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  1. BostonRP


    "New lore should equal new characters. Tired of seeing the same thing."

    No. Let people do what they want. Some people may want to see what their character's like if they go down a different path, and this is their chance.

    1. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Couldn't have said it better myself, though I do have an addition to it. If someone is taking the character and changing nothing but the minimum to have it fit lore, then I agree with that mind set to an extent. Same thing with groups. If you're going to bring a group back, what will be different, how is it going to be RPed out differently. The works. New lore means new stories, but bringing back characters doesn't necessarily mean it won't bring in new story.


    2. Zilly

      I honestly thought about bringing Rex back, but more of a return to when he was  more closed-off from everyone else and shy,  instead of starting out all out-going and used to shit. And going by his real name, of course. 


      Youre awesome, Boston. <3