we are the only ppl in Chernarus. You guys literally had me sooo choked up that i had trouble replying. Ender... lol you should know better that to fall asleep around a group of friends, im going to be looking for a pair of slip on shoes for ya so you dont end up on your face again hahahah. And Mr. Frank Cooper, from out of nowhere... It was good to see you again, I wish the mood would of been a little better but you kind of walked into a shitstorm and we were defiantly concerned for you saftey. Good to see that you were ok at the end. Jade, Poppy and Jett(sp), it was very nice to meet you, dat street cred over 9000!
  2. A couple of days late but ya work you know.... To the man I met in Novo the night before last, thank you so much for the spare rags. I had been on my belly crawling down the street for the past hour and a half, not being able to enter building with steps to try to find a shirt to rip up. I absolutely loved the way your character seemed to be totally taken by surprise when coming across my situation and I am sorry for not hanging around longer but as I said, not only was I bad off with broken legs, I was also dying of dehydration. I ended up dying right across the street from the well.
  3. tzushinxao

    S2 - BadRP/Invalid Execution

    My POV is shown in the video I recorded. I was at full blood/health when the zombie first hit me, I took 3 hits from the zombie and what sounded like 2 shots. I went straight to "You are dead" when my screen blacked out so I really don't know what happened. Usually when I die to a zombie I go to the unconscious message before I die. I don't ever get that message when I get shot in the head. So I am guessing that I either got shot or died from the bone damage thing.
  4. Welcome Steak!! I guess all the raving about this server finally worked. Hope to see you in game soon and good luck with your application. Calvin "Opi" Clayton
  5. Had an amazing time with the guys from Western Watch, Liliya, Dr. Quaid and Audrey last night. By far the best RP I have been involved in since I joined. You all literally had Calvin "Opi" speechless the whole time. The tension was real and had me on the edge of my seat. Really makes me want to work and get better at my RP! (still really new to RP so I stayed quiet and listened for the most part.) So thank you very much for such an awesome night! Hope to run into you all again soon. Lucas (I hope that was you, so many new people last night ) your breakdown was freaking amazing, FREAKING AMAZING!!
  6. tzushinxao

    Improved Character Creation

    You would think that walking and carrying a backpack full of junk would make us stronger, but when you think about the food available for us to eat, it doesn't really contribute to a "balanced diet". What you eat is just as important as how you work out I think. I really like the idea of getting stronger, as long as there are in game mechanics to back it up. We are still in pre release so who know what may happen.
  7. Thank you all for such a warm welcome! It is awesome to see a new reply just about every time I have checked on my whitelist app. I can see why Chilla and Duelly have so much fun playing on the server. So fingers crossed on my app and thanks again for the welcome's.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm Tzushinxao but everyone just calls me Opi, its way easier to spell too. My two buddies have been talking about this DayZRP server for the last 2 weeks and how much fun they have been having. I was really into DayZ when it first came out. But over time I lost some interest because it started to seem like another TDM kill fest all the time. They finally convinced me to submit an application so here I am. I am looking forward to getting in on some of the fun and meeting the people in the community along my new adventure. The stories are what we make them.