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  1. Zero

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    • BostonRP

    Link to the situation : a788d0243a.PNG

    Any supporting evidence or notes : Nothing else can be said, as you can see, I am sitting in my channel, Sadness Mountain due to having my friendship neglected. Due to this massive depression I am suffering from total friendship neglect and abandonment, I will be taking myself to bed early, opening a jar of peanut butter, and eating the entire container with my hand until I cry myself to sleep.

    Feedback : N/A

    Suggestions for improvement : Perhaps value our long friendship and hangout with me EVERY NOW AND THEN. 

    1. BostonRP


      Hello Zero,

      Thank you for your feedback. I will use it to improve upon myself, however I want you to know that I never ignored you, ever. I'm like, your best friend. Nerd.