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  1. Alvin Sharpe was a normal average man. He had a normal job on an orchard and a small apartment. He had a normal family, mother, father and two older brothers. Alvin was the youngest and was always picked on by his brothers but that made him tough. Alvin had a hobby of exploring as a child, he liked to wonder outdoors and through woods. As he got older he kept this hobby and it was a way to relax after a long day at work. Alvin stayed in the town where he was raised in Berezino. His Brothers Moved away for Work, the oldest brother joined the military when he was old enough. After a year of living on his own as a young man the refugees came flocking to Berezino, Alvin's parents, who had a big empty house brought in as many refugees as possible. they were good parents and good people. Their house, Alvin's childhood house he grew up in was now filled with refugees. Alvin remembers one refugee an woman who help his mother prepare meals. She told Alvin about her son who was the same age as him, and how he died by his own father because he was sick. Alvin was disturbed and thought she was crazy but the look in her eyes where desperate and cold. Alvin went out for a hike that night with his flash light and a beer. He kept thinking about that lady. He lost track of time and turned back, that is when he heard gun shots and screams. Alvin ran back to see Berezino rioting. He runs home to see his childhood house on fire, and his father eating his mother in the middle of the street. Alvin quickly snapped out of his paralyzing fear and ran to the shed in the back yard to get his brother's hockey stick. He killed his zombie dad with it. Then the world went quiet for him, everything he knew and loved was gone. He was saved by the Woman and they ran North. To the Russian border where they shot everyone in Alvin's group of refugees. Alvin was saved by the Woman again, she covered Alvin with her body when the soldiers started shooting. Alvin is Alone now, no contact with his older brothers and nowhere to go. So he goes exploring looking for a purpose to live on.