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  1. Its fine, I'm not going to use these characters in my app anyways, their kinda just to test the waters, I've been working on a new one that is more centered around me that I can relate to, like a lot of other suggest. Edit: also, do you know if I am active in the community(talking in threads/posts) before I get accepted, do you think Ill get accepted faster?
  2. Currently I'm making my application and I want to know what a good character can be for my first time playing a RP server, this is what I have so far, please be nice, this is my first time writing a character and its probably really cheesy, thanks! CHARACTER 1 Name: [blank] Age: 24 Weight: 190 lbs Height: 6'1'' Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green [blank] lived threw out the northern part of the US, he had been a great student, a future in business, not much of a leader but could hold his own in doing the heavy lifting for a group. [blank] was a only child, and his parents were always drifters, because of this, he learned to live alone and work for what he was. Living in a small town, he went hunting with friends and family every other weekend, keeping guns in mind he continued with his life with guns and business in mind. Because of his mastery in business, he decided to build his business, 'Guns and Shooting Supplies' , a business that he had spent all his heart and soul into. The business mostly had buyers around Chernarus and lower parts of Takistan, because of this, and no family ties to where he had once lived, he moved his business to Chernarus' city Svetlojarsk, using its harbor to receive shipments of guns, ammo, and accessories. One day on the news, the up and coming infection, a money maker for his business, had suspected to have gone worse, because of the resent chaos in Chernarus, many people had bought guns do defend themselves and their family. But though his buisness was thriving because of this, the virus later took a tole, on a day off of work, [blank] took his friends and co workers out to have a drink at the pub. Later that night, screams could be heard from outside the pub, stepping outside, [blank] and his friends were met with chaos that had been seen on the news, people driving away, many crashing into each other, people getting chased and ran down by the infected, many people seeming to be failing to get out to safety. Many of his friends darting of to their families and saying their good byes, [blank] had no family to run to, he left them a long time ago back in Northern America. One of [blank]'s friend running back and grabbing him, "YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" he said, he followed his friend into the woods, rushing passed the now turning bodies on the street, they stopped once they knew that they were out of sight of the town, "You have to survive, I have seen what the infection does to the human being, starting at my family, they were lost in one of the first outbreaks, in Chernogorsk." After talking and exchanging thanks, they headed off. 1 Week later [blank]'s friend was gone, they were robbed of all that they had, and the friend that he had was taken with the robbers, he had to survive on his own. After all that has happened, [blank] has found his true drive in life, and that is by business, the trade and barter. He is a mostly piece full character that hopefully doesn't get mixed with the wrong kind of people, he keeps his supply locked away, supplies of guns, cloths, and other goods are scattered threw out the land, he is the self made man he was before the apocalypse began. CHARACTER 2 Name: [blank] Age: 19 Weight: 190 lbs Height: 6'1'' Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green [blank] lived threw out the northern part of the US, he had been a great student, a future in business, not much of a leader but could hold his own in doing the heavy lifting for a group. When [blank] was 10, his dad bought him his first gun, ever since he had loved to shoot and spent a lot of time out doors, because of his new found love of the out doors, he had adapted to the cold climate and shot guns for most of his pass time, which helped him later in life when he would have to learn how to survive in another part of the world. Some time during 2013, an outbreak began causing many people to be in need, and [blank]'s dad, being a traveling doctor, set out for a tiny place called chernarus. [blank]'s family, consisting of a mother, father, and brother, had traveled by boat and lived in Berezino for what seemed to him around a year. After around 6 months of living in chernarus, the outbreak had done nothing but get worse, including killing many of his friends, and his mother, he had been hardened from work because of dropping out of high school to help his dad treat people who had been injured and the infected while they were still alive, he also helped keep the virus from getting into a little region where they could still function without being over ran. Because of the hardened life of survival, he got to get more familiar with guns in general, even being able to take one apart and put it together again. They were camped some ruins up in black mountain, because of its location, many of the infected never reached them, but after a power hungry fight, the refuge we had built was destroyed because of a neighboring group and [blank]'s dad and his friends. The fight ended up killing David's father and he ended up losing his brother in the fight, leaving him north of Berezino. [blank]'s objective is to survive by any means possible, [blank] can be hard at points but at times he can also be friendly, doing things such as trading, and helping people that he likes.
  3. How has the loot finding and all around game been after the update .55? I am looking to join but am not sure if it will be as fun as I have seen in dayzrp videos because almost everything is very hard to find.