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  1. just 3 bottles of fancy booze and a pack of nappies. then pretending to not have enough money and returning the nappies at the register.
  2. ingabazinga

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    does the cat from the introduction eat gefilte fish?
  3. ingabazinga

    The Wolves Media Thread

    geeez i really love those perfect timed landscape pictures! great job!
  4. ingabazinga

    The Wolves

    really like the layout job guys. well done! good luck with the group!
  5. i've just started playing Gertrud and I'm already feeling the need of having a bigger repertoire.. I like the idea of changing groups/changing character. in my group of friends we came up with the idea of bulding a loose network of a cpl connected characters before starting anew.. and to see where that takes all of us together.
  6. hey everyone, i'm gonna join in with saying 'hi' to everyone. I'm new to DayzRP aswell and looking forward to join in the adventures :-) Special thanks again to Glenn and Terra for helping me with the App. Dankeschön! See you all out there! ingabazinga