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  1. BostonRP

    Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.

    Middle School, a teacher was helping me do test corrections and I was really ill. Eventually, I couldn't help but cough. In doing so, a monstrosity of green and yellow came flying out of my talking hole and onto the paper, leading my teacher to glare at me like I was from a foreign planet and had three heads. More to come.
  2. BostonRP

    Are you a dipper or a topper?

    Dip. The only time to top is when you don't want to get your fingers greasy because someone made those greasy ass fries.
  3. BostonRP

    • BostonRP
    • YNW Law

    Welcome back, my brother.

    1. Kain


      Welcome back, try not to get rule 4'd again ;)

  4. BostonRP

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

  5. BostonRP

    Biggest fear?

    Sudden death.
  6. Lad

    • Lad
    • BostonRP

    Oh dearest Boston of the RP, are you willing to show me the ways of the optimizations? 

    I await your reply.

    1. BostonRP



  7. BostonRP

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Yeah, I got the maps and with the help of @Pinkerton I managed to get most of the markings down. tyty The more I play, the more successful extracts I have, and the game is becoming easier. Also @ExoticRP showed me some tricks. If anyone wants to play this at any point, hmu
  8. BostonRP

    • BostonRP
    • Aiko


    1. groovy nate

      groovy nate


    2. Aiko



  9. BostonRP


    I wonder if there are any other musical genres that will take over the industry.

    Every time I'm in public and there's some fart-knocker with earbuds in, I always hear that Lil Xan shit or some other rap trash. Makes me miss when Skrillex and Dubstep was the craze.

    1. Oliv


      I wanna hear more from Watson tbh

  10. BostonRP

    Anarchy media thread

    you make dayz look fun
  11. BostonRP

    Since someone close my discussion topic.....

    I would say find out IC, but nobody seems to want to roleplay these days. Severograd and Northern Highway is your answer. Or, check obscure corners of the map. I'd say it's a valid point, though. The general community consensus states that this place has lost its touch.
  12. BostonRP

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Which trader sells those and at what level? Do these maps show the exits? Scavs good fun. I usually spawn in on factory and run to that one exit that always works (it's by the tunnel that leads to Forklifts). My best guess is that I have to get used to the gunplay aswell. I hear that for those fully geared fuckers the best thing to do is go for the legs, but is it more beneficial to go for headshots like in a normal game?
  13. BostonRP

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    I just acquired this game due to a generous friend, and it's a steep learning curve. I play it like DayZ where I rush everyone and I get fucked up. Also unlike DayZ, ballistic helmets and such actually protect you. Any other pointers or ideas people can hand out? I want to get into this game, but it's so frustrating.
  14. BostonRP


    When you don't finish reading a thread before replying to it and accidentally o7 a Nazi.


    1. Brady


      Lmao classic boston

    2. Lad


      now thats a big oof

    3. Raptor



    4. APositiveElmo


      Don't you mean o/ a nazi?

    5. Laski


      you o7'd yourself?

    6. Honeybee


      -roblox death sound-

  15. BostonRP

    Battle of Kabanino [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    Looks good. Might actually go because Kabanino is deserving of such a beautiful and historic battle.
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