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  1. It comes down to personal preference, but getting killed by everyone you come across is kind of immersion breaking in my opinion. Even though I have not been whitelisted just yet, I'm sure its the way to go. In fact, when I first heard of Dayz I thought everyone would play this way.
  2. kjilo

    Killed someone with 1 punch

    This spine/internal organ damage (however you want to call it) happens all over the body so punching players in the stomach is no way around it. Even though it could be argued that it is realistic, it's the one thing that have been making the game much less enjoyable for me personally. Every time I get hit,the only thing I can think of is that I'm one step closer to death and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. (No, splits and morphine do not restore the spine stat only the bone stat, these are two different things and this have been tested.) It might be a feature or a bug we don't know but I'm hoping it's a bug. If I recall correctly, one of the recent status reports had something like "bone damage bug fixing" in it, but I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone know something about that?
  3. Gotta love the sound of an Irishman blabbering into my ears But for real thx for posting
  4. Did he killed you? ^^ Nah, I got him just in time. But still, it was enough to make me feel like a complete retard.
  5. >got beaten half dead by a newspawn while fully armed >I finally manage to shoot him and start bandaging myself >he was only unconscious, gets back up and starts punching me while I'm stuck in the bandaging animation He was like one punch away from killing me
  6. Sliding five meters across the top of Rog castle uncontrollably. Phasing through the handrail, and falling into certain death. It took several seconds and I was just sitting there and could do nothing about it.
  7. When stamina and base building gets introduced to the game, and if the effect of heavy equipment on stamina is severe enough, we might even see players storing military gear and only equipping it when preparing for a fight. I mean its not likely but would give a great sense of realism to the game. People running around wearing kevlar vests and ballistic helmets all the time is boring and unrealistic but gearing up pre-fight is an other story.
  8. Yes, the loot distribution and respawn mechanics are back to what they were in .54. However, if the new system gets reintroduced there is one method by which you can easily gear up. The loot respawning system introduced in .55 worked on a way that, when a player picked up an item respawned others in different spots. This aimed to force people away from the sea, since once the loot on the coast has been picked up, loot starts spawning inland. Following this logic, you will find loot in places that players don't loot often because they previously spawned useless loot, and therefore loot respawning there will not be picked up. A good example for this would be bus stops that in the old system only spaw books, teddy bears and such, but in the .55 update you could find melee weapons, mountain backpacks and even military grade loot like berets, vests, and military jackets.
  9. It would be interesting to see bananas become a form of currency in this game. Also, is it still not possible to put them into the gun holster?