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  1. Malice

    Cannabis plant

    My character is already a marijuana farmer and frequent user. Never once has it affected my RP in a negative way, not to mention that most people wouldn't even notice due to that IRL no one goes around telling every person they meet that they are "sooo stoned" or whatever. I welcome this change and am really excited for the interesting RP it will bring. I use it as a coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of the post-apocalypse environment and also its the only way my character gets the courage to talk to strangers. Although it does make him paranoid AF......
  2. I have definitely had this happen. Only when my inventory was full the can would drop to the ground and desync causes it to be somewhere I previously was located. Not the case every time but check the ground in the area.
  3. Would totally spell it incorrectly if asked. 8/10
  4. Malice

    How will you react to the wipe?

    Not killing off my char yet since he is still fresh. But as for the wipe, I went for a relaxing float in the sea on an inflated inner tube I found. Fell asleep from a little too much of my special cigarettes and floated far away from where I left my belongings. Woke up discombobulated on the beach and sunburned
  5. Malice


    Kill dem pesky roaches
  6. Malice

    [GAME] Linked Words!

    Game Boy
  7. Doug Benson to play Evan Pratt
  8. Passed out on a ladder. Woke up with no vision. Climbed up ladder blindly. Walk off edge of building. Fall to my death.
  9. It is really fun to be super nice to bandits and crazy people when they are robbing you. I have had many bandits get really awkward when this happens. Even the harshest bandits sometimes are feeling bad by the time they are leaving. Brightens up my roleplay for the day.
  10. If you happen to be SICK, DO NOT use a ladder. If you become unconscious on said ladder, you will never recover your sight and ultimately die.
  11. Malice

    A note to the dead...

    Well done. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Small suggestion....increase the font size a bit. I had a little trouble reading. Maybe I am just blind Looking forward to more of the story.
  12. Malice

    Chernov's Bandit Guide

    This guide would have been perfect for the bandit that decided to kill me half a second after he says, "Put your hands up." I turn around and get shot. No clear demand and no rp whatsoever. Learned my lesson though, I record EVERYTHING now.
  13. Congrats! Welcome to the community. You will see that your efforts have definitely paid off.
  14. I was in TS with BarbarianWolf and WaveSayHi but was not present at the time of the robbery. What I heard over TS was that they were robbing someone for a gun and his pants. BarbarianWolf said specifically, "Hey guys only take what is absolutely needed, make sure to leave him with food." As I was not there to see what was in Rob3rt13's pack I can not confirm what was left but over TS they mentioned the items taken. Albeit the robbery roleplay seemed short (over TS) but was necessarily quick due to the robbery mentioned by WaveSayHi in which the robbers in that situation were likely looking for our group. I was killed during the previous robbery and the rest of our TS channel had their weapons removed excluding one person. BarbarianWolf mentioned that the guy was barely speaking to him and this was a short time before the robbery and initiation even occurred. I hope this helps any even though I only had a PoV from TS.
  15. Malice

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word