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  1. 1. Threatened to come back and kill people with friends if he was released 2. Defended a man who shot at me and a friend, and was reported to have killed someone else. Edit: Yeah, okay, I'll eat my shit on the combat log, I did. My excuse was that I actually had to go do something, but I still broke the rule and having to do something doesn't exempt me from punishment on the logging. But I do stand firm that my reason for killing both people wasn't KoS
  2. If you weren't threatening me, that was an honest mistake of the situation. I thought you were trying to make hostile intentions clear/"give me this or you die" etc. Honestly my bad, but from my pov I was in a house surrounded by cronies and being forced to do something.
  3. Still on the server, no combat log. Ditched my stuff that would give me away easily, look kind of different. I guess nobody say me though, but nah it wasn't a combat log. Two, "need name from loggs please because we belive they were freinds." <-- Is that from me? I never said that? I use voice, I don't type. Lastly, it was clear you were threatening me if I didn't give you what you wanted. Quick edit: Also, I was never on the TS, and I don't have a "friend" or accomplice who helped me. Maybe another guy named Michael on the ts? Not sure.
  4. Pretty simple, everyone gets five "lives" in the form of ||||| at the bottom of their post. It works like this- A: Never have I ever been to the moon in dayz B: I have, |||| Try not to put things just to make people lose lives, eg "died at an airfield" Last man standing wins 1,000,000 dollardollars! Ill start. Never have I ever died from another player in the middle of nowhere |||||
  5. Bserk5

    Timeframe Q

    That also raises another question, by this time has the infection spread past south zagoria?
  6. So I've read the lore a few times, but it just now occurred to me that the Lore page puts our characters some 5+ weeks after patient zero, but to my knowledge the SA servers have been around far longer than this. So, when you guys are in game, how do you refer to what is happening?
  7. Bserk5

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    In the 8th grade, I was leaning in my chair and slipped, hit the ground face first. My teeth went through my bottom lip. Left a cool looking scar tho
  8. Love the jacket I always make a dayz joke, "Pristine Blue wool coat" lol
  9. Meh, my experienced has been mixed to "Starve to death in a place normally filled with loot" to "Holy hell why is there so much loot"
  10. Bserk5

    Forum Gender

    Er.. well, thank you for being a bit closer than the others. I'm sorry to raise any commotion, and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but the thing is that I am neither of the genders. The question is filed under "Solved"-- lets not make this any bigger than it needs to be.
  11. Bserk5

    Forum Gender

    That's... kind of offensive? You don't know anything about me, you don't know if I have a tumblr, you don't know my age or what "Generation" I'm in. And yet, you "Can't stand me" because I made a post asking if I could hide my gender on the forums?