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  1. A good idea i honestly never thought of that when typing it but i have taken your advice and even just looking at it it looks a lot cleaner and more appealing thank you for the advice
  2. Argan O'Neill was a man like most others in Chernarus he had humble beginnings no fancy cars, fancy clothes, nor fancy anything really, but he grew up with always enough on his plate to feed him and for that he was thankful. Now the surname O'Neill is not a popular one in a place like Chernarus and the reason why the O'Neills were there at all was due to the early 20th century Irish Civil War. Argans Great Grandparents fled County Cork Ireland when the war broke out as they were afraid of what the war would do to their small town and seeked a place far away from the conflict, little did they know the place they were heading to seek asylum would face a far more threatening conflict than any Civil War.... Argan was part of the local Militia of the town Dubrovka. He was 19 years old, young by all means but a resourceful and clever man for his age., as he was adept with the handling of most weapons, specifically handguns but even with all of his knowledge in the field of survival he was not prepared for what was soon to happen in the coutntry of Chernarus that his ancestors thought would be a safe haven for him. A place safe from massive conflicts. After the outbreak hit and the local army was busy trying to take care of the zombie problem Argan and a few of the others from the militia set out to try and help the people who were in need and werent being looked after as the military was preoccupied. Argan was shocked at the sights that he saw, Parents killing children, children orphaned and starving, corpses by the dozens, seeing these sights unsettled him deeply. One day while making their way to Krasnostav Argan and his followers from the militia were set upon by Bandits hiding on the road before the city. They took out three of the men in Argans squad instantly and Argan and the remaining four were forced to take cover behind trees. They traded shots with the bandits - two more of Argans men fell but they also had taken down the numbers of the Bandits to two. Argan threw a grenade into the Bandits cover and they both exploded. Argan and the remaining man in his squad got out of cover happy to be alive, when all of a sudden a shot went through Argans mates skull! Argan drew his weapon and killed the Bandit the previously thought already dead he looked around at the scene of death and broke, he broke mentally he took to the woods to leave the light of society he cornered on the edge of madness but still had enough sanity to interact socially if need be he saw himself as neither dark nor light but just grey a man who walked the line of good and evil he would just as likely kill to survive as he would give a fellow survivor a Pipsi to help them survive he was a man with a code and that code consisted of one word. Survival. Argan now looks to try and make his way back into society perhaps find someone to run with so he doesn't go completely over the edge someone to help ground him to this world he has grown tired of the void in his mind caused by lonesomeness and needs to connect with somebody again to someday maybe make his way back to being the man he was.