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  1. BostonRP

    @SeriousSurgeon Thanks for buying me EFT dear. <3

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      No problem.

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      play some time b

  2. GOT The Hound Appreciation Thread

    Never seen GoT or TWD, but this looks pretty cool.
  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    What it boils down to is someone was upset that their Roleplay session was 'interrupted' by someone else. Rather than allow the report to process normally, the OP banned all four accused, some of which had no warning history whatsoever. It is corrupt, it is bullshit, and no it shouldn't be allowed despite what community leader permits it and which doesn't. All staff should abide by a set of guidelines. Otherwise, it's a chaotic mess of people doing what they want. Rule 4 should be used to protect the community from those who wish to harm it, not as a card you can pull to ban whoever you want.
  4. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I can't even begin to express how disappointed I am in what an awful admin decision this is. The community is already in an awful state, and the last thing that should be done is to make a decision controversial enough to motivate another 'community uprising'. Discounting what @ryanbroman had just said, this was a terrible decision to make, and I don't see you fit for staff, given this incident and past behavior. And that's coming from someone who got removed for breaking TOS. Suggestions for improvement: Re-evaluate your position of power within the community, or leave the staff team.
  5. BostonRP

    Those who have been unlawfully executed are grateful that the community is disappointed in the events that have just occurred. Continue expressing yourselves in these dark times. o7 to my boys, too.

  6. BostonRP

    I hope you're joking.

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      Don’t we all brother

  7. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    About time this was brought back. Who tryna squad up? @LawRP
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      I will kill you

      this is so cringey and you and @LawRP know it

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    <3 miss u! :/

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    Hello there scumbag community member Boston, ruin anyone’s life today? 

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      Yeah, plenty.

      And you fellow scumbag community member Zero?

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      Well I burned some people alive and threw them off the roof, no big deal.

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      As long as you were not discriminatory during. That would be going too far.

  8. BostonRP

    tbh so many liars and fakes smh

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      is this what ur doin instead of talking to me smh

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      whats wrong with ya now

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      is dat boi law still on siege

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      naw he got off

  9. KOS 18-02 00:01

    I can see where you are coming from with that, however I don't recall you lowering your weapon, but like you said, fast-paced situation. The thing is that almost all initiations, no matter who is involved, result in some type of firefight. That being said, how do you want to settle this report? Would you want it to continue, for it to be closed, for us to discuss this in TeamSpeak? Your call.
  10. KOS 18-02 00:01

    Jacob Singleton's PoV: I awaken on the coast of Svetlojarsk and begin to make my way towards Severograd to meet up with my long lost friend David Anderson (@NateRP). On my journey over there, I am informed over the radio that there is a suspicious man claiming to have killed several people from Anarchy. Matty Mayfire (@DustyRP) and I arrive at roughly the same time, and we huddle into an alley and discuss what we should do. It is decided that Matty would enter into a fistfight with the man. The fight commences, and Matty wins the first round. I quickly test the waters by running up, crouching over the body for a few seconds, and emoting taking the M4, and running away. The person who was knocked out didn't seem to notice, and a very clearly typed emote was seemingly ignored by the spectators. A second and eventual third fight happens between the men. On the third fight, I quickly sprint up shouting "CPR! CPR!" and again emote taking the things (vest and bag) from his person. I begin to run away. As I am making my way through an alley between the pub and another building, I hear someone shouting "Thief! Get him!", and one or two armed people begin to chase me. I tell the pursuing party to stop following me, and that that is their only warning, trying to de-escalate the situation. I begin to run North of the town, but not before I hear words to the effect of "Stop now!" and alt-look to see a gun being raised at me. I turn my body fully around, not raising my rifle, and watch as the man who initiated on me was killed. The town seems to be riled up at this point, so we decide to leave. I can tell you that this was not baiting due to the fact that you were not with the person whose belongings was stolen. In-fact, you say in your PoV that you do not know who was even with you at the time. We also learned on an in-character level that the man who was fighting was alone. The decision to pursue me was a Samaritan act on your behalf, and you were not forced to meddle in what was someone else's problem. If you decide to initiate on someone, there is always a chance that their dynamic group may or may not get involved with the situation. Such is the case here, my dynamic decided to intervene before I was possibly killed. If you wish to speak to me or @NateRP, come to the Anarchy Open Comms in TeamSpeak. I have no video evidence and will answer questions should staff have any.
  11. Staff Feedback: Raptor

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Saw Raptor in a public channel and went to ask a few questions regarding the state of the community. As @th3inory said, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all of my questions. Keep it up, you're off to a great start. Suggestions for improvement: Keep it up.