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  1. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    I would help anyone. Why? It's a freaking Apocalypse!! and we're humans and we gotta stick together (I am naive I know)
  2. How Often Do You Change Character?

    I am thinking about changing my character now, but also really happy about the one I got. Haven't changed yet. Don't think it's bad or good in any way.
  3. Your last death!

    Zombies man, those damned zombies..... and me being stupid of course
  4. Character Theme Songs!

    Oeh love this idea and one song came to my head: [video=youtube]
  5. Hey from Amsterdam

    Thanks you guys And if i have any questions, i know who to turn too
  6. Hello people, I just wanted to introduce myself. Hi, I am Stijn from the Netherlands and i just got accepted into DayZRP. Not to familiar with roleplay, but i will learn quickly Hope to meet you all. The most friendly greetings,