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  1. BostonRP


    So I might be late to the bandwagon, but it's time to do one of those 'Thank All Your Friends for Being Friendly' status updates... (In No Order):

    @APureGamer: You've been like my brother from day one on the server. We've known each other for quite a time, and you've always been there with a cheery, pepped up attitude to make anyone feel better. You're a good friend.

    @Lyca: Ever since the day we met in RP in Kabanino, you've been such a major influence on my life. We've grown very close over the past year and I'm very glad to have you in my life. Every day that I get to hear your voice is a day that makes my life better as a whole. I couldn't ask for a better best friend, and you are like a sister to me. I know that I pick on you a lot, and that I've gotten very angry the past few days, and I'm sorry. Things have been heavy the past few days, and whenever I banter, know that I don't mean it seriously. I hope you understand. I'm here for you and I love you very much. :x 

    @Phoenix: You've been a terrific friend to me and I value you very much. I always enjoy playing Siege with you and Voodoo and making you laugh with my stale memes. Your laugh always lights me up and I'm glad to have you as a friend. You can always come to me if you need something. :)

    @Keira: One of my closest friends, especially since the beginning of March. Thank you for being there for me and having my back, especially when I'm upset for whatever reason. You put up with me and still manage to have a contagiously good mood while doing so. Do yourself a favor, and don't listen to what other people say. In all honesty, they're jealous, not only of you but of your success. I don't think that any of those perma'd players have a baby as cute as yours :). Lastly, the RP that you provide and the characters that you play are realistic, and give a new definition to the word immersive. Thank you so much. :D

    @Demaabd: Met you in Coldwater, and you're a chill dude. You're very intelligent and good to go to if in need of advice. Also, if I ever get into a bar fight, you're coming with me. :D

    @Zero: Met you in Coldwater aswell. You're pretty chill, and your voice is entertaining, and you've cheered me up quite a few times. You're a good guy. :)

    @LarryLobsterGuy: You're a mongoloid like me, and I appreciate my fellow mong brothers. It's always good to meme with you in CS or DayZ. Never forget... Khaki Chinos.

    @Sylvester Todd: You and the Clowns are the main reason I'm still in this community. I made friends in the Clowns that I never thought I'd make, and you're one of them. You're an entertaining, funny, cool guy, and I look forward to you coming back from your break. Chernarus needs a main bad guy. ;)

    @Chewy: I've only known you for a good few days, but I do see similarities between us two. You're caring, loving, and want to help those around you, just like me. Sometimes you get shit on for it, other times not, but it's a very noble and selfless thing, that one day you'll meet someone who won't pass you by for it. I promise you that.

    @Stitches: Like Chewy, I've known you for a few days being in the group and all, and you've been a great friend thus far. I've learned a lot about you, and you've learned a lot about me. I trust you and I'm glad to have you as the head of our group, and I know that if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would even be in-game anymore. You've given me a good group that I can log on to every day, and I appreciate that and you as a friend.

    @descendants: Another meme like me. Your company and friendship is always appreciated. Not to mention, you're hilarious. I feel like you and Larry would get along just fine.

    @Lord Dynamitae: You're a good friend and fun to hang out with, and I trust you. I know that sometimes I might piss you off, but it's all in good fun. Besides, who else is your favorite nerd besides me? :D 

    @Lt._Grimstein: I've learned quite a few things from you, especially in Siege and PVP in general. You're a chill dude and hanging out with you is a blast. We should play some Siege sometime. ;)

    @Kunkka: My German sidekick. You're hilarious and a fun guy to hang out with, and hearing you rage is amazing. Like I said with Grim, we need to play Siege again, you cunt. <3

    @Sarilla: If Kunkka wasn't able to see this, I'd call you sweetheart. I enjoy hanging out with you a lot, and your RP is fantastic, especially when you're so new to English. We should (e)RP sometime. :x

    @Zilly1337: Very chill and cool dude to have as a friend. I always know I can go to you if I need someone to play with. We should play RE5 like we said we would. ^_^

    @Method: Chill dude to be around, and an excellent staff member. I know I get pissed at you a lot in CS:GO, but it's only a game. If you need anything, let me know friend. :)

    @Colman: My main man from day one. We've been tight ever since we were whitenames (which we still are), and it's gonna stay that way. We should get back into RP and dunk on kids sometime soon. "I think I may have been hacked!"

    To those who I didn't mention, you know who you are. I thank each and every one of you for putting up with my bullshit, stale memes, monginess, cuntiness and general salt. I dunno how you guys do it, but if any of you need help with anything, that's what I'm here for. :):D :x ^_^ B|

    1. Hollows


      @Hollows For being there when I was just starting out; couldn't have survived well without your stale memes and your natural reactions when you're high as fuck in the Helpdesk.

      @Hollows- For attempting to steal  @Hollows' username.

      No problem, @Boston. Remember, we'll always be here for you. If you need us, you know where to find us.

      Puff puff pass.

      Die, die never comply. 

    2. Zilly


      Youve been a great friend to me, Boston. Even if you do rage as CSGO too much :P


      We can play RE5 right now! Ive got time and ill even stream it!

    3. Sylvester Todd
    4. Santa


      Nice friends

    5. Zero


      I c.

    6. Kunkka


      No one Can Better rage then me, I am the rage and Salt Master :D

    7. Lemons


      Sad... I don't see my name. I see how it is :S 

    8. Zero


      @Lemons it's okay, him and Lyca ignored me the entire evening and then went and hid away in the staff channels. I feel your pain.

    9. Rory


      aww thanks bawstin <3 Love ya too!

    10. Method


      Its no problem boston theres a reason i keep coming back to csgo with ya even if you jump down my throat EVERY time maybe one-day ill get better at it but your a very close friend and im glad to have it that way keep up the great work its awesome as hell to see you as a mod. If you ever need me to do something just ask except if its something to do with money because you know how "poor" i am ?

    11. Rudolph


      Where's my tag BITCH

    12. APureGamer
    13. Demaabd


      Bar fight? Where? ^^