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  1. I really dont like to be bandit, so i try to be a hero, but i will try to make the story more interesting and do some crazy stuf if needed.
  2. saveja1s

    Read and respond - new dayz UI

    I dont know about the stamina thing, but everything else added would be awesome!
  3. I personaly preffer mosin as the main gun and a shotgun in the backpack. Cant go wrong with that.
  4. Yeah, but still a long way to 100 people servers
  5. Well thanks you guys , how often do you meet players?
  6. Hi, For better experience, i was wondering, in what areas do you ussualy hang in chenarus, like near the coast, or more north?
  7. A mosin for longer distances, a fire axe for zombies and a pump shotgun in my backpack for close ranges
  8. Show me! And i can't rate it when you don't got one.. Dude, it was sarcasm
  9. Broke my legs in school, by runing down from the stairs and somehow trough the wall, and fell down. Crawled acros the street and bandits met me, wich acted like nice people. At the time i didnt know i could get poisoned, but thats what they did, poisoned me with rotten food. Then they just killed me.
  10. pff, so bad. 1/10, mine is totaly gona rock yours!